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WooCommerce Anti-Fraud nulled plugin 5.8.2

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WooCommerce Anti-Fraud is a powerful fraud protection software that helps online businesses detect and avoid fraudulent transactions and credit card fraud. It detects and stops fraudulent activity in real time, analyzing each transaction based on complex scoring rules. The most recent enhancement to increased fraud prevention is the integration of Trust Swiftly, which ensures that not only fraudulent activity is caught, but that actual clients are rapidly confirmed.

The plugin is ideal for store owners who want to automatically block or pause fraudulent orders, easily view risks and warnings associated with each order, receive notifications when a fraudulent or unsafe order is placed, check customers behind a proxy or VPN, block orders from high-risk domains and unsafe countries, protect against velocity attacks using reCAPTCHA, pre-purchase risk assessment, change order status based on risk, authorize payment method rules,

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud works out of the box, with pre-configured rules that automatically evaluate and score transactions. Pre-payment verification enables you to examine consumers before they complete a transaction through your Payment Gateway. If the risk score falls into the high-risk order category, bespoke messages will appear on the checkout page explaining why the order was denied.

The WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin comes with a number of customer management features, including first-time purchase rules, IP, billing, and shipping address-based rules, physical and IP address comparison rules, billing and shipping address mismatch rules, proxy detection, billing and shipping address conflict indicator, geolocation and billing/shipping address comparison rule, and AI fraud detection.

First-time purchase criteria aid in identifying new customers while also making it easy for current customers to shop and repurchase. Threats are detected utilizing IP addresses, geolocation, phone numbers, proxy, billing, and shipping addresses. The billing and shipping address conflict indicator helps to reduce payment fraud.

Creating a list of risky nations allows you to identify and filter which countries are considered hazardous or high risk. Beware of suspicious email addresses, and PayPal accounts must be confirmed. The plugin is now integrated with Maxmind’s minFraud Score capabilities, which combine existing regulations with an intelligent real-time risk score for each order.

Blacklisting fraudulent email addresses is straightforward and allows you to put an order on hold. The plugin can automatically cancel questionable purchases after they’ve been processed, detect numerous orders from the same IP address, notify several email addresses when an order is flagged as fraudulent, and validate transaction details with quantity and amount checks.

bogus email detection will also be available soon, alerting you when a customer enters a bogus or insecure email address. The plugin costs $8.25 per month and is charged annually for $99.00.


WooCommerce Anti-Fraud nulled plugin

Quickly discover fraudulent transactions in your WooCommerce store!
It is disappointing, but true, that fraudulent transactions account for a large amount of the eCommerce economy. Prompt action is critical for protecting your customers and avoiding potential risks. When a fraudulent transaction or a velocity attack occurs through your online business, it is vital to act fast. Use WooCommerce Anti-fraud for fraud protection to (a) ensure your clients’ safety and (b) lessen challenges for you, the store owner.

Introducing WooCommerce Anti-Fraud, a powerful ally in the fight against fraudulent transactions. It’s the most effective fraud prevention program for online businesses! Using WooCommerce Anti-Fraud’s payment fraud protection tools, you can detect fraudulent transactions and credit card fraud as they happen. This nulled plugin detects and prevents fraudulent activities in real time. It examines each transaction on your online store using rigorous scoring standards, providing you peace of mind and protecting your business.

NEW! Customer Identity Verification—Introducing Trust Swiftly Integration to Strengthen Your Fraud Prevention Strategy.
In our continued endeavor to give our WooCommerce shop owners with the strongest tools for preventing e-commerce fraud, we are pleased to announce our most recent upgrade for improved fraud protection: the integration of Trust Swiftly.

This relationship ensures that not only fraudulent behavior is discovered, but also that authentic customers are immediately validated. WooCommerce Anti-Fraud’s Trust Swiftly integration provides more complete fraud protection. Stay vigilant and boost your store’s security now!

