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For a variety of industries—including fitness centers, restaurants, cleaning services, construction sites, software companies, online courses, online auctions, event ticket management systems, and internet service providers—PlusAgency is a multipurpose website CMS and business agency management system. The system provides a drag-and-drop page builder equipped with pre-designed sections, blocks, modules, and an advanced image editor, among other features. In addition to recurring billing and subscriptions, the platform facilitates ecommerce, digital product sales, courses, a knowledge base, support queries, events, and donations.

On February 28, 2021, the platform underwent an update to version 3.0, which introduced several enhancements: an advanced image editor, a drop-by-drag personal website creator, integration for recurring billing and package subscriptions, a system for selling digital products, an event ticket sales system, an updated system for donations, an expanded knowledge base, a coupon system, and integrated taxation, among others. Additionally, the platform provides a drop-down menu-equipped user dashboard, an enhanced invoice for purchased products, and a Blog Details page sidebar that can be enabled or disabled system-wide. In addition to the reorganization and streamlining of the system, images are now loaded lazily.

In addition to support for multiple payment gateways and offline payment options, version 2.7 of the website now includes the capability to toggle receipt images for offline transactions. A support complaint system is also available on the website, enabling users to administer tickets through client and administrator panels. An SMTP email recipient, a sitemap generator, and news feeds have been added to the administration interface.

Additionally, the website now includes a Bulk Delete feature for portfolios, services, categories, and blogs, as well as an event calendar. Additionally, order numbers for services, portfolios, categories, and blogs have been added to the administration interface. In future editions, the website will feature video tutorials and an updater to prevent the loss of data and language files.

An extensive array of new features have been added to the website, including an admin interface with a form submitter, quote, order, and package form generators, and real-time translation capabilities for numerous languages. In version 2.30, pricing tables have been revised and updated.

In addition, a statistics section, Google ReCAPTCHA for quote and contact forms, and six new home version varieties have been integrated into the website. In addition to SEO options, additional language options and user role permissions have been added.

In brief, the website has been enhanced with the addition of functionality, support for offline payments, and support for multiple payment gateways.

PlusAgency Nulled Script

PlusAgency is a business CMS and multipurpose website CMS.

A Brief Synopsis

In the business sector, PlusAgency—Multipurpose Website CMS and Business Agency Management System—functions as a content management system (CMS). Internet service providers (ISPs), fitness centers, restaurants, cleaning services, construction sites, software companies, online courses, online auctions, event ticket management systems, and furthermore are among the numerous industries in which this content management system (CMS) has the potential to be implemented. Here you may discover a suitable theme or homepage design for any type of business.

The drag-and-drop page builder/site builder from PlusAgency is loaded with modules, pre-designed sections, blocks, and an advanced image editor, among other things. You can generate a customized homepage or any other type of page in a matter of minutes by utilizing the page builder, which is also referred to as the site builder. There is no coding requirement.

Apart from content management system (CMS) functionalities, it offers an extensive array of remarkable features, including ecommerce, digital product sales, courses, knowledgebase, support tickets, events, donations, recurring invoicing and subscriptions, and much more.

We offer an extensive selection of aesthetically pleasing themes, house designs, and features that can facilitate the creation of a website for your business in a matter of minutes.

Guides to Agency Features Lessons

[Additional films may be referenced in the manuals.]
Videos pertaining to the Site Builder and Page Builder

Advocate for

Alternatively, you may navigate to the “New Support Ticket” section after logging in.
We will return to you with your ticket as soon as we are able to do so.

Pre-Sale Inquiries, Project Management, Personalization, and Feature Requests
The version was upgraded to 3.0 on February 28, 2021.
Drop-and-Drag Website Builder for Individuals
Home page drop-and-drag page builder with 104 pre-made components and extensions Modifications to the advanced image editor of Pagebuilder and the mechanism for selling premium and free courses
Package subscriptions and recurring billing are added.
A payment request mechanism via an offline gateway has been incorporated to support recurring invoicing and package subscriptions.
The Integration of Sales of Digital Products
System Integration for Event Ticket Sales
System Update Regarding Donations
Enhanced Body of Knowledge Everything Included Coupon Structure

Continual taxation

Additionally, Facebook and Google Login can be utilized to facilitate the acquisition of products, donations, events, courses, and packages. It is under the authority of the administrator to switch it on or off.
Through the provided connections, the administrator may redirect pricing plans.
Using the Form Builder, you are permitted to attach an unlimited number of files to your package, subscription, or quotation request. Additionally, date and time selection fields may be included in a form. Document Request
A new option has been added to enable or disable the preloader.
A technique has been developed to exclude IP addresses while maintenance is in progress.
The evaluation mechanism is now operational.

