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The greatest WordPress theme for education, Masterstudy, is ideal for online tutoring, teachers, and marketplaces for courses as well as language schools, private schools, universities, and colleges. It comes with 16 demos with an infinite number of design options, and it works with WordPress 6.x as well as iOS and Android mobile apps. Because the theme is totally responsive, users can easily create, modify, and maintain their website. Included is the Masterstudy Pro plugin, which offers a plethora of customizing possibilities along with expert features.

With the robust LMS backend interface of Masterstudy, users can create and market courses with content creation tools such as Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline 2. In addition, the theme offers guest checkout, related courses, and BuddyPress plugin integration. Group administrators can add and remove participants, assignments, and attachments to course materials using the Group Courses feature. Students can earn points for completing different tasks on the website using the Point Reward System, which increases engagement and sales.

Masterstudy provides sophisticated tests, quiz pagination, and a question library to assist users in evaluating their responses and spotting any risks. Masterstudy is the best education WordPress theme available for online tutoring, instructors, tutors, course marketplaces, language schools, private schools, universities, and colleges. It doesn’t require any additional plugins or expenses.

The multilingual WordPress theme Masterstudy has a number of features that improve learning. Prerequisites, course evaluations, wish lists, GamiPress integration, Google Classroom integration, bbPress plugin integration, course packages, paid membership pro integration, announcements, trial classes, sequential drip content, gradebook analysis, question modules, course filtering, and personal profile pages for instructors and students are all included.

The theme also comes with features for designing lesson pages, an email template manager, and the Presto Player plugin. Masterstudy offers a localized experience for website visitors in nine different languages, which saves time and increases the website’s adaptability.

Masterstudy nulled theme

Learning through Master’s Program The best WordPress theme for universities, colleges, language schools, private schools, instructors, tutors, and online coaching!

  • Suitable for Elmentor
  • Compatible with mobile apps for iOS and Android and WordPress 6.x
  • 16 demos with an infinite number of design choices
  • Included in nine languages

Manage every aspect of your online learning environment from one central spot.

Professional Course Builder Advanced Quizzing Drip-Feed Content Monetization & Tutors Payouts Paid Zoom Webinars No Extra Fee, No Extra Plugins Required.

The MasterStudy Pro plugin powers the Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme for Learning Management Systems (LMS). No additional costs! This theme comes with the MasterStudy Pro plugin already installed. To create a dynamic and captivating learning hub, all you need is the MasterStudy nulled theme, regardless of whether you specialize in local workshops or online courses.

We have created a number of top-notch features that will simplify your life, save you time, and provide outstanding outcomes. These features are the product of in-depth research into the education and learning sectors. Get The Best Education WordPress theme right now!

Masterstudy is the best WordPress nulled theme for education, making it easy to create, modify, and maintain your website. With the integrated Visual Composer plugin, you can quickly create pages using simple drag-and-drop capabilities. You have even more options to customize the appearance and feel of your website with an extensive selection of Google Fonts and an endless skin color palette.

Because your WordPress theme for Masterstudy education is entirely responsive, you can be sure that your content will appear great on any device. In order to facilitate the development of learning management systems for platforms that list courses, such as Udemy, Training Center, Courses Hub, eLearning Business, College, Academy, University, or School, Masterstudy was created.

Strong Course Builder Curriculum Type:

  •  Lessons (learning materials and test student types)
  • Basic Course Information
  • Section Curriculum
  • Course Properties: Drip Content External
  • Course Files Reduced pricing (as a one-time or subscription fee)
Elementor’s Page Builder

Complete compatibility with the best page builder in the world allows you to create your website in a matter of minutes. Drag-and-drop builder, professional features, live preview, efficient editing and design process, and speedy work Use the endless possibilities of Elementor to create your website. Use visual controls to make every page on your educational website visually appealing and responsive.

Certificates Builder:

An intuitive tool for making personalized certificates The essential content sections of the certificate can be arranged using drag-and-drop tools, high-quality images, a variety of fonts, and saved templates. Either select a specific course type or apply the certificate to the entire site.

Zoom Video Conference Integration

With Zoom integration, you can communicate with your students in real time between two robust platforms: Zoom Video Conferencing and MasterStudy. Savor the new format of instruction with web conferencing, and use Masterstudy to advance your online collaboration!

MasterStudy Live Streaming Video

One excellent alternative for online education and e-learning is the Live Stream. Both teachers and students will gain from the opportunity to teach and learn online. In Live mode, students will be able to ask questions and receive prompt answers in addition to being able to see, hear, and follow the teacher.

Strong MasterStudy LMS Interface Backend!

The LMS Backend of MasterStudy is essential for developing an effective course. The LMS admin panel provides the best conditions possible for you to enjoy the best experience possible. Effectively combining use, attractiveness, and efficiency are comprehensive LMS options and an easy-to-use and intuitive course builder. Simple navigation and configuration adjustments will allow you to find what you need in seconds rather than minutes.

