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Admin Lite Nulled Script 4

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Admin Lite Nulled Script is a PHP Admin Panel designed for unique CodeIgniter projects. It offers customizable modules to speed up the web development process, with easy configuration through the Control Panel. The Admin Lite Nulled Script Admin Panel allows for quick and easy changes, switching from the current admin panel to the new one, and using source code for additional changes. It supports various languages, allows login verification, and allows administrators to manage profiles. The panel also supports basic tables, page layout explanations, pagination, and ajax search. It also supports automated invoice generation, user activity logs, and secure password hashing and CSRF protection. The Admin Lite Nulled Script interface is built with Bootstrap v3.3.7 and the AdminLTE Template.

Admin Lite Nulled Script

Admin Lite – PHP Admin Panel + User Management

When you are ready to start a new project with the Codeigniter Framework, Admin Lite Nulled Script is the way to go. Created just for one-of-a-kind CodeIgniter projects. The most frequently used functionalities for current projects are covered. It will greatly simplify your development work. Many high-quality features will be added to this project in the near future.

The main purpose is to provide customisable and ready-made modules to speed up the web development process. Configuration is simple, whether done programmatically or through the Control Panel. When you use the Admin Lite Nulled Script Admin Panel to create your own web app, you may benefit from the following advantages:

Make use of pre-built modules to accelerate web development.
The control panel lets you make changes fast and easily.
Switch from your current admin panel to this new one.
The source code may be used to make additional changes.

Operational capabilities:

We support a variety of languages.
Verification of login and confirmation. Email Password: Forget, Reset, or Change.
Google Verification: Permissions and User Roles
Exciting alternatives.
Administrators’ access to specific modules.
Graphs in Motion.
Management of Administrator Profiles (View, Edit, Update)
Ability to manage members or users (view, add, edit, update, active, inactive, remove).
Basic Tables
Processing on the server side (data tables)
Page Layout Explanation.
Pagination and Search in Ajax Using a Base-Enhanced Search Filter
Export data to a PDF file.
Convert data into CSV files.
Automated invoice generation with PDF support.
The process of emailing invoices
Personalized email layouts.
User Activity Log (examples include country, state, and city) Example of numerous file uploads.
Access to the database backup page is denied.


Developed with CodeIgniter 3.1.7 for secure password hashing and CSRF protection against XSS and SQL injection. Well-organized and clean code, simple to integrate (just copy and paste)

Simple customizing.
code that is both fully described and commented.
Has the W3C certified HTML and CSS?
A beautiful and responsive Admin Lite Nulled Script interface built with Bootstrap v3.3.7 and the AdminLTE Template.
Among other things, this CodeIgniter project features a fully functional backend.

Link to the demo: https://codeglamour.com/php/adminlite

Exhibit: SuperAdmin

Access Level: Superadmin

User ID: 12345.

Administrative Demo.

Login as administrator.

User ID: 12345.

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