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The Perfex CRM SaaS Module is a powerful tool for transforming your Perfex CRM installation into a robust multi-tenancy platform. This module eliminates the need for wildcard SSL certificates, allowing for a more efficient approach to managing multiple tenants. It supports three URL structures for tenancy: path, subdomain, and custom domain, and supports all database structures, including single databases for each tenant, multi-tenancy, and sharding.

The module works well with all hosting platforms, including Cpanel, VPS, and dedicated servers. It includes robust tenant management capabilities, module access control, resource limitation/quota, settings and configuration sharing, scalable and flexible database support, cloud database solutions, tenant data custody options, maximum use of Perfex core resources, a robust unit testing framework, disk space and tenant storage control, automatic login from the SaaS client interface, and easy registration and flexible accessibility.

The module also offers a module marketplace, usage-based pricing, and inbuilt feature control. It allows you to offer premium additions to tenants, manage tenant data custody options, and provide automatic login from the SaaS client interface to relevant apps.

To use the Perfex CRM SaaS Module, you must have Perfex 3.0.* installed and have documentation available. However, refunds for extensions after purchase are not accepted, and any bespoke work, including setup, installation, and extensions, is not free. Contact [email protected] for assistance.

The ROADMAP has undergone several updates to improve its SaaS module and tenant setup. These updates include v3.1.0 migration seed for new tenants, improved SaaS extension loading, and fixes for issues with the ‘Disable customer panel’ module. Additionally, there have been improvements in support for third-party module compatibility and an extra module to deactivate customer areas, mostly for renters.

The SaaS module has also been updated with Plesk integration and MySQL root integration interface, allowing for various connections for Perfex and tenant setup. It now allows for direct updates to SaaS modules and additional extensions from the dashboard.

The Affiliate module has been updated, with support for client menu when using the ‘bridge’ mode and repair of missing tags in email templates. The instance deployment screen has been optimized, and the affiliate management module has been improved.

The SaaS module has also been updated with cPanel Integrations for Database and AddOn Domain Automation, improved cron procedure, French translation, and access prevention for renters after trials expire. Other minor improvements include a separate option for handling cross-domain magic authentication for tenants utilizing custom domains, package customization switch, integration of client SaaS portal into instances, old invoice customisation, landing page builders, and minor fixes.

Overall, the ROADMAP has made significant improvements to the SaaS module and tenant setup, ensuring better efficiency and usefulness for tenants.

The SaaS Application Service (SaaS) has undergone several updates and improvements to improve its functionality. These updates include the addition of language files for other languages, fixing cron notifications, addressing lead import blank page errors, and adding support for plans with zero amount. Additionally, the tenant module installation service has been improved, and the next billing period has been added to the subscribed package card.

The migration of shared database schema from shared tables to separate isolated tables for each tenant has also been made. The datacenter test button has been fixed, and the database credential has been dropped from the old CRM. Other minor fixes and improvements include the migration of shared database schema from shared tables to separate isolated tables for each tenant, the addition of subdomain and custom domain input fields to the signup form, and the addition of a package/plan listing api.

The SaaS dashboard has also been improved, with the addition of contracts and items limitation, tax and payment options, subscribers count, and database pool population count. The Perfex 3.0.5 version has also been updated, with minor fixes and improvements to the user experience.

Overall, the SaaS Application Service has been a significant improvement in the SaaS environment, with improvements in the user experience, functionality, and security features.

Perfex CRM SaaS Module Nulled Script

Multi-tenancy module for Perfex CRM
The Perfex CRM SaaS Module Nulled Script allows you to easily transform your Perfex CRM installation into a strong multi-tenancy platform. This unique module removes the need for wildcards, wildcard SSL, or wildcard VPS, providing a streamlined approach for growing your company and supporting various tenants.

Perfect module for digital marketers and accounting firms to manage customers’ CRM instances from a single dashboard, or anybody looking to create a CRM SaaS solution using Perfex CRM.

Perfex CRM SaaS Module Nulled Script Start a SaaS CRM company without breaking a sweat, much less breaking the bank!
Support three URL structures for tenancy: path, subdomain, and custom domain

Supports all database structures, including single databases for each tenant, multi-tenancy, and sharding!

It works well with all hosting platforms, including Cpanel, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Set up Perfex CRM and you’re set to go!

