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Fiberchat ADMIN App Mobile App Template 1.0.20

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The Fiberchat Admin app is a user management tool with features like secure login, real-time statistics, and more. It allows users to manage calls, media sending, and more. The app offers three installation packages, with the Basic Installation package priced at 49USD. The company offers refunds for uninstalled items.

Features List of the Fiberchat ADMIN App Mobile App Template
To manage and oversee the Fiberchat User application, use the Fiberchat Admin app.
Features of the app include the following:

1. Simple Style
2. Secure Login.
3. Fiberchat ADMIN App Mobile App Template PIN Screen for Administration Security 4) Dashboard
5. Instantaneous Statistics
6. Statistics by nation
7. Control Users
8. Look up people by name, phone number, and Firebase UID.
User Profile No. 9.
10. Permit or Disallow the User
11. Switch Needs Approval
12. Control Panel/Settings
13. Modify the user’s application preferences.
14. Usage Controls.
15. Accept or Reject Calls.
16. Permit or Disallow Sending of Media
17. Permit or Disallow Text Messaging
18. Permit or prohibit new logins.
19. Compile data about the user’s device 20. Approve or disallow emulators.
21. Switch for Android Maintenance.
22. Switching to iOS Maintenance
23. Permit or Disallow User
24. View the Total Users.
25. View Users Who Have Just Joined.
26. Go to the User Profile
27. Access user profile information, such as transmitted media, audio and video conversations, and app visits. 28. Examine the user’s call log.
29. View Last Seen of User
30. View the User’s Timely Join. 31. Examine Blocked/Approved Users
32. User app version control.
33. App Settings for the User
34. Version management in administration software
35. Settings for the Admin App
36. Notify users of changes.
37. Examine notifications from the admin 38. Establish terms and a privacy statement.
39. Modify the Admin Picture and Profile
40. Does Call Completely Hide Features?
41. Do 24 hours time formats differ?
42. Permit the Group Creation Switch
43. Permit the Creation of a Status Switch
44. Permit the Switch to Create Broadcasts
45. Is the Logout Button Visible in the User Settings?
40. The field labeled Maximum File Size Allowed
46. Group Member Cap Field 47. Delete Status Time Field 48. Email Field for Feedback 49. Extra Strong Features

Three different packages are included in our installation service. For the admin app, a simple installation will do:
49 USD for the Basic Installation Package.
We offer the Basic Installation of the Admin App for only 49 USD to our Premium Clients who purchased the Premium Installation package for the User App.

Time of Delivery: 1-2 days
1. Modify the name, logo, color scheme, splash screens, and onboarding screens of the application (if applicable).
2. Produce an Android software bundle package and (.apk) file.
3. Configuring Servers and Other Things
Connect to the User application.
5. Configure Additional Third-Party APIs and Push Notifications

– Standard License: Each Purchase Code is good for one Project Installation.
– Extended License: One Purchase Code May Be Used for Up to Ten Project Installations.

Please be aware that you won’t be able to install any more projects once you’ve reached the project(s) limit. Caution must be used while developing the Firebase Project. Faults won’t be taken into account.

In the event that the purchased item is not downloaded, we provide a full refund. However, there won’t be a refund once the item is downloaded. It is advised that before to making any purchases from us, you make an informed decision.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are our business hours.
Indian Standard Time, 09:00 AM–6:00 PM (IST/GMT +5:30).

Email, comment, and chat inquiries will only be answered during regular business hours.
I’m grateful.

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