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Custom Data Tables for Perfex CRM Nulled Script 1.0

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An innovative module called Custom Data Tables for Perfex CRM was created to offer unmatched freedom and control over CRM data. Important capabilities like using unused data, managing dynamic columns, and integrating custom fields into table views seamlessly are all included. Even for people without extensive technical knowledge, customizing the module is simple because to its user-friendly interface.

Project managers, marketers, administrators, sales team admins, and customer support representatives can all use Custom Data Tables to personalize their CRM experience. It can be used to display important marketing analytics and campaign data, monitor system performance and user activity, streamline support operations, arrange project data for effective tracking, and concentrate on essential sales metrics and customer data.

Numerous controllers and data, including as leads, clients, estimates, bills, expenses, tasks, projects, and contracts are supported by this module. It is accessible in a number of locations and enables custom fields as well.

With full documentation available for download, the module may be installed and operational in a matter of minutes. The goal of this module is to completely transform how companies handle their data and arrive at wise conclusions.

Custom Data Tables for Perfex CRM Nulled Script

The potential of data customization is unlocked with our Perfex CRM Custom Data Tables module.

Are you prepared to have unprecedented control over the data tables in Perfex CRM? With our cutting-edge module, which aims to provide you unmatched flexibility and control over your CRM data, welcome to the future of data management. It will revolutionize the way businesses of all sizes handle their data.

Key features of Custom Data Tables for Perfex CRM Nulled Script

1. Dynamic Column Management: You may quickly add, remove, and rearrange columns in your table views using our module. Tailor your data display to meet your unique business goals. Bid farewell to rigid data displays and welcome customization options.

2. Make Use of Underutilized Data: By utilizing current data, which is frequently underutilized, you can uncover the hidden potential of your CRM. By gathering and presenting the data that matters most to your business, you can make informed decisions.

3. Integration of Custom Fields: You can quickly add custom fields to your table presentations. No more searching across numerous screens for crucial information. Everything you need is there at your fingertips.

4. User-Friendly Interface (Drag ‘n’ Drop): Even for people without substantial technical knowledge, modification of our module is made simple by its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

5. Enhanced Productivity: Enhanced productivity is a consequence of customizable data displays. Quickly obtain the information you require and easily make decisions based on data.

6. Custom Table Aesthetics: You can alter the appearance of your table views as necessary by using custom CSS code.

Why Use Perfex CRM Custom Data Tables?

Data is king in the ever-evolving corporate landscape of today. Make sure you’re utilizing a tool that provides you control to make the most out of it. With the help of our module, you may alter your data displays, improve your decision-making, and work more efficiently. This module is designed to meet the needs of both small and large businesses in terms of data customization.

Who stands to gain?

All administrative employees in the following sales teams should customize their CRM to give priority to important customer information and sales KPIs.

client service:

By displaying relevant client data, you may streamline customer service processes.
Project managers should arrange their project data to provide efficient project monitoring.
Important campaign data and marketing analytics should be displayed by marketers.
Data displays can be customized by administrators to monitor user activity and system performance.


Regardless of your industry or position, distinctive data views have the power to completely change your CRM workflow.
Make your CRM work for you and put an end to battling with data presentations that are one size fits all. You can make more informed decisions, increase productivity, and personalize your data with our module.

Tables with Custom Data for Perfex CRM Script nullified Take action right now to make the most of your CRM data. Utilize Custom Data Tables for Perfex CRM to improve your business.

Leads (Company, Email, Phone, Value, Tags, Assigned, Source, Last Contact, Position, Description, Country, City, State, Address, Lead Status Change, Website, Public) are among the controllers and data that are currently supported.

Custom Data Tables (Primary Email, Phone, Groups, Date Created, VAT, Country, City, State, Address, Website, Shipping Street, Shipping City, Shipping State, Shipping Country, Shipping Zip) for Perfex CRM Nulled Script Customers

Project, subtotal, total tax, adjustment, discount %, discount total, discount type, nation, zip, state, city, address, email, phone, acceptance (firstname, lastname, email, date), and custom data tables for Perfex CRM Nulled Script Proposals

The approximations include the following:

total amount, tax, tags, date, expiration date, reference number, status, send date, date created, subtotal, adjustment, administrative note, client note, discount percentage, discount total, discount type, invoice date, terms, Firstname, Lastname, Email, and Acceptance Date of the Acceptance of the Billing Street, City, State, Zip Code, and Country; Shipping Street, City, State, Zip Code, and Country; Shipping Country;

Recurring Type, Last Recurring Date, Total Cycles, Terms (Billing Street, Billing City, Billing State, Country, Billing Zip, Shipping Country), Discount Percentage, Discount Total, Discount Type, Adjustment, Client Note, Admin Note, Due Date, Status, Date Send, Date Created, Subtotal, Adjustment, Total Tax, Date, Tags, Due Date, Date, And More)

Costs (Date, Project, Client, Invoice, Reference Number, Mode of Payment, Tax, Note, Chargeable, Type of Recurring, Last Date of Recurring, Date Added, Total Cycles)

Projects (including: Tags, Start Date, End Date, Participants, Status, Overview, Date Started, Date Finished, Project Expense, Estimated Hours, Rate per Hour)

The tasks include the following: Recurring Type, Related Type, Hourly Rate, Last Recurring Date, Start Date, Assigned to, Tags, Description, and Date Finished.

Contracts provide the following details: (kind of contract, value, start and end dates, signature, content, description, date added, acceptance email, date of acceptance, last sent at, last sign reminder at).

Particular Fields

Areas that are currently supported: Perfex CRM documentation for custom data tables.
Installing and activating it just takes a few minutes. We have created thorough installation and setup instructions for our module, which are included in the CodeCanyon zip file.



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