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Job Finding Application using Flutter Mobile App Template 1.3

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Job Seeker is a Google-created open-source mobile application for Android and iOS that enables users to view available jobs, apply for specific jobs, and connect with recruiters. It uses Firebase for functionality, offers full source code, free updates, and reliable customer support.

Job Finding Application using Flutter Mobile App Template Employment Seeker uses the Flutter Mobile App Template to create a job search application.

Creating a Job Search App using the Flutter Mobile App Template Google created the open-source mobile application development SDK Flutter. It is the main approach for creating apps for Google Fuchsia, as well as for Android and iOS. Flutter widgets cater for all important platform differences, such as scrolling, navigation, icons, and typefaces, to provide native-like operation on iOS and Android.

Job Finding Application using Flutter Mobile App Template A job prospecting application that lists all open vacancies and enables users to submit applications for targeted ones. In addition, we provide another module specifically for recruiters. A recruiter may post a job vacancy and get notice when an applicant applies. Chat option is also accessible. Recruiters and workers may have live conversations. We’ve used Firebase as the backend for the whole app Template functionality.

Android APKs are available for download here.
View a video on employee functionality here.
Recruiter functionality video is accessible here.
The Operations Of A Job Seeker
Login and register, then forget your password.
Job Application Live Conversation between Manager and Employee
Changes to the status of the job candidate profile.
Push Communication
Employee-Side Job Finding Application Screenshot Using Flutter with Firebase Backend – 1 Manager Side Job: Finding Application Screenshots Using Flutter with Firebase Backend – 2
What will you obtain?
Complete source code.
APK Logo design for iOS and Android, including photo capture.
Free updates and solid customer service.
Our template is constantly updated with new features, and this application will not be an exception. Rest assured that no newly created feature will be withheld from you, and all further upgrades will be delivered free of charge upon license purchase.

Job Finding Application using Flutter Mobile App Template Refund Procedure
We do not issue refunds. (If you download the item before making a purchase, please carefully read the description and compatibility information. We apologize that all transactions are final and that no refunds are available for unintentional purchases. Refunds are only provided with a legitimate cause.
Advocate for
Please email [email protected] if you have any complaints, questions, or suggestions. Please do not ask for help in the comments area if you want to get quick responses.

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