An invoice upgrade for purchased products

A drop-down menu has been added to the user dashboard’s upper-right corner.
Include the extent of the cart in the cart icon.
Sidebar status (system enabled or disabled) on the Blog Details page
The capability to activate or deactivate the system is accessible via the sidebar located on the Service Details page.
I have successfully resolved several issues.
Restructured and streamlined code
Images are currently loaded lazily.
Methodically organized How to Navigate the Admin Panel

Dashboard Updates for Users

Additional payment gateways are now supported in version 2.7, which was released on August 16, 2020. These gateways include PayTm, Instamojo, Razorpay, Flutterwave, Paystack, Mercado Pago, and Mollie.
A newly added payment method accepts offline, manual, and bank transfer contributions.
The ability to toggle the presentation of receipt images for offline payments is vested in managers.
In offline payment gateways, the administrator is the creator.
Money provides assistance without restrictions.
Currency position parameters for the left and right
Acquire additional links to sections containing a summary of service categories, points of approach, service summaries, and footer text.
Resolved Issue Regarding the Upload of Summernote Images
The category of blogs Optimizing slugs for search engines
Solved the authorization difficulty
Redeployed and eliminated code that was being streamlined.
Currently, the “sort by” drop-down menu on the search page is error-free.
Enhanced as of July 21, 2020 to 2.6.1
Fixed issues with the installer and updater (those who have already upgraded to version 2.6 are exempt from the 2.6.1 upgrade).
Revision made on July 17, 2020, to 2.6
There are fifteen new themes and ninety-one home variations.
Online storefront, purchasing cart, and payment

Methodology for assessing products

Order management via the administration portal and with clients
Ticketing for support has been improved.
Ticket management via the administration and client interfaces
Passes may be distributed among various personnel.
Constructor of drag-and-drop interfaces
An infinite number of submenus
The amalgamation of the PayPal and Stripe payment platforms to facilitate the acquisition of shipments and merchandise.
Admin interface for managing customers
Admin panel administration of products
Panel for administration of delivery methods and charge management
Generator of sitemaps; news feeds
Establishing an email SMTP recipient An invoice may be generated and dispatched via email subsequent to the placement of an order for a product or shipment.
At this time, the administrator possesses the capability to emphasize particular service categories, portfolios, price tables, team members, and services.
A confirmation page that details the consumer, the product, and the order in the case of a package order.
The administrator possesses the ability to enable or disable the packet order feature.
Administrators possess the authority to either enable or disable access to the service information page.

A new service summary field

Numerous enhancements, including the addition of a color overlay option to the administration panel, line height and font size support in the text editor, and hero hection text support.
Twenty-five as of March 26, 2020
Users are now able to submit events to their personal calendars via the website’s event calendar.
Bulk Delete capabilities have been added to the Admin Panel for portfolios, services, categories, blogs, and more.
Order numbers for additional items, including services, portfolios, categories, and blogs, have been added to the Admin Panel.
At this time, every page is capable of modifying its SEO information. I exchanged Summernote for my text editor on their own volition.
At present, summernote images can be saved utilizing the Imggur API.
Everything Included Pexel on social media
Option to Reset the Admin Password and Modify the Admin Username
Presently incorporated into the documentation are video tutorials.
In anticipation of potential data and language file loss in subsequent editions, an updater has been incorporated.
Several additional modifications have occurred without being tracked.

The February 8, 2020 release of Version 2.4.1

The capability to alter the color of the secondary base has been introduced.
Features are now available in a variety of colors.
The loader is deactivated once the remove confirmation window is cleared.
The issue with the back icon on the service category page was resolved.
The value was revised to 2.40 on February 4, 2020.
With Contents Available in Multiple Languages
capabilities for real-time translation in a vast array of languages
Order, Quotation, and Packaging Form Builder acquisition documentation
I have included a career page where organizations can publish employment openings. A form submitter was introduced to the administration panel.
Deactivate the option for quotation and packaging orders in the administration interface.
Version 2.30, which was published on November 12th, 2019, incorporates revised pricing tables.
Managing Orders on Cookies in the Admin Word: Integrating the Appzi Feedback Plugin: A Guide
Control the visibility of your company’s page using this banner or ad that integrates with a social extension.

ection Administration on the Home Page

Email Order Confirmation At the administrative level, I purged the cache and generated a database backup.
The Cookie Alert Maintenance Mode of the website
As of October 22, 2019, an update to version 2.20 has been released, introducing six new home version types: slider, static, video, parallax, water, and particles.
Contact and quote forms are now protected by Google ReCAPTCHA.
There is now a statistics section on the homepage.
Put into effect on October 13, 2019.
There are now additional language alternatives available.
Further management of user function permissions
Options for search engine optimization (SEO) are provided.
As of October 1, 2019, this is Version 1.2.1.
A minor error in our script was rectified.
It was released as Version 1.2 on September 27, 2019.
A gallery page has been appended.
The page for Team Members was expanded.
There is now an introduction video on the homepage.
Now integrated into the portfolio information page is a pop-up image feature.
Revision made on September 23, 2019 to 1.1
A megamenu has been added to the navigation bar for services.
Team and blog sections have been updated with new presentations.
Now present on the partner toggle is a navigation arrow.

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