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Florist App Online Mobile App Template 6.1

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The Flowers Florists Floristry Online Bouquet Ordering System is a professional solution for flower sellers, bouquet services, flower decorators, and flower-related businesses. It offers a bug-free online ordering system on iOS, Android, desktops, and laptops, with over 1000 built-in features. The system requires technical knowledge to install and does not offer free support or installation help. The app features Touch ID and Face ID login, forgot password feature, quick sign-up process, cart access, multiple delivery addresses, payment options, collection and delivery options, discount codes, clear cart option, allergen confirmation, review order before confirming, order history/past orders, leave reviews, alert customers about order status, sold out stickers on out-of-stock items, and event decoration inquiries. The admin system includes an order section, dashboard, and reports. The system has undergone several updates, but the price is for CODES only and does not include free support.

a feature-rich online flower delivery service that has been expertly designed and built with over 1000 functions.

intended for use by florists, bouquet services, flower dealers, flower decorators, and other businesses that deal with flowers.

Florist App Online Mobile App Template The system delivers a professional, bug-free online ordering system that is accessible on computers, laptops, iOS, and Android devices. It also incorporates Square and Stripe Payment Gateways. In addition to over a thousand built-in features, it offers real-time updates and notifications throughout the whole purchase process.

Please take time to read this.
Technical expertise is required to install the product. Please understand that rendering services costs money in terms of both time and labor. We don’t provide installation or support at no cost. The CODE is all you are purchasing and paying for. Assistance is not given away for free. For setup, installation, customization, and product launch, we provide PAID SUPPORT.

Once you have purchased and downloaded the codes, there are no returns.

An online flower ordering system is available for iOS, Android, Web, Admin, and Onwer App users at Flowers Florists Floristry. Online Bouquet Ordering System for Flowers Florists: iOs + Android + Onwer App + Web + Admin – 4 #1 Online Bouquet Ordering System for Flowers Florists: iOs + Android + Onwer App + Web + Admin – 5 #1 Online Bouquet Ordering System for Flowers Florists: iOS, Android, Onwer App, Web, Admin – 6 https://flowers.v1tl.com/admin65453 is the login URL.
Florist is the username.
Floral is the password.

The #1 Online Bouquet Ordering System for Flowers Florists (iOS, Android, Onwer App, Web, Admin) – 7

Florist App Online Mobile App Template You may use a Regular license for one domain name for personal use if you buy one.
If you purchase an Extended license, you may use it on numerous domains and for both personal and corporate usage.
Refund Guidelines: A working online demo is included, and the item has been well described. Before finalizing your purchase, please review and test all of the features and settings. Once you have purchased and downloaded the codes, there are no returns.
Please note that the code is the only item you are purchasing and paying for. Assistance is not given away for free. Before making a purchase, you may examine and try all of the documentation, demonstrations, and screenshots.
Online Bouquet Ordering System for Flowers Florists Floristry (iOS + Android + Onwer App + Web + Admin) – 8

Screenshots of the application: #1 Flowers Florists Floristry Online Bouquet Ordering System (iOS, Android, Onwer App, Web + Admin) – 12 Flowers Floristry Online Bouquet Ordering System (iOS + Android + Onwer App + Web + Admin) – 13

Touch ID and Face ID are among the features available in customer apps, along with support for iOS and Android. Register Forgot Password Feature: Use phone number as username (login id).
Simple and rapid. Register Procedure
Any screen may be used to access Cart.
Organize several delivery addresses.
There are three ways to pay: cash, card, and delivery/collection.
Place your order now or at a later time.
Use coupon codes.
Option to Clear Cart
Include other products.
prompt to add more items based on the value of the free delivery.
Allergen Verify before placing an order.
Examine previous orders and order history prior to confirming an order.
Post evaluations and comments.
Every stage of the order process is communicated to the customer. 60 minutes for preparation, delivery, and delivery out. The customer gets a notification asking for comments after delivery.
Displays a sold-out sticker on items that aren’t available
automatically removes goods that are out of stock.
Make an Inquiry about Event Decorations
Comprehensive Product Details About Us: Part: Photo Gallery; Video Gallery.
Our Team Area
Opening hours for the social media area. screen with variable hours of operation Options for shifts in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
Assistance and Data Website and app contact details, app ratings, and screenshots.
Screen settings, data updating, and other features are among the options.

