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Tic Tac Toe Mobile App Template 1.0.7

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The Classic Flutter TIC-TAC-TOE Game features a modern UI with animations, an in-app coin store, and allows players to play offline or online with friends.

Beautiful, contemporary interface with animations.
The Classic Flutter TIC-TAC-TOE Game offers a Classic and Beautiful User Interface.
Coin Store: In-App Purchases
Users may use the coin store to purchase coins in-app and unlock premium features in the game.Examine coin history, including purchases and profits, to evaluate past performance.
To make the Tic-Tac-Toe game more entertaining, participants may purchase different skins from the app catalog.
Play offline with pals using the Pass “n” play mode.
Don’t worry if no companions are available; you may play with a random player. Online
Neither Friend nor Both has an internet connection. Dora is always ready to play with. The game includes a custom Firebase leaderboard with player rank and profile picture for international competition.

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