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WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin 24.1.0

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The Recover Abandoned Cart plugin is a WooCommerce extension that aids in recovering abandoned shopping carts from both members and guests. It uses pre-made email templates, allows users to add a cart link, and sends follow-up emails. It retrieves lost sales for static and dynamic items, tracks email opens, and generates discount codes automatically. To use, download the zip file from CodeCanyon and follow the documentation.

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin

WooCommerce Increase your sales with the WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin. There are several possible reasons of cart abandonment, but this plugin main job is to send emails (and maybe follow-up emails) in an attempt to recover abandoned carts. Recover Abandoned Cart keeps an eye out for abandoned shopping carts from both members and visitors. It uses pre-made email templates to send messages at regular intervals in order to recover abandoned carts. You may add a cart link to your email. Follow-up emails may be sent using one of many pre-made themes. The first email may be sent without a discount if you have many email templates configured to send at various times.

A buyer who has not answered may get a follow-up email including a discount code. This will persuade the buyer to finalize the purchase. Cookies track the buyer’s buying behavior. Members and non-members alike may use the Recover Abandoned Cart tool. Abandoned carts are gathered from members as soon as things are put in a shopping cart and the member abandons their session for whatever reason. Guests have to go as far as inputting their email address on the checkout page before their abandoned carts are recovered.


Keep track of discarded carts.
Automate Emails for Cart-Leavers Using Pre-Designated Templates
The Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin recovers lost sales for both static and dynamic items.
Both members and guests may utilize the Recover Abandoned Cart service.
Email opens are logged, so you can discover which designs are most effective.
The time when abandoned cart emails are delivered may be customized.
Users’ purchases made using the Shopping Cart link in an email are monitored.
Variable follow-up email formats.
Modify or disable preset email messages.
Manual When you find the shopping cart, write an email to the administrator.
Mailing Discount Codes Generated Automatically
Templates for sending emails with WooCommerce
Identifying abandoned carts with a purchase history and creating multilingual emails for WooCommerce. Translation-Ready WPML and WPML String Translation You’ll need these three plugins to send multilingual emails, collect phone numbers for hand-held follow-ups, and more.

How do I set up the deleted item retrieval cart?
First, get the WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin zip file from CodeCanyon (recoverabandonedcart.zip).

Extract the nulled plugin files (rac.zip) from recoverabandonedcart.zip.
Using the WordPress admin, upload the rac.zip file.

Turn on the fourth add-on.

How can I update an outdated version of Recover an Unused Shopping Cart?
Never update a production site to a new version before testing it in a staginge environment.

Please follow these steps to update your current version of the WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin to the most recent version available.

Remove the previous installation of WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin from your server.

The second step is to get the most recent version of Recover Abandoned Cart from Codecanyon (recoverabandonedcart.zip).

The plugin files, such as rac.zip, may be accessed by decompressing recoverabandonedcart.zip, the archive containing them.

From the WordPress Dashboard, install the most current version of Recover Abandoned Cart, rac.zip.

Turn on the plugin in step

If you complete the steps outlined above, you will not lose any of your existing settings or data.


Please review the manual, since it contains a lot of information. When you unpack the zip file, you will see a folder called “documentation,” which includes the real documentation file.
Please join up and open a support request if you want help or have a proposal for a new feature.

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