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Inventory Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script 1.3.1​

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An instrument that optimizes the entire supply chain, from vendor placement to customer delivery, is the Inventory Management Module. Product/service management, inventory transactions management, warehouse management, opening stock, barcode scanning, delivery note management, packing lists, shipping activity logs, internal delivery note management, loss & adjustment management, and reports are among its many functionalities.

Several systems, including Perfex CRM, accounting and bookkeeping, Omni Channel Sales, sales commission programs, and sales agent administration, are compatible with the module. Support is readily available to assist with configuration and activation.

Inventory Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script

A concise description of the Inventory Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script.
The Inventory Management Module facilitates the monitoring of products across the entire supply chain of an organization. By tracing the complete path of a product, it optimizes the entire procedure, from order placement with the vendor to order fulfillment and delivery to the customer. Companies that accurately monitor their products may reduce waste, recognize trends, and make more prudent investment decisions.

Management of Inventory in Perfex CRM

Features of YouTube Modules

Product and Service Management is a feature that is derived from the items in Perfex CRM and encompasses numerous extended properties. These include but are not limited to the following: product code, SKU, buy price, sub-group, photos, profit rate, selling price, warehouse, tag, barcode, product variation, styles, models, sizes, colors, warranty information, and lengthy descriptions…

Import Products in Bulk
  • Import opening stock in bulk and generate barcode labels.
  • Barcode Examination
  • Management of Inventory Receiving and Vouchers
  • Note of Delivery Management
  • Packing List Administration
  • Logs of Shipping Activity
  • Internal transport. Organize adjustments, losses, and notes.
  • Inventory Management of Transactions
Reports on Warehouse Management:
  • Summary of Stocks Report.
  • Configurations for Inventory Analytics Valuation Reports:
  • Product and service type management; minimum and maximum safety stock sale price configurations; general settings.
  • Supervise and administer product/service subgroups.
  • Management of Product and Service Units
  • Management of Color, Model, Size, and Style.
  • Custom Warehouse Fields
  • The Management of the Approval Process
  • Prefix Configurations
The process of integration:
  • Management of Purchases Using Perfex CRM
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for the Perfex CRM.
  • Sales via the Omni Channel for Perfex CRM.
  • Program for Sales Commissions Using Perfex CRM.
  • Sales Agent Management Demo Using Perfex CRM.
Demo of Perfex CRM Inventory Management

Configure Perfex CRM Inventory Management Nulled Script The provided documentation explains the process of uploading and activating the module within Perfex CRM, should you be unaware of how to do so.

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