Mastery combined with SCORM

With the help of the SCORM Addon in MasterStudy Theme, you may use several content production tools, like Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline 2, to create courses and sell them through your LMS. Just include new courses in your LMS. Because of SCORM compatibility standards, you can use eLearning materials on any learning management system, including MasterStudy.

Associated Courses

Show relevant educational resources in the Related Courses section. Permit the user to see courses that are relevant to their interest. Manage the design of the look according to the level, author, or category. Permit customers to explore alternative options within the desired field.

Check-out for Guests

Activate your website’s guest checkout feature. Permit your new customers to check out and make a purchase without having to register for an account. Let them shop more quickly and efficiently, saving them time.

BuddyPress plugin integration

BuddyPress offers an abundance of useful features, like advanced profiles, course groups, activity feeds, course messaging, and much more. MasterStudy and BuddyPress are now fully linked. BuddyPress and Masterstudy, one of the best WordPress themes for education, allow you to easily build the best learning community.

Acquiring Group Instruction

The Group Courses feature is perfect if you want to promote your courses to organizations and companies. Members can be added to and removed from the group by the group administrator. We made a front-end panel so the group administrator could keep an eye on how each member was doing. The group administrator, or admin, has recently been able to provide another user access to his account.


The most intricate element of assignments is that they provide two types of additional work for pupils to complete: essays and uploads. Numerous file kinds are accepted for uploads. The maximum file size limit can be adjusted by the instructor, who can select the one that best suits his needs. Students can complete a comprehensive knowledge evaluation and create long-answer essays through assignments. Teachers have the option to comment on and assess students’ work.

Attachments to the Course Materials for Master Study

Teachers can link files to lessons and courses using the course resources function. Add pictures, folders, and audio and video clips to help students comprehend the lesson materials. No further software is required. The lesson and course settings provide access to the feature.

Point System

The Point Reward System feature is offered to give pupils a remarkable education. Students can redeem their points for new courses through this system, which awards points for a variety of online activities, including registration, course completion, quiz passing, and more. With just a few clicks, create the point exchange form on your website, set it up, and seize the chance to boost engagement, sales, and interaction.

Reward amounts and data

With an accurate Financial System, you can manage the finances of your website with the use of powerful tools like payments and statistics. With the help of statistical data from this strong sales management system, you can identify the courses that are selling the least and increase overall profitability. Payout Ratio lets you recognize writers for their work, use cron to set up automatic payouts, and pay writers.

Advanced Tests

We are putting a lot of effort into making quizzes a more complex component of the education theme because they are so important. There are a lot of flexible tools available to you. Make your own courses, use different kinds of questions, set time limits, control the passing score, show results, allow you to repeat quizzes, and much more.

On a quiz, the question pagination

Make a quiz with multiple pages. You can alter the questions’ appearance using the quiz style options. Use pagination to display all of the questions on one screen or to allow users to freely navigate between them in quizzes with a lot of questions.

Bank of inquiries

Classify questions according to their subject matter. It is now possible to organize quiz questions and divide them into groups.

Look over the test.

Examine each student’s quiz results in detail, confirm their responses, and look for any possible dangers. Examine their input, note which responses are right and wrong, and keep an eye out for any prospective problems.


Teachers can interact with students through announcements as well as texts and emails. Alert users in a timely manner to important announcements and to stay informed.

Trial sessions

Make the course lesson accessible to the general public and free of charge so that website visitors can experience it before signing up.

Apply content in a specific sequence.

In order One useful method for making sure the educational process is going in the proper direction is to use drip content. Deliver your belongings according to a set timetable. After finishing, distribute the lessons in either your own or numerical order.


Examine data in percentages pertaining to the number of students who enroll, complete, and pass the course.

Types of Instruction

Are you sick of taking the same old online courses? Permit this to occur on your network. Experiment more with different lecture formats.

Online money transfers
Provide many payment methods to facilitate speedy online payments. Selling your courses is made easy with the help of several connectors, such PayPal and Stripe.

Types of questions in the question module

There might be a variety of questions on quizzes. Improve the work by adding additional features and question kinds. Use more interactive types like Item Match, or more fundamental and mechanical types like True or False.

Sort courses by category.

Permit students to investigate courses in several groupings according to their needs, including cost, rating, levels, status, categories, and subcategories. Turn on the filters so that students can easily use the course listing page’s sidebar to filter what they browse. Users can add filters without needing to reload the page because all changes are instantly visible.

Instructor and student profile pages

On your website, each teacher and student who has registered has a personal profile page. Teachers can control site activity and access everything from the profile page. Students may easily see statistics, grades, and details about the courses they have registered for on their accounts.

Udemy affiliate:

With a few mouse clicks, import courses from the Udemy website and get paid a commission for each sale.

Required conditions

For better learning, establish prerequisites and mandate that students finish one course before going on to the next. Prerequisites can also be used to keep other students from enrolling while reserving spots for students who fulfill the eligibility standards.

assessments of the courses and a desire list

Permit students to add courses they want to a wishlist. The course may also be rated by them. Ratings are shown in the course preview. It will let you modify the content according to ratings and help students make decisions about what to buy.

