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DeepSound Nulled Script 1.5.2

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DeepSound is a robust PHP platform designed for music streaming and sharing, renowned for its exceptional quality and extensive array of features. It supports RTL languages, enables users to log in using prominent social media platforms, and provides condensed searching for users, songs, and albums that is both efficient and enjoyable. In addition to creating events and selling tickets, users have the ability to develop modules for the platform.

In addition, DeepSound facilitates numerous file transfers, permits users to import music from SoundCloud, iTunes, and YouTube, and provides advertising revenue opportunities. Additionally, users may advertise audio-only, gratis, or paid stories. In addition to messaging systems and social media hashtags, the platform facilitates real-time communication through notifications.

DeepSound provides a comprehensive API for each feature, payment processing is supported, and multiple languages are supported. Dropbox, S3, DigitalOcean, File Transfer Protocol, Google Drive, and Google Cloud are all supported, and the application is browser and screen size adaptable.

In addition to FFMPEG’s shell_exec function, MySQLi, the GD Library, mbstring, cURL, and allow_url_fopen, PHP 7.2 or later is necessary to utilize DeepSound.

DeepSound Nulled Script

The Ultimate PHP Music Streaming and Sharing Platform is DeepSound.

For the purpose of establishing a music streaming website, DeepSound, a premium PHP script designed specifically for sharing and streaming music, is the optimal choice. Our platform is consistently upgraded to guarantee high levels of efficiency, security, and performance.
You need look no further than DeepSound, the only music platform on the market with an extensive API system, for all your mobile application requirements.
Do you have any inquiries at this time? Examine the documentation that is available.

Obtain the Most Recent Version: v1.5.2. Observe Every Single Change!
Looking to obtain a demo? Examine the sample (any outdated data will suffice).
Do you require dedicated mobile applications for DeepSound? Accumulate all apps.

Highlights of Products (Sample)

Real-time legal support Additionally, DeepSound is compatible with RTL languages.
Utilize a social media login. Gaining access to DeepSound is possible through the authentication processes of several prominent social networking platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and VK.
Condensed URL Searching for Users, Songs, and Albums That Is Both Efficient and Appealing!
In the Home/News Feed, you will find content such as albums, lyrics, posts, and products that you have subscribed to.
Users and creators The user’s profile, accompanied by their uploaded and shared tracks, albums, and products, is presented in Order of Events.
The Store System enables musicians to offer merchandise that is intricately connected to their musical compositions.
Users have the opportunity to develop into Events System performers through the sale of tickets and event production.
Plugin System developers possess the capability to produce DeepSound plugins that maintain their modifications even subsequent to enhancements.
Multiple Transfers of Files One drag-and-drop operation is sufficient to transfer an entire music folder.
Methodology for Importing SoundCloud, iTunes, and YouTube are all accessible music sources. Alternatively, audiences may access the video through the YouTube import feature.

One potential way to generate revenue from advertising system users is through the uploadation of audio and visual advertisements within recordings.

Videos and cover art, including videos, are available for user upload.

Story System users are permitted to advertise paid, audio-only, and complimentary stories to other users.
Advised Notions Receive alerts whenever other users engage in actions such as liking, commenting, sharing, or expressing hatred.
Hashtags on social media platforms Presents presently trending and pertinent music that users have contributed to.
References in Chat You may include the handle @username to tag individuals in a message or a recording.
Individuals possess the capability to select post privacy configurations (e.g., only myself, all users, etc.).
Favorites for Evaluate the quality of a composition in a positive or negative manner. Review the roster of individuals who share this interest.
Contrary to Become weary of a melody. Examine the list of individuals who hold the view that this is undesirable.
Reactions and feedback to an article In response to a comment, It is recommended to read each and every comment posted on this post.
Search for Utilize our filtered search to locate hashtags, artists, albums, and recordings.
Administrators of Reports will examine the reports.
A chat system for real-time interactions that operates in real time.

Complete API DeepSound provides an application programming interface (API) for each and every feature!

A Variety of Languages The capability to incorporate an unrestricted quantity of languages, beyond Arabic, English, Russian, and Turkish.
Numerous payment mechanisms are accepted. A wide variety of payment methods are supported by DeepSound.
Google Cloud, Dropbox, S3, DigitalOcean, File Transfer Protocol, and Google Drive You can potentially free up space on your server by utilizing a third-party CDN to transfer your music, photos, and files.
The credentials of members were examined.
Automatic adaption is performed for all screen sizes and browsers.
Password reset via email.
The administrative user count and dashboard are both accessible online.
Symbols that convey meaning.
to not mention considerably more…
What is essential?
At least PHP 7.2 should be installed.
The shell_exec function of FFMPEG, MySQLi, the GD Library, mbstring, cURL, and allow_url_fopen are all enabled.

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