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WooNinjas LearnDash Quiz Import/Export nulled plugin 3.7.2

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LearnDash is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining online quizzes. The LearnDash Quiz Import/Export nulled plugin adds a simple spreadsheet template for importing and exporting quizzes into various file formats like.xls,.xlsx, or JSON. This add-on supports all LearnDash quiz question types, including advanced ones and those that accept media. Users can also import and export quiz categories from the LearnDash Multi Questions Categories add-on. The default settings for imported quizzes can be set to save time. The add-on also allows for easy export of tests for site migration and backup. This tool is compatible with WordPress nulled themes and plugins.

WooNinjas LearnDash Quiz Import/Export nulled plugin

LearnDash Test Export & Import

For your online course, generating and maintaining quizzes is a snap with the WooNinjas LearnDash Quiz Import/Export nulled plugin Add-on! A basic spreadsheet template may be used to insert quizzes and questions that you can export immediately into a file in the.xls,.xlsx, or JSON format.

Overview & Features of Add-On

By filling out a simple template, you may rapidly generate several tests and questions at once. With a few clicks, you may import questions and quizzes into your website based on your selected parameters.

WooNinjas LearnDash Quiz Import/Export nulled plugin may be exported by just clicking a button.

You can export any quiz you’ve taken using LearnDash Quiz Import Export with just one click. You may download the quiz questions in JSON, XLS, or XLSX formats. After the file has been exported, you may use the add-on to edit or update it and import it again into LearnDash LMS at any time.

Bring In Tests And Questions Using A Basic Template

You may import LearnDash quiz questions from a JSON,.xls, or.xlsx file format with this add-on. Any question type that the default LearnDash plugin supports may be included in the template.

LearnDash Support for Advanced Quizzes

All LearnDash quiz question kinds are supported by the add-on, in addition to the extra question types that come with the LearnDash Advanced Quizzes add-on. Using the add-on, question kinds that accept media—such as images—can also be imported and exported.

LearnDash Supports Several Question Categories

All of the LearnDash question categories that the LearnDash Multi Questions Categories add-on offers are compatible with the add-on. With this feature, users may quickly import and export these categories using the features of the add-on, along with the questions that go with them.

Decide On The Default Settings For Imported Quizzes To Save Time

You may provide default settings for LearnDash Quiz Import Export to apply automatically during import. For each imported quiz, you have control over the quiz’s front-end presentation, quiz progression, and access. Additionally, you have the option to use any quiz as an example, in which case imported quizzes will inherit its settings.

Export Your Tests for Site Migration And Backup

You may easily export all of your quizzes with a single click, regardless of whether you want to make a backup of them all or utilize previously made quiz questions on another website.

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