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Email Attachments nulled plugin 3.1.2

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This plugin enables the attachment of attachments of any size or type to WooCommerce emails, as well as the inclusion of CC and BCC recipients. Additionally, it permits the addition of a footer text and headline to the email to inform recipients. The plugin now acknowledges all emails appended by WooCommerce plugins and extensions that utilize the WooCommerce email API, beginning with version 3.0. It permits the translation of notification headlines and texts into every WPML language and is WPML-compatible.

By utilizing the default WordPress media uploader interface, users are able to upload attachments that subsequently appear in the WordPress media library. High stability is achieved through the plugin’s use of modern object-oriented programming (OOP), ajax, WordPress standards, and WooCommerce APIs; however, this reduces plugin compatibility. Deactivation additionally eliminates uploaded files and database entries from the server, thereby ensuring the site operates at peak efficiency.

Email Attachments nulled plugin

Eliminated Email Attachments module Attach files to emails sent through WooCommerce.
You can include an unlimited number and variety of attachments in WooCommerce’s email correspondence using this plugin. Additionally, you may add additional CC and BCC recipients. In order to notify correspondents about the email attachments, include a notice heading and text in the footer of the email.

An image of the email attachments administration/options page (general settings).

Eliminated Email Attachments module An image of the email attachments administration/settings page (E-mail settings).
An image of the email attachments administration/settings page (E-mail settings).
Since version 3.0, any emails added by the WooCommerce plugin have been acknowledged and supported by the plugin. Additional emails generated by WooCommerce extensions (such as the subscription or booking extensions) are acknowledged provided they employ and provide support for the WooCommerce email API.

Compatibility of WPML

Since version 3.0, support for WPML has been present. The notification headline and content can be rendered in any WPML language, and it is possible to translate each email attachment into one, multiple, or all languages. The notification messages and attachments that are pertinent to the emails are generated in accordance with the language selected by the user.

For uploading attachments, the standard WordPress media uploader interface may be utilized.
Although stored in a distinct location, they will be displayed in the WordPress media library. Additionally, you may incorporate them into journals and other sections of your website.
You can utilize the filter of the media modal/popup window to display only the submitted attachment files, or all media files currently present in your gallery.
By utilizing this filter, one can efficiently locate specific media assets from their library that are intended solely for email attachments.
Additionally, re-uploading identical assets is unnecessary if they are already present in your media library.

Additionally, the attachments can be rearranged via a drag-and-drop interface.

Version 3.0 required modifications to the internal architecture and storage requirements. An automated update procedure can be employed to apply updates to plugin versions that are older than 2.x.

By employing ajax, contemporary object oriented programming (OOP), WordPress standards, and WooCommerce plugin APIs, we ensure the utmost dependability of our plugin and eliminate the possibility of conflicts with other plugins (e.g., due to identical function names, etc.).

In order to ensure optimal site performance, deactivating this plugin will result in the deletion of all database records and uploaded files from the server. You have the option to preserve all of your settings and data for reactivation at a later time. Additionally, the submit folder can be altered to any desired location at any time. During this process, all previously uploaded files are promptly transferred to the new location, guaranteeing that none of them are lost.

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