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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro nulled plugin 2.0.16

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WooCommerce With its advanced event tracking and improved eCommerce tracking, Google Analytics Pro is a potent plugin that improves the tracking capabilities of WooCommerce websites. With the help of this plugin, customers may automatically track events in their store and submit them to Google Analytics, which offers comprehensive data on visits and eCommerce events. The plugin is simple to install, works with exact sales figures and shop metrics monitoring, and needs that advanced eCommerce tracking be enabled in the GA account. It also has capabilities that shop managers and site administrators can’t see, such enhanced eCommerce tracking and Universal Analytics.

Additionally, the plugin keeps track of client email openings, cart quantity modifications, and coupon additions and deletions during the checkout process. Additionally, it provides improved reporting for online store advertising, enabling users to examine their behavior when buying or checking out and to filter their checkout sessions according to data or activities. The plugin also lets you change the names of events and the number of users. Just buy the plugin, install it in your WooCommerce store, and link it to your Google Analytics account to get started.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro nulled plugin

Enhance the tracking capabilities of the WooCommerce website with more advanced event tracking and improved eCommerce tracking.
You can better analyze your WooCommerce sales pipeline by using Google Analytics Pro.
e-commerce plugin for WordPress You can use Google Analytics Pro to accelerate the connection if you have a WooCommerce store and a free Google Analytics account. You need comprehensive data on visitors to your store and eCommerce events if you want to boost sales and optimize your sales funnel.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is useful if you have a WooCommerce nulled plugin store. With this add-on, events in your store are automatically tracked and sent to Google Analytics. This makes it simple to view information on sales by product or category, average order value, conversion rate, and other things.

Accurate Monitoring with Easy Setup

After installing WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, all you need to do is make sure that advanced eCommerce tracking is activated in your GA account and select your event names if you like something other than the defaults. The plugin handles the monitoring and forwarding of all the appropriate events to Google Analytics, making it simple to check your sales statistics and other shop analytics.

It only takes three simple clicks to link your Google Analytics account to your WooCommerce store.

Why utilize Google’s analytics software?

makes it possible to keep an eye on key site metrics like pageviews and client sessions.
includes enhanced eCommerce tracking, more advanced event monitoring, and Universal Analytics—all of which are included in the free edition.
You can choose to keep site administrators and store managers from being monitored.
By recording user IDs, you can ensure more accurate user counts.
starts monitoring the checkout procedure and other essential eCommerce actions, like clicking “add to cart.”
incorporates advanced eCommerce event tracking, such as “coupon addition/removal” and “cart quantity changed.”

Pay attention to the hand-inserted orders.

Events that take place when a customer signs in or out, or leaves a comment or review on a product, are included.
keeps track of purchase cancellations and refunds.
Keep track of client email openings by classifying them as “Emails” category events.
It has full support for reporting on the purchasing and checkout behaviors of customers.
incorporates more checkout choices to gather more information about customer preferences, including the payment method they used. fresh as new
thorough observation of the happenings

You may discover much more about your sales process with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro’s improved event monitoring. You may track events such as “viewed account” and “coupon applied” to have a complete view of what your clients are doing when they visit your website. Coupon conversion rates and order-specific coupon data are examples of events that you may keep an eye on during your purchasing process.

Improved Reports to Promote Online Stores

With complete assistance, you are able to produce a study of purchasing or checkout activity! To understand how your online buying behaviors fit within the customer lifecycle, view the Shopping Behavior report:
You may see your checkout in fine-grained information to see where your customers are abandoning the purchasing process at that point:
This plugin even allows you to offer checkout options to your customers, so you can use it to filter their checkout sessions based on their data or actions:
Outstanding Customization
Specific event names can be customized and deactivated using the plugin’s options. Tracking user IDs may also lead to more accurate user numbers. To keep track of custom events, you can include a snippet in your theme.

Starting the Procedure o

Buy this extra.
Install the plugin in your WooCommerce store after downloading it.
After joining in (or creating a free account), connect this plugin to your Google Analytics account.
Your GA account now offers enhanced eCommerce tracking options.
I’ve finished! Unwind and enjoy thorough site statistics!
Check out the plugin’s documentation for more details on how to add your own events to the list, edit the names of recorded events, and more!
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