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Social Warfare Pro nulled plugin 4.2.1

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Social Warfare – Pro is a powerful social sharing plugin for WordPress that offers additional options and customization for users. It includes 17 social network share buttons, including Reddit, Blogger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Pocket, Tumblr Buffer, Hacker News Print Evernote, Flipboard, Parler – Mix, and Hacker News. The plugin also allows users to customize the sharing of images, titles, and descriptions, and create personalized tweets. The Social Optimizer tool calculates the “score” of photos, titles, and descriptions in real time, ensuring content is optimized for every sharing. Users can also customize button design and placement, with options for six distinct shapes, eight color themes, and six alternative Click to Tweet styles. Social Warfare also includes features like social authorship, Twitter Cards, and link shortening. All these features are available for $29.

Social Warfare Pro nulled plugin has a plethora of useful tools to enhance your social sharing capabilities! Give your website the most powerful social sharing tools while maintaining lightning-fast page load speeds.

This add-on provides further control, customization, and optimization for your WordPress nulled themes-powered website.

Additional Sharing Options.

In addition to the six basic sharing buttons that Social Warfare provides, Pro license users have access to an additional 17 social network share buttons, such as:

  • Reddit
  • Options include Blogger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, and Pocket.
  • Tumblr Buffer
  • Hacker News Print Evernote
  • Flipboard
  • Parler – Mix
  • Hacker News
  • In addition to accessing all of these social networks, you can reactivate, monitor, and show Twitter tweet counts!

Pin all the images.

Enabling the picture Hover Pin Button will add a “Pin” button to every picture in your article when a reader hovers their mouse over it. This makes each picture on your website very shareable on Pinterest!

Powerful Share Customization

Social Warfare Pro nulled plugin Warfare is a pioneer in tailoring the way your content is spread. The Social Warfare – Pro add-on lets you customize the picture, title, and description that show when your material is shared on sites like Facebook and other networks that leverage Open Graph data for social sharing.

In addition, you may upload a custom Pinterest picture and create a custom description so that when someone hits the pin button, the same image you choose appears with the same description you wrote. No more depending on readers to choose a flattering photograph and write the best description for you!

You may even create a personalized tweet for when someone hits the Twitter icon. The same tweet you made will be shown in the Twitter share box, and Social Warfare will automatically include the link to your article, including your @username at the end.

These are the features that professional social media marketers and bloggers have been looking for. The Social Warfare – Pro plugin enables you to distribute your material in your own unique style!

The Social Optimizer

As you enter your social media photographs, titles, and descriptions, the Social Optimizer tool calculates your “score” in real time. It evaluates your photos’ size and aspect ratio, character count, word count, hashtag count in titles and descriptions, and other factors.

When people share your pieces on social media, they seldom optimize the photos, titles, and descriptions for you. You should have such items pre-optimized before people reach your website.

With Social Warfare, you have complete control over how people share your material, ensuring that your content is optimized for every sharing right at the source.

Custom Button Design and Placement

Customize the sharing networks you show, as well as the appearance and placement of your buttons.

You may choose from six distinct button shapes, eight color themes, and many more unique colors for your buttons. The design options are limitless.

You’ll also receive six alternative Click to Tweet styles and the ability to design your own style using your theme’s CSS.

Minimum Social Proof

Social Warfare Pro nulled plugin You may choose to reveal counts only when a specified number of shares have been reached (to prevent “negative social proof”). If you want to display no counts at all, just turn them off. You choose when and how your share numbers are displayed.

Share Recovery: Your lost share counts have been recovered!
When you alter your permalink structures, domain prefixes, connection protocols (http-https), or just move domains, you risk losing all of your social share numbers.

Social Warfare includes a feature called Share Recovery, which enables you to recover lost share counts after updating any of the site structures indicated above.

Social Authorship, Twitter Cards, Rich Pins, and more!

It is good to get your work shared on social media. It’s much better when you are acknowledged in the social sharing! Social Warfare ensures that your authorship is constantly in place, including:

Facebook Author & Publisher Attribution
  • Facebook app connection (for advanced users)
  • Twitter publisher and author attribution includes “via @username” at the end of tweets and pin descriptions.
  • You may also enable Twitter Cards (Large Image Cards) to ensure that tweets published from your site are always media-rich and hence more likely to get interaction.

Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign Tracking, and Button Click Tracking: Automatically shorten shared URLs using Bitly credentials to monitor clicks.

Additionally, if you use Google Analytics, you may configure Analytics tracking such that each shared link includes a network-specific UTM tracking code. This allows you to monitor all incoming links generated as a direct consequence of Social Warfare shares.

You may also turn on Event Tracking in Google Analytics to observe how often your buttons are clicked.

Social Warfare is the most powerful sharing  nulled plugins for WordPress. These premium features are bundled into a lightweight code base that ensures your website runs quickly. And, best of all, you can buy all of this for $29.

Upgrade your game. Start distributing your content the way you choose with Social Warfare.

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