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YITH Multi Currency Switcher for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.15.0

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Enable a multi-currency system in your business to allow consumers to view and pay for items in their native currency. This allows your e-commerce shop to be international-ready, display a currency switcher, geolocate users, create custom rules, hide payment methods, set currency rates manually or use API, and set optional exchange costs.

YITH Multi Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

The nulled plugin YITH Multi Currency Switcher for WooCommerce It’s time to expand your online audience if you have an e-commerce site. Selling online gives you the advantage of easily reaching customers globally, allowing you to instantly internationalize your business with a few clicks.

YITH Multi Currency Switcher for WooCommerce nulled plugin On the other side, customers are far less likely to make an order in a currency they are unfamiliar with and would rather peruse stores where prices are shown in their own local currency. As such, it is essential that your shop be user-friendly and tailored to the needs of the market segments you need to target if you want to sell your products “beyond borders and boundaries” and not have your business restricted by location.

We provide a WooCommerce nulled plugin Switcher by YITH that allows you to add several currencies to your company while maintaining a flawless client experience. Communicate with your Russian and US customers in roubles and dollars, respectively; show your product price to UK customers in pounds and to Chinese customers in yuan. To expand your business internationally and improve your store’s usability for every consumer, wherever they may be, only one plugin is needed.

You can add an endless number of currencies with a few clicks.
From the first nulled plugin page, you can easily and quickly add as many currencies as you wish for your company. You’ll be able to upload an image (like the flag), change the number of decimals shown, define unique wording for each denomination, and much more. You may even display the currency symbol.

YITH Multi Currency Switcher for WooCommerce nulled plugin To ensure that the currency rate is always up to date, either manually set it or utilize an API (from the European Central Bank, Google Finance, or another source).
The currency rates may be changed automatically by using the plugin’s API, or you can enter them manually.

To have the currency rates updated automatically, choose a time interval.

Decide whether to update the exchange rates every day, twice a day, once a week, or once a month. Everything is up to you. To ensure that the plugin always displays the proper price in an entirely automatic manner, you may choose how often it should get fresh rates from the provider.

Choose the currency format that will appear on the website (label, separators, and symbol placement).
You can change the decimal and thousand separators, the number of decimals, the position of the symbol (left, right, with or without a space separator), and whether the currency is displayed as a symbol ($, €, etc.), a text label (USD, EUR, etc.), or both ($-USD, €-EUR, etc.) for each currency you add.

Disable different payment methods for customers purchasing with a certain currency.

Do you want clients who are making payments in USD to be limited to using credit cards for payment? Or should PayPal not be available to those making peso payments? With the plugin, you can completely manage the accessible payment methods and disable them for certain currencies.

Prices are automatically presented in the user’s local currency, and users may be geolocated.

Users can find it cumbersome to manually change the currency. To improve customer experience, you may geolocate your users and show them their local currency automatically. Pricing will be shown in US dollars for users in the US and euros for users in the EU, and so on. This is the best way to ensure that every customer is comfortable.

To choose the currency to show users at a certain place, use custom rules.

To override the geolocation settings, create custom rules and choose which rules users will see by default based on their country of origin. For instance, provide the costs to Argentine clients in US dollars rather than in their local currency, the Argentine peso.

Set up a default currency that will be shown on the checkout page.

Do you want customers to be able to pay in one default currency but be able to view prices in their local currency as well? With just one click, you can force a default currency on all of your users at the checkout.

Provide a sticky currency converter.

Are you trying to find a modern solution with an eye-catching, dramatic design? With only one click, you can make sticky currency badges appear on the left or right side of your screen.

Enter each product’s price by hand in each currency.

You may manually modify the price by inputting a different value for each currency, or you can let the product price update automatically based on exchange rates. This lets you set different prices based on the user’s location and the displayed currency.

In your shop, set the values of the discount codes for each currency.
Set the values of the coupon codes for every currency that is available so that you may create unique promotions for every currency.

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