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Perfect SEO Url for woocommerce nulled plugin 2.8.4

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WooCommerce’s Perfect SEO Url for Woocommerce nulled plugin is a powerful tool designed to optimize WooCommerce URLs. It removes /product and /product-category slugs, ensuring a unique canonical URL for your products. The plugin is Google-friendly and optimizes URL structure, redirecting old URLs to new ones, and removing redundant slugs. It also offers URL-based breadcrumbs, ensuring the URL matches the product’s current location. The plugin is a plug-and-play solution, modifying URLs instantly without programming expertise. With its infinite features and functionalities, the Perfect SEO Url plugin is a must-have for SEO specialists in WooCommerce.

Perfect SEO Url for woocommerce nulled plugin

Perfect SEO Url for woocommerce nulled plugin: The best plugin for SEO specialists
Remove /product and /product-category from your WooCommerce URLs.
The only functional WooCommerce Permalink Plugin since 2014 (!)

How to delete /product and /product-category?

When you remove the /product and /product-category from your WooCommerce URLs, bear in mind that you will usually need to build redirects. Otherwise, your Google indexation may decline! This plugin will generate those redirects immediately, and we will also delete /product and /product-category. After downloading and installing the plugin, the /product and /product-category URLs will be deleted and 301 redirects implemented. We will delete the redundant slug that WooCommerce nulled themes automatically inserted.

This plugin and all of its features are designed to provide the greatest SEO results.

Plugin used by hundreds globally.
Take a look at these excellent plugin features.

No duplicate content.
Duplicate material is something you do not want to have. The plugin will ensure that your product always has a single unique canonical URL. Even when offered in many locations.

Google friendly and optimized.
Google advises you to adopt clean URLs. This plugin eliminates the redundant slugs “/product” and “/product-category”. Perfect SEO urls will take your url structure to the next level.

Redirect old URLs to new.
The old product and category URLs will be automatically redirected to the new ones. You will never lose online authority, and visitors to your WooCommerce store will never experience a 404 page.

Url-based breadcrumbs
The Most Popular Function of the Perfect SEO Url Plugin. Activating this option guarantees that the breadcrumb matches the URL where the product is currently being viewed.

Unlimited product URLs.
It is feasible for a product to have different URLs while yet using the same endpoint. This allows you to add your product to various categories in WooCommerce nulled plugins.

Plug and Play plugin.
After installation, the plugin will modify your URLs instantly. No programming expertise is necessary. You will get this out of the box solution for just $ 119

Features and functionalities are infinite.

The Perfect SEO Url plugin does a lot more than just remove the product and product-category slugs.

The functions and features sections describe the capabilities that may be handled using WooCommerce’s settings tab.

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