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Purchase Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script 1.3.0

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The Purchase Management Module is an automated application that streamlines the complete procurement process, commencing with the generation of a purchase requisition document and concluding with the receipt and payment of ordered goods. The software incorporates the following functionalities: management of product and services, bulk imports, suppliers and vendor relations, contact management for suppliers, management of return policies and products and services, purchase requests and supplier quotations, comparison of supplier quotes, purchase order and supplier contract administration, debit notes and supplier invoice management, payment management, returns and purchase order management, and reports.

In addition to these, the module encompasses configurations for currency rates, general settings, purchasing options, units management, product/service group management, supplier category, approval process management, and permission management. Inventory management, accounting and bookkeeping, manufacturing management, and Omni Channel Sales are among the modules with which it integrates.

The module has been updated to include language support, bug corrections, and an enhanced user interface. In addition to a warehouse item checkbox, the most recent release features purchase order reports, PO voucher reports, and purchase order codes generated automatically. In addition, the module incorporates additional variables for purchase requests, such as department, capex, opex, and project.

Further enhancements are provided by the module in the areas of purchase contracts, products, and invoices. Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese are among the additional languages supported by the module.

The vendor portal has been updated with support for PHP 8.x, in addition to minor issue fixes and new features incorporated in the most recent release. A new supplier invoice, statement menu, permission feature, PDF template, supplier contract user interface, tax feature, and email template are among the many additions made with these updates. Users can now generate purchase requests and purchase orders from sales invoices, add multiple invoices from a single order, and administer return policies via the vendor portal. Additionally, the vendor portal incorporates functionalities for requesting share purchases, managing multiple currencies, and automatically obtaining currency rates. In addition to a PDF view, file preview, discussion tab, refund tab, and quotation tab, the vendor portal also includes a PDF view. Additionally, users can generate purchase requests from sales estimates and convert them to quotations via the vendor portal. The anticipated release date for the most recent version is May 25, 2022.

Purchase Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script

Purchase Management module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script. Module for Purchase Management within Perfex CRM Abandoned Script The Purchase Management Module is an automated solution that facilitates the automation of the entire procurement cycle for both buyers and businesses. It includes tasks such as composing purchase requisition documents, receiving the requested products, and completing payment transactions.

Numerous additional stages comprise this complex innovation procedure, including the establishment of a budget estimate, the management of expenditures, contracts, and suppliers, and the exercise of absolute authority over purchase orders.

Additionally, organizations are empowered to generate electronic purchase orders, oversee products and services in real time, and manage inventories digitally with this module. The instrument is indispensable for determining which items and quantities to acquire and optimizing inventory levels.

Management of Purchases Using Perfex CRM

Features of YouTube Modules

Service and Product Management: This attribute is derived from the items in Perfex CRM and comprises numerous additional extended properties, including product code, SKU, purchase price, sub-group, and photographs, among others.

Import Products in Bulk

Supplier. Vendor:

  • Supplier Administration
  • Manage suppliers through the management of products/services, managing contacts, and bulk imports.
  • Supplier (S) Policy Return Management
  • Request for Purchase Management
  • Supplier Quotation Administration
  • Compare supplier quotations.
  • Purchasing Order Administration
  • Supplier Contract Administration
  • Debit Note Administration
  • Supplier (S) Invoice Administration
Management of Payments Returned Items Reports on Purchase Order Management:
  • Cost per unit of imported products
  • Order of Purchase Report
  • The Purchase Invoices Report presents order-by-order statistics.
Cost-Specific Statistics:
  • General Configuration
  • Purchase Alternatives: Organizational Management
  • Service and Product Group Administration
  • Provision or Service Supervise supplier categories, subgroups, and approval procedures.
  • Permission Administration
  • Navigate back to the PO Settings.
  • Rate of Exchange Management
Supplier and Vendor Portal:

Module for Purchase Management within Perfex CRM Abandoned Script Register and log in.

