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Contact for Shipping Quote nulled plugin 1.4.1

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The Contact for Shipping Quote plugin allows WooCommerce businesses to create bespoke shipping quotes based on customers’ cart and shipment address. This plugin can be configured for various shipping zones, allowing businesses to provide clear instructions at checkout for customers to contact the business for shipping estimates. The plugin also allows for the hiding of additional shipping options and allows for easy application of shipping fees. Store managers can manage shipping quotes from the WooCommerce administration panel, providing a user-friendly interface.

Contact for Shipping Quote nulled plugin. Contact WooCommerce to get a shipping quote.
The Contact for Shipping quote plugin allows you to customize and/or persuade your customers to contact you for a custom shipping quote based on their cart and shipment address.

Option to Contact for Shipping Quote.

Contact for Shipping Quote nulled plugin. After submitting a shipping quotation request, it will be available in the WooCommerce backend for the company owner/manager to review and provide a quote on. The customer may refresh their order totals to view the quoted cost, then finish and pay for their transaction using the custom-quoted shipping charge.

This plugin allows shop managers to generate custom shipping quotes; no automated live carrier quotes are utilized.

Customized Freight Shipping Estimates
When dealing with large and heavy commodities that need freight delivery, it is common for customers to call the company for a shipping quote. The Contact for Shipping Quote plugin is appropriate for this situation since the customer will be given clear instructions at checkout to contact the store – a popup window with instructions provided by the business may be launched – before being able to complete the transaction.

It is possible to specify when the Contact for Shipping Quote should appear inside each instance of the shipping quote plugin settings. For example, they will only appear if Category A or Shipping Class B are in the cart.

Please contact us about Shipping Quote instance settings.
Please contact us about Shipping Quote instance settings.
Customized (international) Shipping Estimates
If you (sometimes) ship internationally but it is not your major business, it may be impossible (or ineffective) to set up an automated shipping cost system for such orders. Giving such customers the option to purchase items from your shop is still vital if you want to retain their business. In hindsight, charging for delivery expenditures is not ideal, nor is having customers order and then cancel due to unexpected freight prices.

The Contact for Shipping quote plugin may be customized for any and all shipping zones, enabling you to choose where you want customers to get a shipping quote.

Please contact us for a shipping quotation.
When buyers contact you to inquire about shipping prices for their items, it is vital to provide enough information as well as a pleasant experience.

Whether you want the customer to call you directly or you want to start the outreach, you may choose the information mode and method of contact.

When the shipping costs have been established, they can be easily entered into the WooCommerce plugin admin area and displayed on the front end for the customer.

Hide other shipping options.
When a Contact for Shipping Quote option appears, the Contact for Shipping Quote plugin allows you to omit other shipping options. This works nicely in combination with the ability to only show the option when a certain product category / shipping class is in the basket, allowing you to get a shipping quote when, say, a freight item is in the cart.

As a Store Manager, you must oversee shipping quotes.
Shipping estimates are easily accessible from the WooCommerce administrative panel. A user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to add shipping expenses to quotes.

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