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Key Features:

Multitenancy Made Simple: Our SaaS module allows you to swiftly convert your Perfex CRM installation into a multi-tenancy platform. Manage multiple clients, departments, or branches using a single Perfex CRM system that ensures data isolation and security.
No Wildcard SSL is required. Unlike most multi-tenancy systems, our module does not require wildcard SSL certificates. You may provide a safe environment for each tenant while eliminating the work and expense of administering wildcard certificates, hence reducing complexity and costs. This allows it to function on any server, even shared hosting and Cpanel, and then expands as you demonstrate your company concept or have sufficient resources.
Subdomain and Custom Domains: Do you have the requisite skills or resources to work with VPS or dedicated servers? This plugin integrates well with our easy subdomain and custom domain setups. We also include a free guide in our documentation to help you set up free unlimited wildcard SSL for custom domains and subdomains for your tenants.

Robust Tenant Management: Our Perfex CRM SaaS Module Nulled Script includes complete tenant management capabilities that enable you to simply onboard new tenants, customize their individual settings, and manage their access rights via package control. Simplify administrative responsibilities and provide a personalized experience to each renter.
Module Access Control: Our module gives you complete control over access to other modules, allowing for accurate administration at the package and individual tenant levels. You may restrict module availability to individual renters or provide access to all tenants who have subscribed to a particular package. This granular control allows for more flexibility and customization when establishing module accessibility throughout your business or SaaS platform.
Resource Limitation/Quota: Fine-grained package level management for essential resources like as personnel, contacts, leads, proposals, projects, customers, bills, tickets, and so on.
Settings and Configuration Sharing: Recognizing the module’s potential for overseeing various departments within an organization, we have implemented a feature that allows Perfex CRM configurations, including module settings, to be shared across multiple instances at the package level. This allows you to easily distribute your Pusher and SMTP settings to all tenants subscribing to a certain package. Furthermore, we provide the opportunity to hide critical information, such as passwords or keys, from tenant sight via a masking method (note that masking feature is presently experimental and should be used with care).
Scalable and flexible: Our module provides outstanding database support, allowing a broad variety of SaaS database schemes to meet your individual needs. Our module supports multi-tenancy, sharding, and single database setups.
Cloud Database Solutions: Integrate seamlessly with popular cloud database solutions, such as Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL, to conveniently manage and store tenant data while guaranteeing optimum performance and availability.
Tenant Data Custody Options: We recognize that some renters want to maintain full control over their data. Our module addresses this by enabling instances to be created using the customer database credentials. This means businesses may host their data on their own servers, which ensures data security and compliance with corporate standards.
Maximum use of Perfex core: The Perfex CRM SaaS Module Nulled Script makes use of existing Perfex core resources to manage tenant invoicing and payments. As a result, you won’t have to learn anything new or set up a payment gateway. Your current payment gateway integrates seamlessly with other Perfex CRM features.
Testing Framework: We understand that you may want to improve our module by making changes or customizing it to meet your organization’s particular needs. As a result, we have provided a robust unit testing system for critical functionality, which is always expanding. This allows for easy evaluation of your setup’s resistance to any feature interruptions caused by any changes, hence maintaining quality development standards.
Disk space and tenant storage control: The module has an option to restrict tenant disk use. This includes tenants’ file uploads (basic default modules), database backups, and media. It should be noted that storage control does not support third-party modules that need storage outside of the Perfex core storage folders.
Automatic login from the SaaS client interface to the relevant apps.
Easy registration and flexible accessibility

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Module Marketplace: The module enables you to offer premium additions to tenants.
Usage-based pricing: If you prefer usage-based pricing, in which renters only pay for the resources they use, we have you covered. The module supports both package plans and price options.
Inbuilt feature control: You may deactivate various Perfex CRM features/modules, such as Projects, Leads, and Tasks, at both the package/pricing and tenancy levels.
…and much more.
With our Perfex CRM SaaS Module Nulled Script, you can unlock the full potential of Perfex CRM and propel your organization to new heights. Experience seamless multi-tenancy, instance importation, and scaling. Try it now and transform your CRM processes.

Perfex from 3.0.* to the most recent version is necessary.
We offer documentation that includes video illustrations of installation and use.
We react to your queries as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours, but occasionally it might take up to several days.
We can not accept refunds for extensions after purchase, so please check before purchasing.
Any bespoke work, including setup, installation, and extensions (which may need expert hours), is not free. You may employ us for this.
View the complete documentation here.

