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One effective tool for online services and software that lets users sell license keys and subscriptions is the WooCommerce API Manager. It manages status checks, license activation, deactivation, and other tasks. Users can also issue updates, upgrade/downgrade license keys, and manually renew subscriptions. WordPress plugin and theme developers can use the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes.

When combined with a billing gateway and WooCommerce Subscriptions, automated payment processing is possible. Through the purchase of API Key activations, users can authenticate customer access and unlock software with a license through the API Manager. Additionally, the development of API Resources from Order line items including particular products is possible using the API Manager.

By converting WooCommerce items into API Resources that are only available with a License Key, the WooCommerce API Manager may be used to generate recurring revenue from the sale of software or services. Software, services, apps, memberships, subscriptions, and anything else that can be accessed online can all be considered resources. Simple, Variable, Simple Subscription, Variable Subscription, and Group are the most popular product categories.

Customers can purchase an API Resource with a certain number of activations or an unlimited number of activations through the API Manager, and it will stay available until it expires. It also integrates easily with WooCommerce Subscriptions for sophisticated time management of API resources.

In its capacity as a WooCommerce Software License Manager, the WooCommerce API Manager is a tool that secures software using an API Key. With the use of this key, client software can activate, deactivate, verify the status of an activation, and get updates for an API resource. Secure, expiring URLs are used in all software downloads to guarantee that only customers have safe access. To facilitate the sale of API Keys for WordPress plugins and themes, the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes was created.

Because Amazon S3 File Download Support is included, file downloads can be safely supplied by Amazon S3, negating the need to deal with firewalls, web hosts, local web server configuration, or WooCommerce file download modifications. There are three different kinds of API keys that are available: Product Order API Key, Associated API Key, and Master API Key. A time restriction for API Keys is known as API Access Expiration, and it can be manually or automatically renewed by the store. Customers can choose to increase or reduce their WooCommerce subscriptions with variable subscriptions.

Product development based on WooCommerce structure and sales model is possible with the WooCommerce API Manager. An API resource may be offered for sale as a variable/variable subscription product with variations or as a simple/simple subscription product. A single activation or an infinite number of activations are possible for each variation.

For both software and non-software products, the WooCommerce API Manager provides a simple product API form. Secure download links, plugin update screen tab control, built-in debugging for APIs, API access expiration, complete API access control, free goods, and SmartCache for database and API query caching are all features it provides. Additionally, free items are permitted by the API Manager, who also provides free products to current clients.

An Order screen for API Resources and API Resource activations is another feature of the API Manager; the Master API Key is always displayed and the remaining information can be suppressed. WordPress plugins and themes may be easily set up using the My Account Dashboard, which also facilitates automated updates and connection with all API Manager APIs.

When a plugin is active, customers can discover the activation screen with ease thanks to the plugin alert screen, and information is displayed on the plugin update screen just like it would be if it were a WordPress.org plugin. Use API Keys to control API Resources for your website to increase revenue. To get started, download, install, and activate the WooCommerce API Manager in your WooCommerce store. You can also read the comprehensive documentation.

WooCommerce API Manager nulled plugin

WooCommerce Nulled API Manager Plugin To grow your subscription business, offer software license keys and internet service subscriptions.

Subscription & Software Licensing for WooCommerce API Manager

Offer software that has been licensed.

Give licensing keys to customers when they buy your goods. Integrate your app with any programming language to limit its usage to only paying customers.

Complete licensing for API

Manage the software update deployment for your clients’ licensing keys, product listing, api key verification, license activation, deactivation, status checks, and more.

Continue Subscriptions

Clients can manually renew their integrated API Manager subscriptions.
Emails with a renewal link are sent out thirty days, seven days, and one day prior to a subscription’s scheduled expiration.

Increase or Decrease Your Subscription

Permit your clients to add new features or activations and update their licensing keys. When paired with WooCommerce Subscriptions, you may provide additional savings and prorate the upgrade.

Updates on releases:

  • Utilize the integrated licensing API to update your product and give your users bug patches and new features.
  • Updates can be done automatically or with a single click.
  • Updates for software can be downloaded from a local server, a remote URL, or Amazon S3. Every URL is changed to a secure version.
  • Visit the library anytime WordPress plugin and theme developers can now use the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes.
  • Processing of Payments Automatically.
  • Subscription renewal costs are automatically paid when WooCommerce Subscriptions and a suitable billing gateway are utilized.
  • A license can be used to unlock software, preventing use until it is active.
Internet-Based Subscription Program
  • Activate the purchased API Keys to verify the customer’s access.
  • Until the API Key is activated, prevent access.
  • Verify the status of the API Key activation.
  • Ascertain which goods and API resources are available through the API.
  • Using the API key and the total number of activations available, determine the subscription level.
  • Subscription payments are automatically handled when the WooCommerce plugin Subscriptions and a compatible billing gateway are used together.
Current Store Configuration

Using the WooCommerce API Manager, build up a WooCommerce shop with pre-existing items and orders by doing the following steps:

To utilize the WooCommerce API Manager, edit each product by first ticking the API checkbox, then completing the API tab form and providing certain API Manager information (such as the number of activations if the product variation is variable).