This WooCommerce plugin is ideal for shop owners looking to:
  • Automatically prevent or stop fraudulent orders.
  • Easily view the risks and cautions associated with each transaction.
  • Get warned when a fraudulent or hazardous order is placed.
  • Check for consumers who are utilizing a proxy or VPN.
  • Block orders from high-risk domains and countries.
  • Use reCAPTCHA to defend against velocity attacks.
  • Pre-purchase risk assessment.
  • Change the order status based on the risk.
  • Payment methods, user roles, and email addresses are subject to authorization rules.
  • Administrators and additional users will be notified via an email alert system based on risk rankings.
  • Send a notification to the PayPal user to confirm the order’s authenticity.
  • Check emails from high-risk domains.
  • Integrate QuickEmailVerification to detect threats associated with email addresses.
Apply sophisticated fraud detection patterns:
  • Order Purchase Limiter Based on the Average Order Value
  • Set the maximum number of order attempts for a given amount of hours.
  • Limit the number of orders during a specific time period of the day.
Fraud prevention when your firm grows:
  • Reduce shop management time by simply spotting fraudulent orders.
  • Integrate MaxMind’s minFraud® services. Artificial intelligence (AI) fraud detection.
  • WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Introduction
  • Stay alert with Anti-fraud Analytics on our smart dashboard!
  • Discover recent fraudulent activities.
  • View Trends over a Week.
  • What’s up with the current orders?
  • Emails are blocked within 24 hours.
  • PayPal accounts are undergoing verification.
  • Complete and aggregated information regarding fraudulent activities in one place.
  • Dashboard for Antifraud
  • Assess the ‘risk’ of each purchase.

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud assigns a risk score to each order on a range from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the greater the likelihood that the order is fraudulent. This is referred to as the risk score.

Examining the risk score allows you to quickly analyze the potential risk associated with the transaction and take appropriate precautions. You may view the risk score and get advice for each purchase directly from the WooCommerce admin panel.

Users can see any order-related alerts below the risk score. The advice is based on existing constraints (for example, if a customer’s IP address does not match the billing country). The higher this number, the more likely the order is fraudulent.

Effective Fraud Management: Automatically cancel or terminate dubious purchases.
If a potentially fraudulent transaction is detected, WooCommerce Anti-Fraud will promptly reject or restrict the order based on your specific settings.

The plugin can simply be configured to perform any of the following automated actions:
  • Automatically cancel the order.
  • Automatically place the order on hold.
  • Email Administrator+ Notify the store of a suspected order without changing the order status.
  • Email addresses and other order details are instantly blocked.
  • Prevent bank/payment gateway access (pre-payment verification).
  • In the plugin’s settings, you can specify when particular activities are executed based on their risk score. For example, you may want to automatically
  • reject orders with a risk score greater than 90.
  • Set to hold or cancel high-risk orders.
  • Allowlisting user roles, payment methods, and email addresses.
  • Allowlisting user roles, payment methods, and emails helps you to get around fraud protections.
  • Settings to allowlist user roles, payment methods, and emails
Pre-configured rules

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud works right out of the box, with no need for additional rule configuration. We developed a set of default criteria for automatically examining and rating each transaction. These pre-configured rules are suitable for the majority of online shops. Furthermore, with a few clicks, you can rapidly customize the rules to your preferences and prioritize crucial factors/rules.

Pre-purchase Risk Assessment

Evaluate customers before they make a payment using your Payment Gateway.

Is your payment gateway or bank informing you that there are too many fraudulent transactions? Pre-payment verification may help.
If the risk score falls within a high-risk order range, the customer’s purchase will be declined in advance, and a personalized message will appear on the checkout page explaining why. In the pre-purchase options, enter a personalized message in the text field.

Pre-purchase evaluation of orders

Customize the importance of each risk factor.
The WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin lets you assign a ‘risk weight’ to each danger signal. This indicates that you can assess the importance of each risk and adjust it to your specific scenario. The higher the risk weight for each category, the more weight the rule will receive when calculating the total risk score when the risk is identified.