Contact us at [email protected] for help.
– Many exciting features to come. Send us any intriguing ideas via our profile. We shall take notice of them. Thanks.
Version 0.1.9, 06/01/2024.
Added v3.1.0 migration seed for new tenants.
Improve SaaS extension loading.
Fix a problem downloading the ‘Disable customer panel’ module.
Version 0.1.8, 05/01/2024.
Fix a problem with Cpanel integration.
Add an option to deactivate the instance’s autolaunch.
Add an option for personalized trial above the page.
Improved support for third-party module compatibility.
Added an extra module to deactivate customer areas, mostly for renters.
Version 0.1.7, 03/01/2024
Fix the default module translation problem on the package card.
Add an option to conceal shared settings on sites other than the settings page. This allows you to disguise shared parameters on module settings pages, e.g.
Add Plesk integration.
Add the MySQL root integration interface, and you may now utilize various connections for Perfex and tenant setup.
Add an unlimited option for storage limit.
Version 0.1.6, 06/12/2023.
Fix a tenant problem that occurred in certain setups in v0.1.5.
Version 0.1.5, 06/12/2023.
Add an extension option for the SaaS module.
Add direct updates to SaaS modules and additional extensions from the dashboard.
Add an ability to modify the location of account menu items in the single portal mode.
Remove the ‘Invoice added successfully’ notice on first register.
Improve the trial notice message for single price mode.
Remove the computation of storage on each request and restrict to when uploading files.
Rewrite the route name to omit “perfex” for complete whitelabeling.
Reset the invoice, estimate, and credit note next number in new renters.
Version 0.1.4c, November 28, 2023.

Add an option to display the navigation menu on the client portal while using single portal mode.
Optimize the instance deployment screen.
Fix the 403 error upon registration.
Version 0.1.4b (November 27, 2023)

Update Affiliate module: add support for client menu when using the ‘bridge’ mode, and repair some missing tags in email templates.
Version 0.1.4 (November 27, 2023)

Affiliate management is a distinct add-on module that may be shared with the tenant.
Improved the instance deployment screen with two presentation options.
Improved Cron services.
Improved third-party module loading and compatibility.
Other minor adjustments.
Version 0.1.3, 04/11/2023
There is a new options tab called “Miscellaneous,” which contains the opportunity to give a URL to which the tenant will be forwarded after building their first instance. The URL might be an internal survey or any other link, and we provide crucial tenant information.
Fixed a 419 error on lead forms and other endpoints when using a path ID URL for the tenant.
Resolved the zero-trial problem by making the trial optional when set to 0 or below.
I removed the blue backdrop from the Saas menu in the super admin area.
Now, Perfex core invoice due dates are honored, and renters will only become unreachable if their invoice is past due.
Customers may now extend their instance limit by making an additional payment.
Implemented quota validation prior to invoice modification via the marketplace.
Added the ability to change the path ID, enabling renters to change the ‘ps’ in their URL path ID.
Improved the loading and compatibility of third-party modules.
Made a number of small enhancements to improve efficiency and usefulness.
Version 0.1.2, 10/10/2023.

Add cPanel Integrations for Database and AddOn Domain Automation.
Improve the cron procedure.
Resolve tenant module installation difficulties caused by some third-party modules.
Add French translation.
Add access prevention for renters after trials expire.
Other small improvements.
Version 0.1.1 – Patch 19/09/2023.
A separate option to handle cross-domain magic authentication for tenants utilizing custom domains.
Fix the tenant switch 404 issue on the route id tenancy scheme.
Version 0.1.1: September 17, 2023.
Add extra default features to the control list.
Add a package customization switch.
Add sso for client instances; when enabled, tenants may use magic login to any of the instances owned.
Integrate client SaaS portal into instances – When enabled, tenants may control SaaS pricing and packages directly from any instance.
Add old invoice customisation to new invoice during package upgrading.
Show tax information and apply taxes when the customer customizes the package.
Landing Page Builder: Encoding of page HTML content to circumvent certain content filters while saving the page.
Landing Page Builder: Fix asset copying problem when duplicating a theme
Additional general improvements and minor fixes.
Version 0.1.0 – Patch 109/09/2023.

