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Lead Follow up Scheduler Module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script 1.0.1

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Perfex CRM’s “Lead Follow up Scheduler” module enables personnel and administrators to programatically dispatch follow-up SMS/emails to leads at specified intervals following their initial creation. Utilizing SMS gateways by default that are supplied by Perfex CRM, the module enables users to schedule the delivery of SMS or email communications to upcoming prospects. In addition to scheduling multiple SMS/emails to prospects simultaneously, users can also send reminders to assigned staff. By utilizing the default Perfex CRM SMS gateways, the module obviates the necessity of deploying additional gateways.

The module is fast to install and activate and requires no coding. Users are provided with documentation and have access to the schedule for both leads and personnel. Users must enable any SMS gateway in Perfex and configure the Cron Jobs for Perfex CRM on their server in order to utilize the module. Sejal Infotech has manufactured the module, which may only be obtained through Codecanyon.net.

Lead Follow up Scheduler Module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script

Nulled Script for the Lead Follow-up Scheduler Module for Perfex CRM Utilizable within Perforce CRM, the “LEAD FOLLOW UP SCHEDULER” MODULE enables personnel and administrators to programmatically schedule follow-up SMS/emails to be dispatched to leads at specified time intervals subsequent to the lead’s generation.
“Lead Follow-up Scheduler” utilizes the SMS gateways by default in Perfex CRM. SMS gateways that are accessible can be located in the SETUP -> Settings -> SMS menu.

The “Lead Follow-up Scheduler” utilizes the enableable Emails parameters by default in Perfex CRM.

Admin/Staff may schedule an automated follow-up SMS or email to all incoming prospects at a single point in time. If the lead status is still pending one week after its creation, proceed with sending an SMS or email.
Multiple SMS and email messages can be sent simultaneously to leads by administrators and personnel.
Staff and administrators are permitted to send reminders to individuals designated as Leads.

An added benefit:

Utilize the Perfex CRM SMS Gateways by default; no additional gateway installation is required.
After leads are generated, administration and staff will have the ability to establish a schedule for sending automated SMS/emails to them at the specified interval. Thus, the leads will not be lost if the administrator fails to pursue them.
Once leads have been generated, administration and staff will have the ability to schedule automated SMS/email notifications to be sent to the designated staff at predetermined intervals. In order for administrators and staff to be able to remind personnel when leaders fail to demonstrate progress.
Through the Leads Schedule, Admin/Staff can observe the number of leads that receive an SMS or email.
The Staff Schedule allows Admin/Staff to ascertain the number of staff members who have been contacted via SMS or email.
Cron Jobs will dispatch SMS/email notifications to Leads and designated personnel automatically.

The process of documentation

Simply a few seconds are required for installation and activation. There is documentation provided.

Please utilize our assistance section to submit a support request if you have any inquiries. Our support staff will provide an immediate response.

It is important to note that no coding is necessary. With mere adherence to the provided guidelines, you will be capable of employing the “Lead Follow up Scheduler” module in a matter of minutes.

SMS gateways are not operational during the demonstration; consequently, there will be no receipt of SMS messages. On the contrary, by accessing the Scheduler, one can ascertain the Lead to whom an SMS is transmitted.
Prior to utilizing this module, one must enable one of the SMS gateways that are accessible within Perfex.
While it is possible to send multiple customized SMS simultaneously, the maximum number of SMS allowed is contingent upon the SMS provider or server you utilize.

In order to transmit Scheduled Multiple SMS, it is necessary to configure Cron Jobs for Perfex CRM on your server.
It is important to note that this module is a product of Sejal Infotech and should only be purchased from the reputable Codecanyon.net website. We maintain an absence of sales presence on any other websites. It is possible that this product is pirated if it was detected on other websites.



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