The selected API commodities will be automatically produced as API Resources from Order line items. Additionally, automatically produced order line items with WooCommerce Subscription product categories will be included. All API resources are currently accessible through the APIs using client software or an online service.

Either incorporate the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes into your plugin or theme to utilize all of the functionality that is offered, or build an API client to connect to the API Manager APIs as outlined in the documentation.

Transferring from Different License Administrators

Add-On for WooCommerce Software

A mechanism for importing data from WooCommerce Software Add-ons is included in the WooCommerce API Manager. Upon completion of the data import, it is safe to uninstall the WC Software Add-on as the API Manager may also reply to questions intended for it. Customers can switch at their own pace to new client software that utilizes the robust API features of the API Manager.

Sell software or other services to get a steady income.

With the use of a license key, WooCommerce products can be accessible as API Resources thanks to the WooCommerce API Manager. Software, services, iPhone or Android apps, memberships, subscriptions, and anything else that can be accessed over the Internet are examples of API resources (products). Simple, Variable, Simple Subscription, Variable Subscription, and Group are the most popular product types.

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is used to create subscription product types and allows for automatic payment collection on the anniversary of the renewal. Limitations on the expiration date of API access for WooCommerce product purchases that require manual renewal are also supported.

How does one go about doing this? When a customer purchases a Product (API Resource), an API Key with a restricted number of activations or an infinite number of activations is included. The WooCommerce API Manager is in charge of managing the API Resource, which can be accessed by the customer using the API Key. The API resource is accessible up to its expiration date, if any. WooCommerce Subscriptions and the WooCommerce API Manager work together flawlessly to deliver even more complete API Resource time management.

API Key Type for WooCommerce API Manager:

As software licenses and automatic update licenses, sell API keys.

The WooCommerce API Manager acts as a WooCommerce program License Manager, protecting your program using an API Key. The API Key is the same as a License Key when it comes to software. An API resource can be accessed with the API Key. An API Key may be used by client software to perform various functions such as activation, deactivation, status check, information retrieval concerning updates, update detection, and receipt of updates. Secure, expiring URLs are used in all software downloads to guarantee that only your customers can safely access the application for which they have paid. Software downloads may come from a remote server, Amazon S3, or the local server of the WooCommerce store.

The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for nulled Plugins and Themes was developed as a PHP library that can be dropped into a plugin or theme in less than five minutes for software updates and API Key authentication using the WooCommerce API Manager in order to facilitate the selling of API Keys for WordPress plugins and themes. Find out how to obtain a copy of the PHP library for plugins and themes for WooCommerce API Manager.

Support for downloading files from Amazon S3 is integrated.

Amazon S3, which is highly affordable for businesses of all sizes and globally scalable, is the finest option for managing file downloads. After completing the setup steps outlined in the instructions, copy and paste the Amazon S3 URL. Your material will be securely served by Amazon S3. It is possible to completely remove issues with firewalls, web hosts, local web server configuration, WooCommerce file download adjustments, and other barriers by using Amazon S3.

Adaptable Types of API Keys to Comply with Store Workflow

Three different types of API keys mean that each store can have a customized API key model.

Master API Key: Perfect for customers that want to utilize one API key for all purposes. enables the activation of any API Resource purchased with just one API Key. Offering a one-stop shop simplifies and eases the consumer’s usage, which raises satisfaction levels. Using the Master API Key, the business owner can, if necessary, prevent customers from accessing any API resources.
Product Order API Key: Perfect for store owners that wish to have separate API keys used by their customers for every purchase. enables you to use a single order to activate a single API Resource. can be used by the customer or the shop owner for more granular control; they can choose to grant access to that API Key just to friends or employees.

Related API key: Though you are in charge of which products and orders it is associated with, it functions similarly to the Product Order API Key. The WooCommerce API Manager may import and save an API Key in a custom table, or it can be generated by another plugin or website and associated with an API Resource. This lets store owners use API keys in a different way.

