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Recommendation Engine nulled plugin 3.4.2

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The Recommendation Engine plugin is a powerful tool that provides customers with personalized product suggestions based on their viewing history, purchasing history, and frequently purchased items. This feature enables automated cross and upsells, assisting customers in exploring and purchasing other items from your store. The plugin offers three types of recommendations: Related Products By View, Related Products Based on Purchase History, and Products Purchased Together. These recommendations are analyzed and displayed to encourage customers to explore and purchase products they may not have considered or believed they needed. The plugin also includes widgets for displaying recommended products.

Recommendation Engine nulled plugin

Recommendation Engine nulled plugin Make product suggestions to customers.
The WooCommerce Recommendation Engine allows you to provide Netflix and Amazon-style product suggestions to your customers. The plugin recommends products to users based on their viewing history, purchasing history, and the items they frequently buy together. It is a wonderful method for enabling automated cross and upsells, as well as assisting customers to explore and purchase other items from your store.Screenshot: 2013-06-27, 15.07.36

Recommendation Engine nulled plugin Types of Recommendations: Related Products. By View.
This section lists products that customers have also looked at. Each time a user analyzes a product, it is added to the Recommendation Engine nulled plugin database. The module then analyzes this data and displays things that are frequently viewed together. Excellent way to offer automated comparable products and inspire clients to investigate stuff they would not have noticed otherwise.

Related Products Based on purchase history

This module highlights commodities that are frequently purchased by the same persons. The things do not have to be purchased concurrently. It is useful for showcasing items purchased by the same individuals over time. It is a great way to persuade customers to buy more things at the same time by presenting items that other users have returned to the site to buy later.

Products Purchased Together

This module lists items that are frequently purchased at the same time and in the same sequence. This type of view is an effective way to generate and present a database of things that are frequently used together to complete a transaction. Customers frequently purchase accessories or other forms of addons at the same time, and this Recommendation Engine nulled plugin will provide such bundles to end users. Excellent strategy for persuading clients to buy products they may not have considered or believed they needed.

Widgets for WooCommerce Recommended Products.
This widget shows Related Products By View and Related Products. Using Purchase History recommendations.

nulled WooCommerce plugin: Purchased Products
This widget shows Product Purchased Together recommendations.

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