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Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce nulled plugin 2.1.1

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With the help of the WooCommerce Role Based Pricing extension, you can determine the prices of products according to the responsibilities of specific users and customers. Prices can be marked up or discounted by a specific percentage or amount, and the new prices will only be visible to the designated user and customer roles. Rule-based administration is another feature of the extension that lets you modify prices for an entire category or specific products in bulk. You can conceal the price and/or add to cart buttons for customers who are not logged in, set a minimum and maximum order quantity, and prevent consumers from making purchases in excess of the predetermined quantity restriction.

The plugin replaces the old price with the updated one, effectively handling price markup and markdown. It works with multiple product versions and lets you set up different prices for various user roles and clients. With the rule-based price management function, you may alter product prices for particular products and categories in bulk.

You can set markups for all products, discounts for particular customer roles, or discounts for particular products with the WooCommerce Role-based Pricing plugin. A single customer or a user role can be the “Registered Customer”.

Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce nulled plugin

Role-Based WooCommerce Nulled Plugin Pricing Add user roles and customized prices for each customer. Increase the current price by a certain percentage or quantity, mark it down, or add a fixed price.

You can specify product prices according to user roles and specific customers by using the WooCommerce Role Based Pricing plugin. Prices can be marked up or discounted by a fixed proportion. Only the designated customer and user roles will see the updated prices after they are made; all other customers will continue to see the previous rates.

Rule-based management, a feature of this addon, lets you make bulk price changes for a certain category or set of products. You can set a minimum and maximum order quantity when implementing a pricing alteration, preventing customers from purchasing more than the predetermined amount limit.

For customers who are not logged in, you have the option to hide the pricing and/or add-to-cart buttons and replace them with links and unique information. Use our Custom User Registration Plugin if you need to assign user responsibilities during registration and add custom fields to the registration form.

Is it necessary to provide tiered pricing for user roles based on quantity? The best wholesale option is available when you try our WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing or B2B for WooCommerce.

  • For every client and user role, create a different fee.
  • Decide on a product’s price.
  • Raise prices by a predetermined amount or percentage.
  • Pricing discounts based on a fixed or percentage amount.
  • At the product level, adjust prices.
  • Establish regulations to change prices for specific products or categories collectively.
  • suitable with different product iterations.
  • Decide on the order quantity minimum and maximum.
  • In the case that prices increase, replace the initial amount.
  • Remove the prior price and make the new one stand out as a special offer.
  • Set the beginning and ending dates of every pricing rule.
  • For users who aren’t logged in and have specific roles, hide the price and add to cart.
  • Change the price to reflect the personalized content.
  • Change the text “add to cart” to a new, personalized button and link.
How Are Price Adjustments Made?

An intelligent nulled plugin that efficiently handles price markup and markdown is WooCommerce Role Based Pricing. A price decrease cuts through the original price and displays the new price just below it. In the instance of a price markup, the prior price is replaced with the new higher price. This increases the conversion rate and gives your customers a sense of uniqueness.

WooCommerce Pricing according to Role

At-the-product pricing
Depending on the user role and client, pricing may change at the product level. You can: using the product-level settings

Each user role should have a price set (leave empty to use the default price).
Adjust prices to suit every customer.
Give the order quantity’s minimum and maximum details.
Decide on a fixed price or adjust it by a certain amount or percentage.
Role-Based Product Page Pricing

Compliant with different product versions:

You can specify different pricing for every variant with WooCommerce Price by User Role. Differentiate your pricing according to the different user roles and clientele.

adaptable to changes.

Pricing Management Based on Rules

You can make bulk price adjustments for products using the rule-based pricing management feature. You can utilize the rule-based capability to modify pricing for specific items and categories in bulk as opposed to making individual price changes.

When formulating a new pricing guideline, you might

Indicate user roles and specific clients.
Give the order quantity’s minimum and maximum details.
Decide on a fixed price or adjust it by a certain amount or percentage.
Select products and categories to implement the updated pricing.
Cost according to the Roles Bulk Rule.

For specific user roles and those who are not signed in, you can hide pricing and add-to-cart buttons with the WooCommerce Role-based pricing plugin. You can also decide whether to hide prices for specific products and categories or for all of them.

Hide Price plugin for WooCommerce
Use Cases for Role-Based Pricing in WooCommerce:

We’ve provided a comprehensive use case that addresses every aspect of our WooCommerce Prices By User Role plugin to aid in your understanding. These pricing guidelines might all be in effect at once.

A registered customer can purchase product category Z for 50% less.
offers a 20% discount on a certain items.
has a product category X markup of 20%.
B, the registered customer.
offers a 40% save on Z-class products.
offers a 30% discount on a certain items.
is 30% more expensive than product category X.
A 10% discount is given to Registered Customer C on all products.
Registered User D.

has a markup of ten on every product.

The “Registered Customer” in the aforementioned examples could be a single customer or a user role. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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