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Product Video for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.6.0

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Product Video for WooCommerce nulled plugin

Product Video for the Nulled WooCommerce Plugin Video content can be uploaded to product pages through the utilization of the WooCommerce Product Video plugin. YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Metacafe videos may be embedded or uploaded. You may include numerous videos in your product gallery or simply add one highlighted video.

It is possible to modify video thumbnails and to feature prominent videos on listing pages. Listed below are the principal characteristics of this Product Video plugin.

List of WooCommerce Product Video Features for a Nulled Product Video plugin

Embezzle videos on any product page.
Incorporate a video regarding the featured product.
Include numerous films in the product showcase.
Stream videos from the page, in a pop-up window, or in full screen.
Videos uploaded or embedded from popular websites such as YouTube are permitted.
Adjust the height and breadth of the video on the product and store pages.
Detailed configurations for embedded and self-hosted videos
Include thumbnails of videos
Choose video gallery designs from the HTML5 LightBox and WooCommerce Style Gallery.
Insert Featured Product Video: By utilizing the WooCommerce Product Videos extension, one can substitute the featured product images with a video. The featured videos are available for playback either as tabs or in a pop-up window. The WooCommerce product featured video can be uploaded from the product modify page in the back office.

Integrate a Product Demonstration Video

Incorporate Videos into Product Gallery: This plugin enables the addition of videos to accompany photographs in the WooCommerce product gallery. Create a distinct thumbnail for each product gallery video that conveys information to viewers prior to their clicking to initiate the video.

Featured Videos on Listing Pages: Featured videos may be displayed or concealed on listing pages at your discretion. The plugin will exhibit the featured image that is presently present on the listing page if the administrator has configured the video to appear exclusively on the product page.

Users are provided with the choice to upload videos from widely recognized websites, or to embed them.

  • Users Tube
  • Vimeo Motion Picture
  • Metacafe’s Facebook page
  • Movies in various formats, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, and many others, can be uploaded by default through the utilization of the WooCommerce Video Product plugin.
Personalize Thumbnail:

It is possible to embellish any video that you upload or affix with a customized thumbnail. Personalized thumbnail videos are displayed in aesthetically pleasing windows.

Display Videos in a Lightbox:

The WooCommerce Product Video extension incorporates a visually appealing display that enables users to play videos in a lightbox. You have the option of altering the summary image that is displayed during the playback of gallery videos, or utilizing the default image.

You are provided with the alternative of having the featured videos play in an overlay, which allows you to access and view them directly from the page. Through the use of the “full-screen” button, the video can be viewed in full-screen format. Only the highlighted videos without thumbnails are played from the website, whereas movies featuring thumbnails are played promptly in a pop-up.

Include a gallery video with the following items: It is possible to simultaneously upload a new gallery video to multiple products when you do so. However, the featured video from each product page can be incorporated.

Configuration Options for Product Videos:

This plugin provides an extensive array of configuration options for both self-hosted and third-party videos.

General Configuration: Beginning with version 1.4.0, you have the ability to select the type of video gallery that will be implemented on your website.

The extension offers two unique gallery layouts, which are as follows:

1) Lightbox Gallery HTML5 Template.

In addition to displaying images and videos in a pop-up format, HTML5 Lightbox Gallery enables the inclusion of feature videos on product and retail pages.

Link to the HTML5 Gallery Demo

2) Custom Gallery Template for Woo

The featured box of the Woo Custom Gallery Template enables the display of gallery images and videos, as opposed to the lightbox popup. One may choose whether gallery photographs should be displayed at the top, bottom, right, or left side of the featured box. Additionally, the number of gallery items to be displayed can be configured.

Link to the Woo Custom Gallery Demo

Configurations for Self-Hosted Featured Video: The subsequent settings can be applied to self-hosted featured videos that have been uploaded from a local disk:

Toggle on/off Automatic Play: Continuously play a video
Auto-Hide/Show Video Mute Controls
Slide the video’s dimensions (height and breadth) on the product and store pages.
Modify the breadth and height of the self-hosted video in percentages and pixels, respectively.

Embedded Videos: The WooCommerce Product Videos plugin by Addify provides unique configuration choices for featured and gallery videos that are sourced from external websites.

Videos’ Featured Settings

Adjustable configurations include the following for third-party featured videos:

Toggle on/off Permit/Prohibit Automatic Video Playback; Mute Full-Screen Videos; Display/Hide Comparable Videos
Slide the video’s dimensions (height and breadth) on the product and store pages.
Adjust the height in pixels and breadth in percentage of the video.

Arrangement of the Gallery Video:

The nulled  plugin provides distinct alternatives for videos uploaded to third-party galleries.

Toggle on/off Automatic Video Play Permit/Prohibit Auto-Mute Full-Screen Video Display/Hide Comparable Videos
Thumbnails are adjusted automatically.


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