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Request a Quote for WooCommerce nulled plugin 2.6.3

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By submitting a customizable quotation form, customers can add products to a quote basket and request price estimates using the WooCommerce Request a quotation plugin. Customers may add products to a quote container and complete a straightforward quote form to submit the quotation. It is possible to generate numerous rules that govern which user roles, products, and categories should be shown the quote icon. Additionally, it is possible to conceal prices and substitute the “add to cart” button with the “request quote” button using the plugin. This functionality proves beneficial for wholesalers, retailers, and other business-to-business clients. Additionally, the plugin enables retailers to require customers to request estimates for products lacking fixed prices and requiring quotations based on specific criteria. Various quotation options can be configured for distinct user roles—including guest users, general customers, wholesale customers, and retail customers—using rule-based management. Compatible with page builder modules and WooCommerce Product Add-Ons is this plugin. In addition, a quote cart, a micro quote basket, and a quote cart page with offer and standard prices are included.

The Request a Quote Extension for WooCommerce provides a management system based on rules that permits the modification of configurations for various user responsibilities. This includes the ability to add an unlimited number of quote form fields, conceal the price and add to cart buttons, and enable the quote icon for specific products. Fields including title, type, label, default value, placeholder, and classification order are customizable by the user.

In addition, the extension enables users to view submitted quotation details, manage quotes from the back-office, add or remove products, convert quotes to orders by administrator, and convert quotes to orders by customer. Additionally, the extension provides configuration options for managing all aspects required for personalizing the quote extension.

Users can enable quote functionality for out-of-stock products, link quote baskets to specific menus, modify the design of quote baskets, enable Ajax quote submission for product and shop pages, and be redirected to the quote page or a custom page via general settings. Personalize quote notifications, including confirmation of quote form submission, when a product is added to the quote basket, and link text to the quote basket.

Admins and customers alike have the ability to enable or deactivate email notifications, with the ability to enable or disable various templates. By utilizing the “quote attributes” pane, users are able to modify standard price and totals, the offered price feature, the tax display, and quote conversion to customer orders.

Request a Quote for WooCommerce nulled plugin

Request a Quote for a Nulled WooCommerce Plugin Permit your customers to add items to the quotation container and submit a personalized quote form to receive a price estimate.
Integrate a quote icon onto specific products to enable customers to construct a quote basket akin to a shopping cart, and subsequently submit the quotation through the completion of a straightforward quote form. Create an extensive collection of rules that cause specific user roles, items, and categories to exhibit the quotation button.

Request a Quote for a Nulled WooCommerce Plugin Alternative methods include replacing the “add to cart” option with a quotation mark and concealing the prices. When you wish to conceal pricing information from wholesalers, retailers, and other B2B clients but still require them to obtain price estimates, this function is useful. In order to permit clients to specify their offered price for each product in the submitted quotation, you may enable the offered price column.

The Request a Quote plugin for WooCommerce simplifies the management of specific client, order, and product categories. The subsequent examples illustrate potential uses of this plugin.

B2B Transactions:

Order quantity, product requirements, and delivery time are some of the factors that influence B2B pricing. By requiring customers to request a quotation, the WooCommerce Request a quotation feature enables you to conceal pricing and add to cart buttons for B2B client groups. You may also generate quotations and transmit them to them from the back office. Once both the price and quantity have been agreed upon, the quotation may be modified into an order.

Personalized merchandise:

Request a Quote for a Nulled WooCommerce Plugin Customers may be required to provide an estimation by merchants for non-fixed-price items that must be priced in accordance with established standards.

Infinite potentialities:

The rule-based administration enables the configuration of unique quotation options for various user responsibilities. An example of a use case follows.

Users as Guests: A custom icon is substituted for the “Add to Cart” button, which provides a link to the login/Signup page, while the price is displayed.
Customer in General: Standard add to basket.
Retail Clients: As expected Click the Add to Cart and Request a Quote buttons.
Wholesale clients: The only alternative to viewing prices and adding items to the cart is to obtain an estimate.

The ultimate wholesale solution is provided by our WooCommerce plugin, which enables access to the Request a Quote feature.
List of WooCommerce’s Features. Solicit a quotation.
Construct an all-encompassing quote management system.
Present “Add to Quote” for specified items.
Display the quotation button for particular user profiles and visitors.
The phrase “Add to Cart” may be substituted with “Quote” or an icon and link of your choosing.
Pricing can be concealed and replaced with custom text.
Include multiple items in the quotation receptacle.
Maintain items in a quotation container, which is analogous to a miniature cart.

Adapt It Cite the text on the icon.

Introduce an extensive array of fields into the quotation submission form.
Capability to arrange and designate fields as mandatory or optional.
Multiple field types are supported, including text, email, numeric, dropdown, and checkbox. Automatic email notifications for consumers and administrators.
Personalize the submission messages for quotes.
Following submission of the quotation form, redirect.
Accompany a quotation with a variety of menus.
Assign the status of the quotation (pending, in progress, discontinued, and so forth). (New)
Notify the customer via email whenever their status changes to “New.”
Generate quotations and transmit them to consumers (new) from the backend.Order Conversion from Quote (New)
Permit customers to suggest prices. Standard pricing can now be displayed in the quotation basket, on my account, and in quote emails (new feature).

