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Stocky Nulled Script 4.0.7

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As a robust POS system, Stocky combines HRM and inventory administration. It provides an intuitive point-of-sale system, an aesthetically pleasing invoice template, shipping and tax alternatives, and discounts. Users can filter by brand, search by name and code, and access products, quotes, sales, purchases, and returns, among other things. It also permits users to assign responsibilities, observe suppliers and customers, and create, modify, and remove users. In addition to sales and purchase reports, Stocky generates income statements, balance accounts, summary and inventory charts, and income statements. Multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Hindi, and Vietnamese, are supported by the system, which is also customizable. A 6-month warranty, an enhanced email alert system, a modular and organized system, and support for RTL are all included with Stocky, which can be obtained in less than 5 minutes.

Stocky Nulled Script

HRM and POS with Inventory Management is Stocky.

Worth Noting: Synopsis: Outstanding attributes Revenue, expenses, and profit for the day Revenue, Purchases, and Profit for the Week
Favorite Items This Year and Month, the Five Funds Most Valuable to Buyers The transfer Acknowledged and Finalized

Present Sales

  • Ideal point-of-sale equipment: Simple POS
  • An exquisite invoice template
  • Alternative to Taxation, Shipping, and Discount
  • Search for products by name and code
  • Sort by Category and Brand
  • The products are: Revisions and removals of items are visible to all.
  • Export Items to PDF and Excel
  • Import of Products via CSV Modification In quantity
  • Inventory shipment produces product barcodes.
  • Manage quotations by modifying, adding, removing, and viewing them.
  • Convert a quotation to a sale.
  • Exporting quotations to PDF and Excel is possible.
  • Kindly attach a PDF containing the quotation.
  • View, administer, modify, and remove sales transactions.
  • Establish, alter, or eliminate payments
  • Export sales information to PDF or Excel format.
  • Please email me the PDF of the sale.
  • Payments: Add, modify, or remove payments; access, modify, and delete purchases.
  • Export transactions to Excel and PDF formats.
  • Send me the purchase PDF via email.
  • With respect to purchases, sales, and returns:

Returns may be exported to PDF and Excel, modified, and viewed; payments may be created, amended, or removed; and Returns may be downloaded as a        PDF.

  • Could you kindly email the PDF containing the return?
  • Each other: Users can be added, modified, removed, and viewed; responsibilities can be assigned.
  • Access, amend, and incorporate suppliers and customers.
  • Distribute to customers, vendors, and clients via Excel and PDF exports.
  • Incorporate customers and suppliers into a CSV file.
  • The outcomes were: Inventory and summary schematics for the warehouse
  • Alerts regarding the quantity and expiration of a product
  • Balance sheets, income statements, and purchase and sales reports
  • Customers’ and suppliers’ reports
  • This section allows you to modify the organization’s name, logo, email, and additional preferences.
  • Modify the SMTP host in order to inform users.
  • Edit the profile and modify the password.
  • Make the responsibilities of users visible.
  • Display, create, modify, and remove currency pairs.
  • Warehouses can be created, modified, deleted, and viewed.
  • Add, modify, and view brands.
  • Units may be added, modified, removed, and viewed within a category.
  • Automated Creation of Backups
Numerous others:

Plurality of languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Hindi, and Vietnamese are among the supported languages. Stay informed of additional developments!

Export table information to PDF or Excel format.

Currently, all payments, refunds, sales, purchases, and proposals are communicated via email.

Installation takes less than five minutes.

A wealth of records

Stocky has several exceptional qualities not found in competing products, including:
Improving the email notice system Modular and structured Sass Code, Vuex, and Vue Router are included; a dark variant is provided; and multiple languages are supported. We are on the verge of incorporating over 14 languages.
Assistance for RTL Complete in Pure Vue.JS and JQueryClean and well-documented Free Code adheres to a standardized folder hierarchy.
Point-of-sale simplicity and a dynamic dashboard
Six-Month Guarantee Permanently Free Updates and Much More

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