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YITH Cost of Goods nulled plugin 1.2.16

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This tool allows you to track the true profit margin on your items, determine the appropriate selling price, remove loss-making items, create efficient marketing campaigns, and identify items with low profitability to develop effective price strategies.

The YITH WooCommerce nulled plugin’s cost of goods The essential tool for monitoring the expenses and profit margins of your products.
Your actual profit may be calculated by deducting expenditures from revenue. Even though it sounds like a straightforward idea, we often forget about it when we first launch an internet store and start making sales.

Maybe you’re asking how come your profit margins are so low compared to your sales. You’re confused as to why your company is losing money every day, till the balance sheet is negative, even if you get 50 orders a day.

The reason is almost always there, hidden among careless expenses.

Therefore, having a management tool that allows you to continuously track the performance of your online business and evaluate the relationship between product costs and net revenue is essential when selling goods online.

YITH Cost of Goods nulled plugin You can quickly and easily keep track of all your real costs with YITH Cost of Goods, including shipping, taxes, VAT, fees from different payment methods, and more. You can also see clearly which products have a higher profit margin—which aren’t always the ones that sell the most—how to optimize inventory by taking products with unnecessarily high costs off the market, and what is the optimal selling price to cover costs and turn a profit.

Not just a plugin, but a real analytical tool that might make or break the profitability of your online shop.

Find out how much each product and variation costs.
There is a specific area for each product and variation where you may enter the product’s base cost, which is often the retail purchase price. The plugin will add any extra costs to this amount in order to properly show the exact cost and profitability of each product.

YITH Cost of Goods nulled plugin In WooCommerce, set the price of the product.
Use bulk activities to determine the price of commodities.
You can rapidly set the price of several commodities using bulk operations.
Do you sell 100 items in your business at the same price? You won’t need to manually configure it for every product, however, since the bulk action lets you quickly establish the same cost for several items with only two clicks.

YITH Cost of Goods nulled plugin Decide which parameters will be applied to the cost of the product.
You may add taxes, shipping charges, and payment gateway fees to the product price. The nulled plugin will figure out the total cost to show in the reports.

The sales report (YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce) need to provide information.
Yith Cost of Goods for WooCommerce sales report
You can monitor all of the product portfolio’s expenses and revenues on the dedicated dashboard.
One table may monitor product price, revenue depending on stock availability for each product, costs, and profit margin expressed both as a percentage and in economic terms. You can examine how your shop is doing using this dashboard, as well as what steps you can take to reduce costs and maximize sales.

YITH Cost of Goods nulled plugin Easily keep an eye on product stock availability and potential profits depending on it.
On the second dashboard of the plugin, you can keep an eye on each product’s yield and available stock. This aids in figuring out which things you should stock more of and projects your potential revenue based on the actual availability of the goods.

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