Profile of the Organization: Product/Service Management.
  • Share or Add Products
  • Request for Purchase Management
  • Quotation Administration
  • Contract Administration
  • Purchasing Order Administration
  • Invoice Administration
  • Order Return Management
  • Inventory Management is integrated with the Perfex CRM.
  • In addition to accounting and accountancy functionalities, Perfex CRM also provides manufacturing management capabilities.
  • Perfex CRM-enabled omnichannel sales demonstration.
  • Demo of Purchase Management
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The provided documentation explains the process of uploading and activating the module within Perfex CRM, should you be unaware of how to do so.

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Our support personnel is available at all times to provide assistance. Certainly, you may submit a support inquiry.
Individuals from the support division will provide assistance and resolution to any concerns you may have in a timely manner.

Changelog for the Purchase Management module of Perfex CRM Nulled Script

Version 1.0.0 (26 June 2020)

Primary iteration

Version 1.0.2 (07-Jul-2020)

Adjust a few problems.
The generation of Purchase Order numbers occurs automatically.
The purchase order must be converted to an expenditure.
Kindly include the attached file in the vendor profile.
In the purchase request, quote, and purchase order, modify the unit price.
Access the Vendor Portal to: Create, Edit, Delete Quote, Login, Edit Profile, Register, Item, Purchase Order, Payment, Quote, Contract
Vendor selection is required when creating or modifying costs.

1.0.3 Version (2020-07-08)

To rectify the issue, navigate to yourdomain/purchase/vendors_portal.
Vendors should be assigned product allocations (by product or product category).

Version 1.0.4 (14 July 2020)
  • Correct minor issues.
  • Order a bulk of an item.
  • Create a field specifically for vendors.
  • The PDF and detail displays contain the terms and conditions.
  • Include a description of the item with the purchase order.
Version 1.0.5 (07-Jul-2020)

Include integration mechanisms with the Inventory module.

Version 1.0.6 (August 19, 2020)
  • PDF layout user interface enhancements.
  • Include the Purchase Order and Purchase Quotation with a public link.
  • Add multiple attachments and evaluate files to the contract.
  • Add a field of your choosing to Purchase Orders.
  • Implement a Task functionality for Purchase Orders and Purchase Quotations.
  • Is it possible to incorporate the name of the client when producing a purchase order for the supplier?
  • Embark a purchase order with identifiers.
  • Examine the POs in the client area if the PO contains client names.
As of January 7, 2021, version 1.0.9 includes a subgroup for the item.

Include options and fields for vendors.
Complete the purchase request with the following fields: project, capex, opex, department,…
Revise the user interface of the PDF purchase request.
A warehouse item checkbox should be added; in that case, purchase request items must be drawn from the inventory of warehouse items; otherwise, manual insertion of purchase request items is acceptable (free text).
Automatic generation of the purchase request code (PR-Dep-No.-Year) from the beginning each year.

Purchase Quotations: include attachments, enable vendors to submit quotes, improve the PDF user interface, and more.

Purchase Orders:

encompass the inclusion of a purchase order voucher report and purchase order report, numerous fields, an option for copying purchase request items to the PO, and a footer that presents all vendor data when selecting a vendor. GST, Tax amount, and the grand total (calculated after discount and tax) are added together. Create an order date automatically using the current date and the purchase order number (PO-No.-Month-Year-Vendor) so that each month begins anew. Enhance the PDF export, modify custom fields in the PO preview, and include a tool for submitting POs to vendors/suppliers.

Purchase Contracts:

augment the detailed contract with sections for payments, reminders, tasks, and attachments; incorporate multiple fields; include attachments; incorporate contract descriptions; and apply filters to the contract grid view.
In the Purchase Items section of the Group & Subgroup settings pane, populate the commodities group and subgroup fields.
To generate a purchase invoice, select either a purchase order or a contract from the “Create invoice by” drop-down menu in the “Purchase order setting” pane of the Menu Setting. The invoice detail comprises six tabs. Invoice for payment, purchase confirmation, payment log, assignments, notes, and attachments; invoice for payment approval.