The order section of the admin system is one of its exciting aspects.
Android and iOS are supported by the Order Center App.
Orders for today are shown on the dashboard.
Select the option to View All Orders.
Control the order’s status at every level. The stages of preparation, delivery, and delivery.
Depending on the platform, an individual color code indicates the order status.
For every order, choose a driver.
Take phone orders.
Add orders from the admin quickly.
Data about current clients is immediately loaded.
Monthly, Weekly, Date, and Daily Range
Earned income and the overall quantity of purchases
Total Amount Paid via Card
Total Amount Paid in Cash
Total Users (Android, iOS, Web, and Phone)
Top 20 Products.
20 Items with the lowest prices
Number sage Sales Report
Class Management
In addition to a pre-order category with a deadline for ordering, there are several categories and subcategories.
Make a lot of products in a certain category.
Show Products by Category
Look for only one item.
Management of Products
accommodates an infinite number of goods.
allows for several product options, such as bouquet, bunch, and single.
Allows for Add-on Additional alternatives (like fragrances and chocolates)
Arrange the Product Display.
Make the product unavailable for use today.
Retain Product Recipes in the Administration
automatically removes goods that are out of stock.
Set to inactive for a day or indefinitely.
Products that are out of stock have a Sold Out label.
Make incessant proposals.
Discounts at flat rates
Discounts depending on percentages
Dates on which discounts expire.
Globally Support for Currencies
Global Time Zone Assistance: Kilometers/Miles assistance with local delivery.
Control the quantity of free delivery.
Control the minimum quantity ordered.
Control the minimal quantity for delivery.
Control the Hours of Operation.
Control the options for delivery and collection.
compel Improve the App’s Features
festive themes for New Year’s, Christmas, etc.
Put three more fees or taxes in total.
Limit the ordering feature at busy times.
Control the time you spend preparing.
Control first-order discounts.
Delivery Supervisory
Delivery: local or national?
Set delivery costs based on the distance traveled.
Permit postcodes that are further away for certain customers.
After every shift, determine the delivery and gasoline expenses as well as the totals.
indicators of on-duty and off-duty
Advertisement / Banner
Use these procedures to control banners on the home screen: – Activate or deactivate banners – Arrange banners according to choice (show first)
Control users.
Cost and Inventory Control
Purchasing List Functionality
Look through our photo and video galleries.
Search Engine Pages
Control evaluations.
Many more exist.

Improvements and new features are listed in the changelog.
July 12, 2021, Version 6.1

Florist App Online Mobile App Template Manage the status of payments (Paid/Unpaid) from the admin panel. Use the customer app to search for items directly. Daily product availability; an advertisement that appears on the website’s front page; and an order status feature that lets users see order updates – Use the Owner App to get directions, navigate, contact customers, mark items as delivered, and more. – Make a product unavailable for use on a certain day. – All of the user addresses are visible to you as the administrator.

Item Variations when purchasing using the client app, such as Bunch and Bouquet Extra choices and add-ons (such chocolates or perfume) while making purchases via the app When adding an order, the Order Center offers variations and add-on options. The Backend Admin also offers same options. Variations and Add-On Options for Website Orders When Adding an Order – Add-ons and other variations may be paid for or free.

Collection Service Bug Fixed (the choice to collect was not shown, even when the administrator enabled it) – The website’s sliding banner bug was fixed (the banners were overlapping instead of scrolling).

Florist App Online Mobile App Template Personalized Push notifications: Create customized notifications to boost your purchases. – Global Currency Support in the Settings Section. – Convert to Miles or Kilometres in the Settings Section.

Require special work or outside assistance?
Please remember that the cost does not include FREE help; it just covers the CODES.We hope you realize that it is not possible to provide free assistance at this cost. We provide PAID support at every level, including server installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Please check out the provided demo before buying.

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