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Order Delivery for WooCommerce nulled plugin 2.6.2

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The all-inclusive delivery solution known as Order Delivery for WooCommerce streamlines the checkout procedure by granting customers the ability to select their preferable delivery time and date. The extension effectively communicates the anticipated date and time of delivery, taking into account various factors such as local bank holidays, shipping methods, and more. It also permits the restriction of orders to a certain number per day or period of time, ensuring efficient shipping.

Sortable views are supported, delivery dates are divided into time frames, delivery ranges for shipping methods are specified, the number of orders to be delivered is limited, specific delivery days and times incur additional fees, and the extension provides a calendar for selecting delivery dates and times. Additionally, it permits the selection of dates, such as holidays and other events, during which deliveries are not feasible.

The Order Delivery system is designed with the user in mind, enabling effortless adjustment of various parameters such as location, shipping method, and delivery customer preferences. Additionally, it permits automated email notifications and administrative views containing the selected delivery details.

The seamless integration between the extension and WooCommerce Subscriptions facilitates the administration of subscription products and recurring payments. It conserves time and effort by accommodating nearly every template and transaction process. Install, activate, and download the plugin into your WooCommerce store to get started.

Order Delivery for WooCommerce nulled plugin

The Order Delivery for WooCommerce nulled plugin enables customers to select a delivery date and time for their purchases with ease in mind while completing the checkout procedure.

One-stop shipping functionality for WooCommerce

Simplify and streamline the process of allowing customers to select their preferred delivery date and time during the purchase phase, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loading time.

Invalid Order Delivery plugin for WooCommerce Order arrival provides customers with clear and concise notifications regarding the anticipated date and time of shipment arrival. This information is calculated using a variety of factors specified by the business proprietor, such as local bank holidays, shipping methods, and additional relevant factors.

In order for your store to execute all orders, restrict the number of orders per day or time period.

This feature allows you to deliver the purchased item at the consumer’s utmost convenience, thereby guaranteeing an exceptional purchasing experience.

Presents a calendar for selecting a delivery date within the purchasing process.

Select a time frame for the delivery of your purchase.

What are the benefits of Order Delivery?
  • In the transaction form, include a delivery date selector or an estimated delivery time.
  • By dividing the distribution dates into time slots or frames, more precise delivery information can be provided. For instance: between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m.
  • Calculate the respective delivery ranges associated with each transportation option. Such as imperative (within 24 hours), economical (within 2–3 days), and so forth.
  • Implementing a restriction on the number of orders that can be delivered within a specific day or time period can effectively mitigate the risks associated with work excess and shipping complications.
  • Additional charges will be levied on customers who choose particular delivery days and times.
  • Implement a sortable view in order to rank your orders. The Order Delivery field delineates the last day on which orders must be shipped in order to meet the delivery deadline.
  • Kindly indicate the dates during which deliveries will be unavailable. Consider holidays and other special occasions.
  • Disable specific date ranges for international shipping and delivery to specified regions or countries.
  • Outstanding compatibility with “WooCommerce Subscriptions.”
  • Admin views and automated email notifications containing the specified delivery information.
  • Developer-friendly, should you desire to modify or expand the functionality of the nulled plugin.
  • Simple to use and customizable to suit your requirements.
The following three significant factors will have an impact on the delivery of your order:

By selecting by country, municipality, or region, you are able to modify or forego your service accordingly.
Shipping method: The preponderance of WooCommerce shipping methods supported by our extension, including “Table rate” shipping, are accessible within your store. The allocation of these techniques to categories is contingent upon their temporal and spatial context.
For instance, you might be required to ship exclusively on Saturdays via a particular shipping method that entails an extra charge.
Transmission of Customer Preferences Regarding: Your customer may designate the most convenient time to receive the purchase by selecting a range of hours and days. Depending on the manufacturing time and delivery time range, you will have a comprehensive understanding of when your purchase is anticipated.
Always meet all deadlines.
Configure the minimum number of days and delivery range required to generate an order. Thus, the client will have ample time to adhere to your schedule and can place an order at the onset of your lead time. Additionally, the extension will calculate the recommended shipping date in order to guarantee the punctual delivery of the purchase.

Additionally, you may classify every order according to its anticipated delivery range and establish manufacturing process priorities in advance.

Delivery and shipping details are included on the order manifest.

Lastly, the extension provides the ability to modify parameters at any time. Thus, you make preparations in advance for the most demanding periods of the year, including Christmas and Black Friday.

All the necessary information for the consumer.
In the future, customers will no longer establish communication with the delivery of their products via phone or email. All communications contain delivery information with Order Delivery.

Emails containing delivery information for customers

Order Delivery integrates flawlessly with Subscriptions, the preeminent plugin for generating products that require recurring payments on WooCommerce. This feature allows you to easily manage subscription products in conjunction with standard products in your WooCommerce store.

Depending on the customer’s selections, the module computes the delivery date and time for each renewal automatically.

Friendly template

The date picker, along with the other elements of Order Delivery, is designed to be compatible with virtually any transaction and design. This will save you time and facilitate the setup process.

Beginning Procedure

Invest in this extension.
The plugin must be downloaded, installed, and activated for your WooCommerce store.
Navigate to Shipping & Delivery in the WooCommerce settings to configure shipping and delivery options.

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