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Premium URL Shortener Nulled Script 7.3.4

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A PHP URL shortener script called Premium URL Shortener has a number of special features, such as device and geotargeting, premium membership, a robust dashboard, an admin panel, and a number of CMS capabilities. It provides a live demo with admin and user account credentials, and it has been actively developed for more than nine years.

Bio profiles, sophisticated QR generators, software as a service (SaaS), team features, link rotation, splash and overlay pages, geotargeting, device targeting systems, custom parameters, plugins, pixel tracking, Slack, WordPress, and Zapier integrations are just a few of the features that the script offers. Additionally, users have the option to enable full-featured administration panel, URL validation and reCaptcha plugin, quick translation, full-featured blog, anonymous user history, social logins, full-featured administration panel, full-featured administration panel, and responsive template with three schemes in one click.

The script also has a fully functional blog, an integrated language manager, and a separate support center. Users must authenticate with a distinct API key when registering on the sophisticated API system, and the script includes a reCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha plugin. Users are able to control all features, including URLs, users, and custom pages, through the admin panel.

The script features a three-scheme responsive template (dark mode included), and it enables child themes for simple modification. The script has a step-by-step installation method that makes it quick and simple to install. Users can update the script straight from the admin panel with a single click updater.

Customers who purchase the product can get answers and quick tips from premium support. PHP 7.4+, the PDO Module, curl and mod rewrite enabled, and ImageMagick with RSVG for sophisticated QR designs are required.

Premium URL Shortener Nulled Script

Superior URL Shortening Service The Premium URL Shortener for Nulled Script PHP URL shortening tool Nulled Script Premium URL Shortener has a ton of awesome features. It shortens a long link into a smart link that you can use to monitor clicks and enhance your advertising campaigns. It provides you with a range of tools to quickly set up a website for link shortening. Among the features are device and geotargeting, paid membership, a powerful dashboard and admin panel, and a number of CMS tools. Since it has been under development for almost nine years, each update will bring about even more improvements (excellent value!).

Exclusive URL Shortening Tool Nulled Script

Live Demo of Premium URL Shortener Nulled Script
The script can be executed with the credentials listed below. This account is both administrator and user. To access the admin panel, simply click “Admin” at the top of the page after logging in. Remember that the demo will be updated once a week.

Make eye-catching bios, share one link, and monitor traffic. Using vibrant colors, add links and widgets to your social network accounts and customize your bio pages.

Sophisticated QR Code Generator

Make unique QR codes and share them with the world. Utilize multiple QR code types, alter the color scheme, include your brand, select from a variety of formats, and monitor scans.

Software as a Service, or SaaS

With the upgraded license, the script becomes a SaaS platform that automatically manages all bank transfers, Stripe payments, and PayPal payments.

Highlight of the Team

You can manage your account as a group and ask members to join your group with the new team option. This is great for working in groups!

Customized Website

Administrators and users can both use custom domains. Users can easily add and begin using their own domain if that is their preference. Additional domains may be added by the administrator for use by users. This is perfect if you don’t want customers to use your main domain name.

Ads and the Rotator of Links

You can create a unique link by combining various links with the campaign function, which you can then share with others. They will be able to examine and utilize every link in the campaign with that specific URL. Additionally, campaign data are combined for every link in the campaign.

Pages with Overlay and Splash

Now, when a media URL comes from Youtube, Vine, Dailymotion, and so forth, the script creates a different page (See Demo). Now, users can create their own splash page—a potentially premium service. Other CTA popups can also be accessed as overlays.

Device Targeting and Geotargeting System

Visitors may be redirected to an alternative website by users based on their location, which takes into account both their country and device’s condition. You can disable this function globally or for each plan individually in the admin panel.

Custom parameters and UTMs

The user can use the system to enter UTMs or insert custom parameters like affiliate tags.

Mapping of Pixels

More than 15 suppliers are available for selection by users, including but not restricted to Google Ads, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and Google Analytics.

Integrations with WordPress, Zapier, and Slack

Install Slack and let your users shorten URLs directly from Slack with custom commands! Zapier can be configured by your users, and the script will notify Zapier each time a new URL gets shortened or a link gets clicked! Additionally, the script offers your clients a WordPress plugin that they can use to easily shorten URLs.

Individual Support

Will you be using this script independently? Not to worry. All you have to do to access and use the site’s features will be to activate the private option in the admin panel. Only you and the accounts you create will have this ability.

The Past of Unidentified Users

Anonymous users no longer need to register in order to track their previous ten URLs. This functionality can be easily enabled or disabled from the admin panel.

Social media logins

Now, users may quickly log in with their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

Easy Translation

You can rapidly translate this script into any language you want by using the integrated language manager. You can add a new translation, edit an old one, or even remove it with a single button click. Languages will be added to the menu instantly because everything is now automated.

Complete-Service Blog

You can easily build your own blog from the admin panel. Software from other parties is not needed.

Committed Help Desk

You can build your own help center and add questions and answers to support your clients with just a click of a button. Using a third-party service provider is not necessary!

Advanced API System

To access the robust API system, users must authenticate using a special API key that was given to them upon registration. URLs are automatically kept on a registered user’s account.

Plugin for reCaptcha and URL Validation

You can feel secure knowing that a thorough validation and URL filtering system is in place. To stop the system from processing “inappropriate” URLs or domain names (including tlds), a number of built-in options are available. The script also incorporates SolveMedia Captcha and reCaptcha. The Captcha system will only be accessible to anonymous users (those who haven’t registered) when it is enabled.

Panel for Comprehensive Administration

With a powerful admin panel, you have total control over your website. It lets you control users, custom pages, and URLs. Additionally, you can utilize the admin interface to manage every function by just clicking a button to enable or disable it. Advertisement, Frames, API Systems, Captcha Systems, URL Filtration, User Registration, Themes and Maintenance, and other features are all manageable.

Three scheme options for a responsive template, including a dark mode with an integrated template editor

Three schemes are included with the default theme (default, light and dark). With the new in-script editor, modifying the style and layout to suit your needs is simple. You may now simply alter the theme without worrying about updates overwriting it, as the script allows child themes.

Easy & Quick Installer

Your website is set up in a minute with our powerful, rapid, and simple installer. The headache of deleting SQL files and modifying PHP files is not necessary. It offers a step-by-step guide for installing this software.

1. Select the Updater.

You can just click a button in the admin area to update the script. Without hassle!

Documentation at the enterprise level

Comprehensive and in-depth documentation aids in your understanding of every facet of the product. View Documents

Superior Assistance

You are qualified for priority support as a buyer of our products. We would be pleased to address any questions you may have. Please get in touch with us if you also need a fast hint. Remember to follow us and give this fantastic script a rating.

  • PHP 7.4+ and PDO Module requirements
  • Enabled Mod Rewrite
  • Curl Activated
  • RSVG with ImageMagick for sophisticated QR designs



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