Combining GamiPress with

It’s simple to incorporate gamification and activity events into your online courses. Boost the motivation and attention of your students.

Google Classrooms

You can now manage your work from anywhere by integrating your Google Classroom courses into your MasterStudy website with our new application. This will facilitate the arrangement and management of the online learning process as well as the sharing of materials between instructors and students. Each kid will be able to get to class on their own without help. You may avoid any glitches and make the transition to online as easy and seamless as possible with such a basic connection.

Integration of bbPress Plugin

You may easily incorporate forums into your courses thanks to the straightforward yet powerful forum software.

Packages for Courses

Marketing bundles will, of course, boost sales. Combine classes and charge less for them. Satisfy the students’ needs with a single solution.

Paid Membership Pro integration

Establish membership programs and manage the availability of courses for the subscription.

Purchases made once and ongoing subscriptions
Let your students select the option that works best for them.

Uploading Lesson Videos

Use the video upload option to post and provide materials to students easily. Give students the option to pick up where they left off in the lesson, to make it more convenient for them.

Presto Player and Other Sources of Video

One of the most powerful WordPress video player plugins is included in the MasterStudy theme. With features like a 10-second skip, an image in a picture, individualized chapter markings, and adjustable playback speed, kids might have an incredible learning experience. For this lesson, pick from the following video sources: Presto Player, HTML, YouTube, Vimeo, External links, and embedded codes.

Administrator of Email Templates

You may build up an appropriate email system on your website with the help of Email Template Manager. You can create a template message for any possible notification, such orders, changes to passwords, comments, and so forth.

Design of Lesson Pages

One feature that lets you select between two styles while creating the lesson page is called Lesson Page Style. Make your selections and personalize the look and feel of every page.

There were nine languages available.

WordPress theme MasterStudy is multilingual. The theme has already been translated into nine other languages. You may provide your website visitors a customized experience with this fantastic feature. The complete multilingual solution that will increase the adaptability of your website and save you time. Languages spoken included English, French, Turkish, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Features of the Masterstudy Pro Plugin:
  • There are now three types of lessons available in the Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme for Learning Management System (LMS): text, video, and slideshow.
  • Throughout the lessons, there are questions and answers in real time.
  • Quiz with a real-time countdown timer
  • Retake the quiz
  • Answers to the quiz, marked as correct or incorrect
  • Advanced Tests
  • Video Conference using Zoom
  • Several Video Sources (Presto Player, HTML, External Video Links, Vimeo, Youtube, and Embed).
  • Course Bundles: Custom Certificate Builder, Rating, and Courses
  • Integration with bbPress
  • GamiPress incorporation
  • Google Classroom
  • Wishlist and course ratings
  • Required conditions
  • Retake the Udemy Affiliate Quiz on the profiles of teachers and students.
  • Bank of questions
  • Question kinds in the Question Module
  • Types of Lessons
  • Grade-book
  • Content that drips sequentially
  • Trial classes
  • Declaration
  • Incredible demos using a single click Import directly from the packaging.
  • Student subscription that is renewed annually
  • One-time transaction
  • Integration of Stripe and PayPal
  • Integration of Paid Membership Pro
  • private correspondence
  • creation of certificates
  • Sort courses based on categories.
  • Desire List
  • Profiles of instructors and students, plus much more
Key attributes of the WordPress theme MasterStudy:
  • Lessons for Course Builder Live-streaming videos for group classes
  • WP Bakery – Elementor Page Builder Custom Certificate Builder; Page Builder; Advanced Search with Autocomplete
  • Plugin for Masterstudy LMS in Online Courses
  • Complete RTL Assistance
  • WooCommerce-based system for offline courses
  • sponsored advertisement Free classes
  • Purchasing courses using Stripe and PayPal
  • Course Evaluation
  • Many alternatives for the header
  • Sass-built Cross-Browser compatibility: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
  • Using the Redux framework, theme options
  • countless color combinations
  • Revolution Slider was incorporated.
  • Adaptive Design with Bootstrap
  • 880-plus Parallax and Video Background Google Fonts
  • Visual Composer Pagebuilder Round-the-clock Expert Assistance Detailed documentation provided
  • Integrated Subscription for Mailchimp
  • Continual Updates
  • FontAwesome icons
  • WPML localization assistance
  • Import demo material with just one click
  • Included are PSD files for audio and video embeds.

Additional Benefits of Masterstudy: Revolution Slider is also included, allowing you to add a range of animations and eye-catching, dynamic sliders to your website to really set it apart from the competition.

You have the most flexibility when it comes to classifying courses and structuring your content with custom sidebars and widgets.
For your tutors and professors, you may also make profiles that include bios, photos, credentials, and ways to get in touch.
To help promote their course materials and support themselves and their teachers in upholding the highest standards, students are able to publish course evaluations online.

Masterstudy is a complete education WordPress theme that lets you create blog posts and events that inspire and engage your learning community.
Additionally, MailChimp has been connected so you can maintain subscriber lists and manage subscriptions.
Utilize WooCommerce to set prices and discounts, and take advantage of safe and easy PayPal transactions.

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