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WooCommerce Freshdesk nulled plugin 1.3.0

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The WooCommerce platform By establishing a connection between your WooCommerce-powered online store and your Freshdesk help desk account, patrons are able to promptly obtain responses to inquiries regarding their orders.

In the Freshdesk helpdesk, essential functionalities encompass the ability to generate new tickets pertaining to orders, access active tickets, establish categories for forums and solution centres, and link products with a corresponding forum and solution centre. This integration facilitates the construction of categories and tickets without requiring the user to exit the store.

WooCommerce Freshdesk nulled plugin

Nulled WooCommerce Freshdesk plugin Using WooCommerce in conjunction with Freshdesk, you can provide faster customer service.
Establish a connection between your Freshdesk help desk account and your WooCommerce-powered online store to enable your customers to request assistance with purchases and receive prompt responses.
Principal features: An customer

Rapidly generate a new order-related receipt

WooCommerce Freshdesk plugin You can access a catalogue of active tickets directly from the “My Account” page.
For every WooCommerce product, generate a category for the solution centre and forum.
For every WooCommerce product, generate a category for the solution centre and forum.
Principal features: Owner of a Market
While perusing an order in the WordPress administration, create a new ticket.
Immediate ticket creation from a comment on a blog post within the WordPress administration. In the Freshdesk helpdesk, synchronise a product with a forum and solution category.

Freshdesk provides a holistic solution that encompasses a knowledgebase, discussion forums, and tickets. Each Freshdesk component is seamlessly integrated with the WooCommerce plugin Freshdesk, enabling you to establish solution centre and forum categories and assist customers in creating tickets without them having to leave your store.

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