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WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages nulled plugin 1.2.0

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With the help of the WooCommerce plugin Advanced Shipping Packages, you can divide up clients’ carts into distinct shipping packages and charge various shipping costs for them depending on your preferences. You can design packages using its conditional logic framework that precisely match your requirements. Customers will see distinct shipping options for every shipment when they check out, which enhances the transparency and usability of the checkout process.

Partial free shipping, delivering freight items separately, offering distinct alternatives for pickup-only products, and shipping items from various origins are a few examples of use cases for shipping packages. Additionally, the plugin features a back-end interface that notifies the admin and the customer of the selected shipping options.

Unlimited shipping packages, complete control over the creation and addition of packages, custom package names, and the option to omit delivery methods from packages are all features of Advanced Shipping Packages. It is not, however, appropriate for delivery to several addresses.

Goods that are not part of the shipping package configuration are kept in the default package and will be treated accordingly. Advanced Shipping Packages do not support shipping to multiple addresses.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages nulled plugin

Advanced Shipping Packages for WooCommerce nulled plugin With the powerful WooCommerce plugin Advanced Shipping Packages, you can split up your customers’ carts into different shipping packages. On the cart and checkout pages, every box and its contents will be displayed separately, giving you the option to apply different shipping costs to each item based on your setting.

Advanced Shipping Packages for WooCommerce nulled plugin The conditional logic structure of Advanced Shipping shipments gives you total control over when, how, and what products you include in shipments. This is one of the main benefits of using Advanced Shipping Packages. With the help of this tool, you may create packages that are customized to meet your unique demands.

Depending on how the bundles were made, your clients will see different shipping options for every item when they check out. This could help provide your customers more freedom with their shipping options and make the checkout process more apparent and easy to use.


sophisticatedshippingpackages-cart’Shipping’ is the default package that still contains the remaining commodities that were not placed in created packages.

Case studies of using the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages nulled plugin for mailing packages
There are numerous additional uses for Advanced Shipping Packages. For instance,

Only a portion of shipping is free.
If you wish to deliver only some things for free, you can use a split cart to make it easier for the shipping method you’re using to obtain the appropriate postage for each box.
Additionally, it will be more obvious to the customer which products ship for free and which require payment for shipping.

Ship freight items separately

Occasionally, the normal method cannot be used to send large or heavy materials. If necessary, you can offer the customer the option of regular shipping items in addition to freight shipment when you use a split package.

Contact for Shipping Quote is another helpful  nulled plugin that could be helpful when dealing with large freight.

Items that can only be picked up should have their own equivalents.
Certain items need to be picked up in person because they can’t be sent. The customer will have the option of picking up all of the things or having the shippable items mailed regardless whether there are any shippable items in the cart.

Ship components from different suppliers

If an order is shipped from multiple locations, there will undoubtedly be additional shipping costs. You may charge your customer for the items that are shipped separately when you split the basket.

User interface on the back end
The many shipping options must be visible to the customer just as much as they are to you on the order page and in emails. Each email notifies you and the customer of the delivery options that have been selected. The items that are included in the package and the delivery choices that have been chosen are shown on the admin order page.

The Advantages of Packages for Advanced Shipping
Packages for shipping are endless.
You are able to create an infinite amount of shipping packages. Using the sorting option, you may choose which packages are applied first.

total control over the products that go into a bundle and when they are created.
When a package is generated and what products are included in it are entirely within your control. It’s all managed via conditional logic.

Make up the names of your packages.

The buyer will see the name of each bundle in the basket or during checkout. You may also change the name of the default delivery package in WooCommerce.

Don’t include parcels in your shipping options.
Not every shipping option will be available for every kind of cargo. To ensure that particular rates are not displayed for the created bundle, you can utilize the Exclude capability. Shipping rates for each WC Shipping Zone are also supported.


Can this plugin ship to many addresses?
No, the Advanced Shipping Packages plugin is only meant to be used in situations when shipping packages need to be kept apart during transit. You can deliver to several addresses by shipping to multiple addresses.

What happens to items that are not part of a shipment?
All items come in a single package by default. Those products might be split up into those new packages when you use the addon to create shipping packages. A product will be placed in the default package and handled similarly if it is not in a new one.

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