Order a revised price and covert quote (new).

Prevent the request-a-quote icon from functioning for specific product variants (New).
Email template override and customization options have been added to the quote container and quotation detail page.
Page builder plugin compatibility (see documentation for details).
Plugin compatibility with WooCommerce products. (See limitations).
An all-encompassing quotation system
The WooCommerce Quotation plugin provides an all-encompassing quotation system that enables clients to accumulate a wide variety of products in the quote container before completing the quote form.

Miniature Quotation Basket:

This plugin, which functions similarly to a miniature shopping cart, includes a quote container that enables customers to view their contributions in a concise manner.

A compact quotation cart.

Carriage of Quotes:

This quote cart presents items that have been added to it in the same manner as a standard shopping cart. In the quotation form, clients are provided with the opportunity to modify, add, or remove the quantity of products.

Page of the WooCommerce Quote Cart

Basket of quotations including offer and standard rates.

By utilizing the available options, one may choose to exhibit either the standard price or the offered price column.

Administration by Rules

The rules-based administration enables the specification of unique configurations for distinct user responsibilities. For instance, you can conceal the price and replace it with a custom button that directs to the login/registration page for guest users; conceal the price and replace it with a quote button for wholesalers; and retain the pricing, add to cart button, and add quote button for retailers. When formulating each rule, the following alternatives are available for selection:

Specify Products Only: The WooCommerce Request a Quote Extension grants you the ability to enable the quote icon solely for particular products. It is possible to define products individually or to apply them to an entire category.

You can configure the Request for Quote plugin to display the quote icon for specific user roles and non-logged-in users. While the remainder of the store operates ordinarily, access to the quotation basket and price estimates will be restricted to users who have been granted the appropriate user roles.

Enable the quote button for specific user categories and products.

The option to obfuscate the pricing information and add to cart icon is available for products that feature a quotation button. By concealing Add to Cart and Prices, customers are compelled to acquire a pricing estimate. You may modify the price with personalized text and proceed to the “Add to Cart” button.

Personalized icon featuring a hyperlink

“Add to Cart” link
Additionally, it is possible to maintain the pricing and “Add to Cart” button when incorporating a new quotation or custom button.

Pages containing quote icon listings

You can now add an infinite number of fields to your quote form in Version 2.0.0 in order to collect client information.

During the process of field creation, the following parameters may be modified:
  • Titling field
  • Text, email, number, file upload, textarea, dropdown, multi-select, checkbox, and radio button fields are all valid.
  • Identifying field designation
  • Synchronize the value of the default field with the shipping or invoicing fields.
  • Position occupant
  • Order of arranging fields
  • Make it a requirement.

Effectively oversee quotes from the back office by accessing the following information: client particulars, products, required quantity, offered price, and standard pricing total (if enabled in the settings). Additionally, updated quotations can be generated in the backend and transmitted to consumers through email.

You can now manage quotations with multiple statuses and notify clients via email whenever the status changes with the extension.

When generating or revising a quotation, products, including their prices and quantities, may be added or removed.

It is possible for administrators to convert quotations into orders. The price quoted will be applied to the conversion of the quotation into an order. The quoted price, which will be reflected as the product price in the order, is subject to change. An email will be sent to the customer informing them of the status change.

Enable consumers to make payments from their account page and designate the quote status to “accepted” in order to transform it into an order.

Configuration Settings: Using a variety of configuration options, tailor the quotation extension to the specific needs of your organization.

Within the General Settings menu, the following options are accessible:
  • Permit quotations for products that are out of stock.
  • The quotation basket can be attached to any menu.
  • Modify the appearance of the quote container (dropdown or menu icon, for example).
  • Permit the submission of quotations via Ajax on the product and store pages.
  • Redirect the user to the quote page once the product has been added for quotation.
  • Direct the user to a custom page as they proceed with adding a product for quotation.
  • By deselecting both redirect options, an ajax-based success message will be displayed. Modifications to this message are possible via the “custom messages” option.
Modify Quotation Messages:

Customize the subsequent quotation messages using the WooCommerce Request a quotation plugin:

You have submitted the quotation form successfully.
The link text for the quotation basket is displayed when an item is added to the basket.

Admin and consumer email alerts can be enabled or disabled. The plugin will utilize the standard email design of WooCommerce by default. Nevertheless, if desired, the quotation email templates can be modified by overriding them in your theme.

Admin notification of a new quotation

Pending/New Quote Email (Customer) Notification when a consumer accepts a quotation.
Ordered conversion (Customer)
(Customer) Refused the Quote.
The client canceled the quote.

Price, tax, and order conversion should be enabled.
The “quote attributes” tab provides the following options for modification:

Specify recurring totals and pricing on the quotation page, in my account, and in correspondence.
Enable the function for offering pricing.
Permit consumers to convert quotes to orders and enable tax display on quotation pages.

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