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Codebase is a flexible UI framework built with Bootstrap 5, ECMAScript 6, and Sass, allowing for various page creations using the same layout. It features a dark mode and is available in HTML and PHP versions. Codebase is a professional, modern, and flexible framework suitable for various projects, including web applications, backend websites, custom admin panels, CMS, CRM, portfolios, blogs, and business websites. It offers a responsive, adaptive layout, GPU-powered sidebar animations, smart CSS styles, and custom JS APIs. Codebase is committed to continuous feedback and aims to improve its products with minimal footprint.

Codebase is a very adaptable UI framework built with Bootstrap 5, ECMAScript 6 (ES6), and Sass. Its sleek and powerful design enables the building of any form of webpage. Its major JS functionality does not rely on jQuery, and it offers a visually appealing dark mode. It contains two separate types, HTML and PHP, to help you get started right away. In addition, a Laravel 10 Starter Kit is included to help you build your Laravel 10-based project. It is intended to be as lightweight and time-efficient as possible. Its numerous unique features and total versatility will let you build your next spectacular product.
Codebase is a comprehensive, modern, professional, and adaptable user interface (UI) framework that can be used to create UIs for web applications, backend websites, custom admin panels, admin dashboards, content management systems (CMS), CRM, portfolio, blog, and business websites. We encourage you to thoroughly evaluate the live preview and explore all of the offered features.
Codebase Website Templates Dashboard Templates with the Laravel 10 Starter Kit’s Base Code: Bootstrap Ten items: five admin dashboard templates and a Laravel 10 starter kit. Base of Code: Bootstrap Template for 5 Admin Dashboards with Laravel 10 Starter Kit – 11 The Codebase contains twelve items: Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template with Laravel 10 Starter Kit.

Codebase offers 13 Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard templates and a Laravel 10 starter kit. 14 elements from the codebase: Bootstrap 5. Admin Dashboard Template with Laravel 10 Starter Kit 15 elements from the codebase: Bootstrap 5. Admin Dashboard Template with Laravel 10 Starter Kit

Codebase Site Templates  Features of the Changelog Bootstrap 5 5.7 Update: October 12, 2023.
The Elements Procedure: Establishing Authentication
Two Factor Alternative to Two Factors
Classic Two-Factor Improvements
Numerous design improvements.
The Fixes
Many minor corrections
Thirteen dependencies have been brought up to date.
5.6 Revision of July 5, 2023
5.5 Revised as of March 10, 2023
5.4 December 6, 2022 Update. 5.3 August 10, 2022 Update.
5.2 Revision: 15 July 2022 5.1 Revision—February 10, 2022. 5.0 Launch—December 2, 2021
Update for BOOTSTRAP 4 4.3, September 17, 2021
4.2 Revised as of June 16, 2021
4.0 Amendment—October 15, 2020; 3.4 Amendment—March 12, 2020; 3.3 Amendment—January 15, 2020; 3.2 Amendment—September 12, 2019; 3.1 Amendment—April 4, 2019; and 3.0 Amendment—December 6, 2018.
2.2 Update as of July 10, 2018.
2.1 Revision: April 28th, 2018 Update 2.0 – January 24th, 2018
1.4 Revision effective December 1, 2017
1.3 Revision of October 20, 2017
1.2 Revision as of September 15, 2017 1.1: August 11, 2017
Hundreds of hours were spent designing and developing Codebase. It was designed with extra care in light of the insightful input received in previous years. It incorporates cutting-edge technology and follows best practices. It will enable you to create visually beautiful, reliable, and user-friendly websites and web apps that work seamlessly on a variety of screens and devices. It will be a great tool in supporting you in creating a product that evokes the necessary emotions and credibility for your company.

Codebase Site Templates  Principal Features

The Bootstrap 5 Codebase is based on the most current version of the most popular front-end component library worldwide. It is packed with amazing new tools and features.

Absence of jQuery

The lack of jQuery in its core JS functionality allows for easy integration with a number of JS frameworks.

Dim mode

It has a custom-designed, visually appealing dark mode for each of its color schemes and sample sites.

Both nulled HTML Template and PHP
Choose the one that best meets the requirements of your project.

The Laravel 10 Initial Kit Use the offered starter package to give your unique Laravel project an instant boost. It offers a few page samples and key assets that are already compatible with Laravel Vite.
RTL Support Commencement Additionally, RTL pages are supplied as a guideline for starting your RTL project.

Implemented Sass

The Codebase CSS framework was built totally modularly using Sass. It is easy to understand, alter, and extend to match your own demands or project requirements.

Gulp 4, Webpack 5, Babel 7, Browsersync, and Autoprefixer make up the automation.
The codebase is pre-configured with the most latest tools in an operating condition. To begin building your project, just input a terminal command. There are no issues about ES6 or Sass compilation, CSS prefixes, the web server, or live updating. Everything works seamlessly, enabling you to focus on your job.
Pure code.
Working with another person’s code might cause anxiety and reduce productivity. We make every effort to ensure that your engagement with Codebase is quite the opposite.

Codebase Site Templates  Effective layout.

The codebase’s design is adaptive, versatile, and responsive thanks to its flexbox structure. It lets you to create a broad range of visually beautiful and responsive web pages for both desktop and mobile devices.

Ultra-Quick UI

Intelligent CSS styling and GPU-powered sidebar animations will provide a lightning-fast experience for both desktop and mobile visitors.

Tailored JavaScript APIs

Using function calls, you may lay out and alter blocks anyway you see fit.

The constituents

Third-party JS components have been selected and integrated to add customizable functionality to your websites. A fully modular design allows you to use just the components you need for your projects.

Prepared Pages

A large collection of expertly produced pages. Motivate yourself to create your own.
Font Awesome 6 Codebase offers the most current edition of the world’s most popular icon collection.

The process of documenting

The Codebase Docs, which are provided with the application, may be a great resource for becoming acquainted with the general structure and accelerating project launch.

With reference to feedback

We develop a better understanding of you by regularly examining your input. We can identify where to focus our efforts and create/improve quality items to better satisfy your needs.

Dedicated to Handmade Designation

We are passionate about what we do and like creating items that will help you succeed and make your life easier. We are careful about little things and continually strive for perfection.

Reliance on commitment

Our job is our total devotion, and we stick to our efforts. Our goal is to provide the most complete goods with the lowest feasible footprint, and to improve them with each update.

A Greater Less Is More

Our philosophy is that design should be unnoticeable and serve to enhance rather than hinder the user experience. This promotes the distribution of your material and draws your readers’ attention to the appropriate region.

Advocate for

While Codebase has been carefully annotated and documented, you may still want more help; consequently, please use the contact form on our profile to reach us. We would be pleased to provide more support to you in a timely way.

Codebase Site Templates Remarks or Credits
Unless otherwise stated, the material in the template is hypothetical and does not reflect actual functionality. Its main goal is to illustrate and augment the pages with visual examples.
MyPhotoPack provides outstanding free photos. The licensing guarantees that all images are included in the template.
Avatars are only shown as a demonstration during the live preview.

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