WooCommerce Subscriptions for API Manager

API Access Expiration, which is essentially a time limit for an API Key that works similarly to a subscription, is supported by the WooCommerce API Manager. Once a product (API Resource) is purchased, the customer gets access to it until the API Access time restriction expires. At that point, the client must buy the product again to extend the time limit. If the product is a WooCommerce subscription, the customer can manually renew it or the shop will automatically renew it and give the client an email with a receipt.

Customers can increase or decrease their WooCommerce membership with a variable membership. Activating an API key manages all API resources. Any form of API Key mentioned above may be used to grant access to the API Resource, and a product may have one or more activations. The requirements of the product and store will determine whether to use WooCommerce Subscriptions or the built-in API Manager Subscriptions.

Adaptable Product Categories

You can develop goods using the WooCommerce API Manager depending on your sales model and the WooCommerce framework. It is possible to promote an API Resource (Product) as a changeable subscription product with variations or as a basic product. A fixed number of activations or an infinite number of activations are available for purchase for each simple and variable variant. Variable product variants allow for different numbers of activations for each variation, up to and including infinite activations.

Features of WooCommerce API Manager: Simple Product Setup

Software and non-software products can both have a basic product API form.

URLs for safe downloads

URL of the WooCommerce API Manager File

In order to prevent unauthorized usage, URLs for the local server, Amazon S3, or remote are wrapped for security and have an expiration term.

Plugin Upgrade: Control for Screen Tabs
Options for the WooCommerce API Manager API Tab

Tabs for plugin updates can be added and removed.

API Access Duration
Access to the WooCommerce API Manager API expires.

The API Access Expires field can be used by products that aren’t WooCommerce Subscription types to limit access to API Resources in a similar manner as subscriptions.

Complete Control Over API Access

WooCommerce API Manager: Control Over API Keys

If required, store owners can revoke a customer’s API access.

There are built-in debugging options in WooCommerce API Manager.

A plethora of options exist for visually appealingly organized debugging data stored in custom WooCommerce logs.

Retailers have the option of giving current customers free merchandise in addition to non-free merchandise.


The efficiency of crucial services like data and API responses is greatly improved by the API Manager’s usage of SmartCache to cache database and API queries at key points in the data process. When data changes or when an expired cache is requested and needs to be updated, SmartCache merely updates the requested cached data.

As a result, server load drops significantly and performance rises drastically. Performance is incredibly quick when SmartCache and object caching are combined. The API Manager can expand to accommodate any level of traffic flow with ease thanks to SmartCache.

Organize the Resources for the Screen API.

The Order screen displays the order items that are API Resources along with pertinent details.

Activations of Order Screen API Resources.

WooCommerce API Manager: Activating API Resources

Order pages display the activations of API keys, which can be removed if necessary.

Dashboard for My Account API Passwords

Order of WooCommerce API Manager Products API Secret Key

The Master API Key is always displayed on the My Account > API Keys tab. The Product Order API Key might be included in the remaining data, or it might be hidden as shown in the image. Through the dashboard, the user can remove activations that the client software did not properly remove.

Downloads for the My Account Dashboard API

Downloads for the WooCommerce API Manager API:

If enabled, software resources from the API can be downloaded and saved to Dropbox via the My Account > API Downloads page. Every URL is secure and will expire after the duration that you specify in the settings.

Simple WordPress Theme and Plugin Installation

The API Manager can rapidly set up WordPress plugins and themes thanks to the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes. WordPress plugins and themes may now automate updates and interact with all API Manager APIs to perform actions like activation and deactivation thanks to the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes. Here’s an illustration.

Alert for WooCommerce API Manager Plugin.

The client can swiftly navigate to the activation screen while the plugin is active.

The API returns the activation totals once it has been activated. In the screenshot above, the Product ID field is optional.

Update for WooCommerce API Manager Plugin

The client can view and update the plugin, just like with any other WordPress plugin, whenever an update is made available.

Details of the WooCommerce API Manager Plugin

The plugin view details page displays information comparable to any WordPress.org plugin, so the client will recognize it based on the information received and the tabs selected in the preferences. Find out how to obtain a copy of the PHP library for plugins and themes for WooCommerce API Manager.

How to Begin WooCommerce API Manager nulled plugin:

  • Invest in this extension.
  • On your WooCommerce shop, download, install, and activate the WooCommerce API Manager.
  • To get started in the right direction, go through our extensive documentation.
  • And that’s it! Using API Keys to manage API Resources for your website will allow you to relax and enjoy more earnings!
  • Do you need more justification to purchase? Purchase a plugin from Todd Lahman LLC, and you’ll get the best extensions for your WooCommerce store.
  • You may be sure that we share your concern for the success of your store when you purchase our products.

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