Anti-fraud Plugin Features:

The WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Plugin has the following features:

  • Manage your customers. First-time Purchase Rules
  • Filter by Client Details: IP, Billing, and Shipping Address-Based Rules
  • Physical and IP Address Comparison Rule
  • Billing and Shipping Mismatch Rule
  • Proxy Detection Identifies conflicting billing and shipping addresses.
  • Customized to your website traffic: Make a list of dangerous nations.
  • Filter emails from temporary and free domains. Be notified to suspicious email addresses.
  • Integrate with PayPal. PayPal accounts need to be validated.
  • AI Fraud detection: Maxmind’s minFraud® integration leverages the power of machine learning.
  • Automatically prohibit emails:  Faillisting bogus email addresses
  • Prepayment cheques: Cancel any dubious orders before they are processed.
  • IP and proxy checking: Detect numerous orders that originate from the same IP address.
  • Administrative Notification: Notification to many email addresses when purchases are identified as fraudulent.
  • Verify the order quantity and amount.
  • First-time Purchase Rules

Identify first-time customers or their first orders during the processing step. This tip might also help you distinguish new customers. Allow Antifraud to understand and make it simple for your existing customers to shop and repurchase.
IP, Billing, and Shipping Address-Based Rules
Detect threats using IP, geolocation, phone number, proxy, billing, and shipping addresses.

Physical and IP Address Comparison Rule

The IP address matching location option notifies you if the billing/shipping address does not match the order location. This allows you to verify the order’s legitimacy against the other order data and orders.

Billing and Shipping Address Mismatch Rule

If a consumer provides several billing and shipping addresses, the Billing and Shipping Address rule is applied, and the risk score increases.
NEW: Geolocation and Billing/Shipping Address Comparison Rules
Enabling this rule will request customers for HTML5 geolocation during checkout, and when they submit their orders, the anti-fraud plugin will compare them to their billing/shipping addresses. This allows you to check the order’s legitimacy.

Proxy Detection

The WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin detects when an order is routed through a proxy. Many unlawful internet activities use proxies; this signal is crucial for increasing security and confidence in your online business.
Indicates conflicting billing and shipping addresses.
The WooCommerce Anti-fraud plugin’s Billing and Shipping Address Conflict functionality can help you reduce payment fraud. When the Anti-fraud plugin finds a disagreement of this nature, it will tell you on the purchase page. If the Anti-fraud plugin detects a conflict like this, it will notify you on the purchase page.
Make a list of dangerous nations.
Why aren’t they available everywhere? Are you receiving orders from places you don’t currently serve? You may now select and filter which countries are labeled risky or high-risk. If an order is placed from an unsafe country, it will harm their risk score.
Be notified to suspicious email addresses.
Enter a list of domain names associated to fraudulent transactions. Users with email addresses from these domains will be considered higher risk. This feature is useful for detecting users who utilize disposable or temporary email addresses.
PayPal accounts need to be validated.
We only accept PayPal payments from validated email addresses. Your company will send the customer a customized email demanding that they authenticate their PayPal account before the order can be shipped.

Maxmind’s minFraud® integration allows you to leverage the power of machine learning.
WooCommerce Anti-fraud now integrates with Maxmind’s MinFraud Score tools. Combine current constraints with intelligent real-time risk assessment for each order. This tool provides additional security by detecting fraudulent orders utilizing MaxMind’s smart machine learning technology. Enabling this option will notify you of the order’s status if the risk score exceeds the level specified in the minFraud Settings.

denylisting bogus email addresses

You can easily block emails you know are harmful. This notifies you when someone placed an order and allows you to put it on hold. Email addresses associated with fraudulent transactions will be automatically added to this blocklist.
Cancel suspicious orders once they have been processed.
If an order’s risk score is high enough, the plugin may automatically switch its status from “Processing” to “Cancelled” or “On Hold”. The threshold for this can be set in the plugin’s parameters.
Detect numerous orders that originate from the same IP address.
If multiple orders come from the same place in a short period of time, they are far more likely to be fake. WooCommerce Anti-Fraud alerts you when this occurs.
Notification to many email addresses when purchases are identified as fraudulent.
You can specify several email addresses to get alerts about orders with high fraud ratings.
Check the order quantity and amount.
These two features may help you drastically reduce chargebacks. To avoid fraudulent behavior, you can set the maximum purchase amount, quantity of goods, and even weighting based on the type of product you’re selling.

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