The configurations encompass the inclusion of vendor categories, commodity groups and subdivisions, payment request approval, as well as purchase request and invoice prefixes.

Implement a data reset feature.

Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese are among the additional languages that will be added.

Version 1.2.0, April 8, 2022
  • Correct minor issues.
  • Modify the invoice and statement menus for suppliers within the vendor profile.
  • Enhance the permissions functionality.
  • Update the purchase order template in PDF format.
  • Update the interface for supplier contracts.
  • Enhance the tax functionality pertaining to supplier quotations, purchase requests, and purchase orders.
  • Modify the email templates pertaining to supplier quotations, purchase requests, and the approval process.
  • Upgrade the invoice from the supplier.
  • Supplier invoice, purchase order, purchase request, and vendor filters should be updated.
  • Order and generate a purchase request using the sales invoice.
  • Further update the purchase order with statuses.
  • Permit the generation of an unlimited number of invoices from a solitary purchase order.
  • Include the supplier quote, purchase order, contract, and invoice in the discussion tab.
  • Develop a graphical user interface that notifies clients when their purchased items are prepared for shipment.
  • Please include the recurring invoice from the supplier.
  • Include the capability to assess vendor estimates.
  • Implement the debit note feature.
  • Incorporate the feature of value refreshment into the purchase order.
  • Include a payment option on invoices from suppliers.
  • Support for version 8.x of PHP.
1.2.3, May 13, 2022 Version
  • Refresh the expenditure and PO functions.
  • Incorporate purchase requests, quotations, purchase orders, debit notes, and supplier statements into the updated email template.
  • Redesign the functions of the supplier portal, such as invoices, contracts, purchase orders, and quotations.
  • Make adjustments to supplier invoices, including product/service details and recurring payments.
  • Corporate functions including purchase request, quotation, purchase order, supplier contract, supplier invoice, and payment have been endowed with an enhanced user interface.
  • Supplier functionalities including product management, purchase request, quotation, purchase order, invoice, and payment have been integrated into a redesigned user interface.
  • Purchase order, supplier contract, and purchase request integration into the project data.
  • The approval procedure should be incorporated into the HR Records Management Module.
  • Include merchants in the share purchase request functionality.
  • Integrate the capability for vendors to develop and distribute their own products and services to corporations.
  • Support for multiple currencies should be added.
  • Implement a currency rate management feature.
  • Include an option to make payments on purchase orders as a function.
  • Develop an integrated purchase request system for the supplier portal.
  • Include a method for managing attachments in purchase requests.
  • Include the capability to select items when producing a debit note.
  • A return purchase order administration function should be added.
  • Implement capabilities to manage the return policies of suppliers.
  • Include a tab labeled “Quotation” in the supplier profile.
  • Provide suppliers with the ability to modify delivery information and confirm orders.
Version 1.2.4, May 14, 2022
  • Resolve minor problems.
  • Purchase order, debit note, and return purchase order enhancements.
  • Include a mechanism for obtaining currency rates automatically.
 1.2.5, May 18, 2022. Version
  • Enhance the functionality of the supplier portal’s purchase request system.
  • Alter the PDF presentation of the purchase order.
  • Redesign the file preview functionality.
  • Purchase order, supplier invoice, supplier contract, and quotation discussion pages should be updated.
  • Modify the refund tab within the function for returning orders.
Versión 1.2.6, May 22, 2022.
  • Module for Purchase Management within Perfex CRM Abandoned Script Incorporate the capability to produce purchase requests based on sales
  • forecasts.
  • To the vendor portal, add the capability to convert purchase requests to estimates.
  • Revise the capabilities of the quote and purchase order.



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