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Order Tags nulled plugin 2.4.0

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Order Tags is an extension that allows you to create automatic or manual tags for your orders, enhancing order processing and management. This tool is useful for eCommerce store owners who want to quickly track and process orders. The extension allows you to filter orders by tags and bulk assign them, making it easier to see which orders have met specific criteria. The features include automatic tagging, which automatically sets order tags when orders meet specific conditions, manual tagging, which allows you to manually assign order tags, and a dashboard for managing order tags. The extension is compatible with renewal subscription orders from WooCommerce subscriptions.

The dashboard allows you to view a list of all order tags, add or edit existing tags, set text, colors, and automatic assignment rules. Automatic tagging automatically sets order tags when orders meet specific conditions, while manual tagging allows you to manually assign order tags when adding or editing an order. The extension also allows you to display order tags on orders and filter orders by tag.

For more information, you can view the documentation or contact the developer for assistance. To get started, download, install, and activate the extension in your WooCommerce store, and test it on a staging/development environment before using it on your production website.

Order Tags nulled plugin orders automatically or manually to expedite order processing and administration.
This plugin allows you to generate order tags that may be applied to your orders automatically or manually. Managing orders in a successful eCommerce company may be a time-consuming procedure. Keeping track of orders and processing them swiftly is critical to ensuring that clients get their goods as soon as feasible.

Order Tags nulled plugin  are accessible in the order list, and you can simply filter orders by tags and bulk apply tags from the order details page. By adding order tags, you can quickly discover which orders meet specified criteria without having to navigate into each order, check the order information, then return to the orders list. This saves a significant amount of time and may even bring up previously unimaginable possibilities.

Continue reading to learn why you should utilize Order Tags and what features are provided…

Order Tags nulled plugin Taylor, the proprietor of an e-commerce website, said: “Made order processing much easier, we tag orders when they come in relating to the customer/order contents, we then filter by these tags when preparing orders for shipment. ”
Why are Order Tags used?
Automatically assign order tags upon order placing, order update, and/or order subscription renewal.
Orders that used a coupon(s), orders by a specific customer(s), the number of orders the customer has placed, the number of items within the order, the customer role, meta data, order status, order total, payment method, products within the order, products within order from specific categories, products within order with specific meta data, products within order with specific tags, shipping method, shipping method instance, shipping zone, and so on are all automatically tagged.
Manually assign order tags using the add/edit order screen or the orders list.
When any or all of the requirements are met, assign order tags automatically.
=,!=, >=, >, =, and for number-based values; contains is also accessible for meta data.
Dashboard for Order Tag Management Overview
Order tags may be given to any number of orders.
Orders may be filtered by order tag.
Select the colors and wording for each order tag.
For each order tag, provide a description that may be shown as a tooltip.
Make an infinite amount of order tags.
Bulk add order tags to previous orders made prior to the usage of this extension
Bulk delete auto-assigned and/or manually configured order tags from all orders and re-add them.
WooCommerce Subscriptions renewal subscription orders are supported.
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These fantastic features are included…

In the dashboard, you may examine a list of all order tags, add new tags, and update existing tags.


Add or change order tags.
You may customize the wording, colors, and automatic assignment rules when creating or changing an order tag.


Tag automation
Create assignment rules so that order tags are automatically set when certain circumstances are met.


Tagging by hand
When creating or modifying an order, manually apply order tags. You may also bulk assign from the orders list.


Tags that appear on orders
The order tags are available on each order details as well as on each order in the order list.


Orders may be filtered by tag.
Quickly filter the orders list by using the order tag filter to choose a certain order tag.


Watch the extension in action…

As an example,
Helen has a WooCommerce plugin site that sells personalized jewelry; she enjoys giving out free presents to registered clients who reach specific order milestones. She may use Order Tags to apply an order tag to an order if the client has previously placed 10, 25, 50, or more orders. She can immediately identify which purchases should be delivered a complimentary present with these order tags that are automatically affixed, improving client loyalty.

Additional information
View the documentation for an overview of the settings, choices, commonly asked questions, and other information.
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.
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Purchase the extension
Download, install, and activate the extension in your WooCommerce store* Consult the manual to discover how to customize the extensionPlease keep in mind that every new extension should be tested in a staging/development environment before being used on your production website. It is also advised that you link your shop to your Woo.com account; this guarantees that you get extension updates and have rapid access to support.

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