Fix the Subtotal problem in non-USD currency configurations.
Fix display of disk space customisation when price is not specified.
version 0.1.0 08/09/2023.
Add package/plan customization and the module marketplace.
Implement core feature/inbuilt module control at the package and tenant levels.
Add a single price mode, allowing users to utilize the pricing system instead of package plans.
Add disabling of modules to tenant.
Fix the broken file URL on the tenant id path scheme.
Other minor fixes.
Version 0.0.9 – Patch 30/08/2023
Fix broken upload files when using the Path ID scheme.
Add settings control to exclude sensitive data when seeding tenant instances.
Increase the tenant ID limit to 20 characters.
Version 0.0.9 – Patch 27/08/2023
Fix the tenant seeding issue that caused the database upgrade screen in tenants.
Version 0.0.9 (August 26, 2023)
Disk space management: storage limits and upload controls for Perfex core, database backup storage, and media
Seeding data management; choose which data to copy over to the tenant during creation.
Added language files for other languages.
Fix deleting tenant files when you delete the tenant.
Fix the cron notification issue.
Fix the lead import blank page error.
When sharing SMTP, set the tenant’s email as the reply email.
Added a switch to control the limitation boxes on the tenant dashboard, allowing you to show only quotas that are not unlimited.
Other minor fixes and improvements.
version 0.0.8 – Patch 17/08/2023
Fix to cron breaking when there is a tenant with none active custom domain
version 0.0.8 – 10/08/2023
Add russian translation
Fix tenant module installation service not reaching all tenants
Support for plans with zero amount i.e free plan. Free plan are marked as paid automatically.
Add next billing period to subscribed package card
Fix lost session during signup flow when email verification is done on different browser.
Improve signup and automatic instance creation
Add billing and shipping to saas invoices (inherited from company info)
version 0.0.7 – 07/08/2023
Migrates shared database schema from shared tables to separate isolated tables for each tenants.
Fix modules installation data not available for tenants.
Limit tenant id (slug) to 15 characters
Fix datacenter test button when creating tenant from admin panel with option of setting database credential.
Drop dump importation from old CRM
Auto run of DB migration for tenants through cron job. This prevent customer from seeing DB upgrade sceen.
Other minor fixes and improvements.
version 0.0.6-patch – 01/08/2023
Fix issue when creating items with multiple currencies.
version 0.0.6-patch – 31/07/2023
Fix issues when creating company
Make preference for customer selected package over default package for register form widget
version 0.0.6 – 30/07/2023
Add subdomain and custom domain input fields to signup form (can be disabled i.e swith off from settings)
Add portal redirection check for proxied page
Fix landing page logo edit issue and remove some uneccessary blocks
Add package/plan listing api – useful for fetching plans detail into your custom landing page
Add slug/subdomain availabity check api
Ensure the automatic instance deploy only run after client verified email
Add custom domain input to client instance create form
Add custom domain request notice to tenant table for setups requiring approval
Fix SMTP shared settings not reflecting on tenant
Fix: prevent saving shared masked string as value when saving settings except user provide a value
Add security feature prevent master or any tenant from allowing dangerous extension files
Add enforced shared settings options – when a setting is shared and enforced, tenant wont able to update
Fix quick view snapping effect
Add arabic language translations
Other minor fixes.
version 0.0.5-patch – 22/07/2023
Improve client single layout view
Add iframe block to landing page builder
Update documentation link in the downloaded file.
version 0.0.5-patch – 20/07/2023
Fix broken anchor on invoice and modules page
Fix builder page not saving
Fix landing page builder not loading templace in system not supporting GLOB_BRACE
version 0.0.5 – 17/07/2023
Backward support for php7.4
Add landing page templates
Add landing page templates builder
Add Single instance client view mode – you can set this on package.
Fix invoicing system: trial invoice is now draft by default on converted to normal invoice on sbscription.
Fix cron job issue not reaching the tenants
Add contracts and items limitation
Improve saas dashboard statistic widget
Add tax and payment option to package
Add subscribers count to package card
Fix database pool population count on package card
Add switch to off the progress loading bar
Remove loading of custom lang file – not relevant as its handeled already by perfex
Other minor fixes …
version 0.0.4 – 17/06/2023
Add switch for client menu control in saas settings
Fix company subdomain or custom domain address to use https:// when neccessary
Fix cron job issue
Fixes some typos in translation texts
Prevent use of company invoice information in the tenants dump file
Add language customization file: You can now use separate file for your customized translation without loosing them in future updates.
Prevent tenant from update allowed file extension; all tenant will be limited by extension set by the super admin.
Improved invoice trial notice
Other minor fixes …
version 0.0.3 – 13/06/2023
Fixes package updating issue for non SaaS related invoices
Separate the tenant’s media folder and the master instance.
Fix error in tenant settings page in Perfex 3.0.5
Other minor fixes.
version 0.0.2 – patch12/06/2023
Fix regression of “modules” menu showing on tenant dashboard.
version 0.0.2 – 12/06/2023
Add Limitations for tenants (staff, contacts, leads, proposals, projects, customers, invoices, tickets e.t.c)
Support for custom domain and subdomain
Add package signup link – Each package link can be copied and use on landing page
Improved UX
Fixes tenant settings bug
Removed help menu in tenant
Add spanish translations



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