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YITH FAQ for WooCommerce nulled plugin 2.15.0

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What the plugin accomplishes
Create an unlimited number of FAQs to display on any page of your shop or on product pages.
What you can get from it:

improve your store’s user experience by providing clear information on payments, shipping, rules, and so on in an easy-to-use FAQ area;
Create a FAQ page to address any concerns or objections your consumers may have before purchasing a product.
Create bespoke FAQs to display on product pages and give your consumers all the information they need to make an educated buying choice;
decrease the stress on your customer support personnel by enabling consumers to discover solutions to their own queries;
Improve the indexing of your website by capturing and using search phrases linked to your store and the items you offer.

YITH FAQ for WordPress & WooCommerce nulled plugin

YITH FAQ for WordPress & WooCommerce nulled plugin Create a FAQ system to quickly address the most common questions that your clients have.
It’s a well-known problem that online users have to deal with: they can’t ask someone in person for help. “Will this bag fit my laptop?” “What if I buy the wrong size?” “Can I return the product?” along with “Does your store ship to my country?” And what is the price?” and “Is this product free of cruelty?” I will not buy products that have undergone animal testing!”

These and other worries are real obstacles to sales: according to some statistics, 35 percent of customers decide not to buy items they are interested in if they are unable to get prompt answers to their questions from the online retailer.

You can create a FAQ system with YITH FAQ for WordPress & WooCommerce that accomplishes two things: first, you can create a FAQ page that addresses all of the frequently asked questions about your shop (such as shipping, payments, policies, returns, refunds, and so on), and second, you can create a FAQ section for each product page that addresses particular queries about your products (such as sizes, fabrics, dimensions, and laundry instructions).

YITH FAQ for WooCommerce nulled plugins and WordPress Use Gutenberg blocks to create an infinite number of FAQs and add content to them.
Would you rather create multiple FAQ pages or have some queries appear on the Customer Care page and others in the footer? No worries, you can create an infinite number of FAQs using this plugin, and you can utilize Gutenberg blocks to create the content for them. This enables you to create intricate FAQs that include text, buttons, images, icons, and more.

Make categories for your FAQ so that users may browse through the questions.

Do you want to make sure that this page is easy for users to navigate because you have too many FAQs to display? Ask users to filter the questions (using AJAX) based on the topic and category they are interested in after you have sorted them into categories (e.g., “Orders”, “Shipping”, “Returns & Refunds”, etc.).

Use the shortcode or the Gutenberg block to display FAQs on your store.
You may create an infinite number of “shortcodes” or Gutenberg blocks to display certain questions on your store pages after the questions are created. They can be placed at the bottom, in a sidebar, on a dedicated FAQ page, or in any other widget area. When you build the shortcode, you may alter the appearance, the number and kind of questions that are displayed, and much more.


NEW Assign goods to FAQ sections.

With WooCommerce, the nulled plugin now fully functions, enabling you to create distinct FAQ sets for each of your product pages. A new FAQ tab will appear on the product page, next to the standard WooCommerce ones. Here, you can answer your customers’ pre-sale inquiries by displaying the most frequently asked questions about your products in real time.

Permit users to search for an answer to a query.

Choose whether to show a search box so that users may quickly get the answers to their queries by typing in a query and searching for certain terms.

Show the contents table for the FAQ

Do you have a page where questions are posted one after the other in succession? To improve your site’s usability, why not just show a table of contents with links to each question? This will allow your users to quickly find the question they are looking for and scroll down to it with just one click.

Redesign the FAQ’s appearance.

You can change the FAQ’s design in every way since version 2.0, including the font, colors, icons, pagination, and filter style. This section will therefore blend in with the style of your brand and the layout of your store.


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