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WordPress allows restaurants to accept online orders for food delivery, take-away, or eat-at-restaurant. Delivery zones can be defined using zip codes and individual delivery fees are set. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons for additional product options. A start page with icons for delivery selection can be added, and specific menus can be scheduled for different modes. Shipping zones can be set up on a postcode level, allowing customers to check if their postcode is in the shipping area. Menu layouts can be built using shortcodes and menu categories can be displayed with accordion behavior.

Start accepting online orders for your restaurant with WordPress.
Allow your customers to place their meal orders online. You select whether to provide home delivery, takeaway, or eat in the restaurant. Define delivery zones using zip codes and assign separate delivery costs. To prevent obtaining inadequate addresses, delivery addresses are checked using the Google Maps API.
Product features allow you to provide your food in a variety of sizes, proteins, and so on. If you wish to provide more product choices, the nulled plugins is compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons.
It is possible to provide a start page with symbols for delivery. To provide complete flexibility, the menu may then be loaded using a customised timetable for each delivery method.
It is possible to arrange the display of certain menus for each delivery method. This is important if you have distinct menus for delivery, pickup, and eat-in, or if the menu changes across days and hours.
whether you set up your shipping zones at the postcode level, buyers may check to see whether their postcode is inside your shipping region. The corresponding delivery cost might also be disbursed.
You may create your own menu page layout by combining shortcodes with WordPress nulled themes Blocks or the Elementor page builder.
Food Online Premium nulled plugin You may opt to show just one category at a time in the Menu using an accordion behaviour.
Food Online Premium nulled plugin If Google can not discover a precise address, clients may choose a delivery place from a map.
The usability of mobile devices comes with a number of alternatives. This example’s menu categories are represented by a top bar and a drop down.
It is possible to include a Time Picker on the checkout page that allows consumers to choose the time for delivery or pickup. The available times may be arranged according to delivery method, weekday, product type, and tags.

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