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YITH Product Description in Loop nulled plugin 1.0.18

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With this plugin, you may replace the generic product description with personalized content for goods on loop pages.
What you can get from it:
You may create brief and targeted descriptions that better reflect your items on loop pages without displaying superfluous material that is automatically pulled from the product page description.

You may use this language to include a slogan, special deals, and keywords that will attract the attention of your clients and entice them to visit the product page and read the details.
You may change the style and feel of the description by changing the font colors, size, alignment, and so on.

YITH Product Description in Loop nulled plugin  Customized and sales-oriented language should be used instead of the basic product description.
This is why we created this plugin: we saw that the plugin description texts on our home page did not accurately portray what the plugin is since the brief text was automatically removed from the product detail page. The loop text displayed a few lines of meaningless language, sometimes even broken phrases.

Looking at our clients’ e-commerce websites revealed to us that this is a frequent problem that each WooCommerce user has since virtually all of their stores display texts that are neither market-oriented nor beneficial or instructive to the consumers.

This is how we came up with YITH nulled plugin Product Description in Loop: a simple but powerful plugin that provides a textarea on the product detail page where you can enter (and format) the text that will replace the default one in the WooCommerce loop.

Customize the description text colour and size

Or inherit it from the theme style

Customize the position where the description appears

So that it can perfectly integrate with your shop appearance

Change the color and size of the description text.
Style settings may also be inherited from the theme style.

Customize the location of the description so that it blends in with the overall look of your business.

Set a limit on the amount of words.
For the description, so that the length remains constant between products

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool Wpml Compatible.

Add a brief custom description of the product to be shown on the Shop page.
Display the description on Category and Tag pages as well.
Override the product edit page’s general settings.

Use the advanced editor or the basic editor to enter the description.
Change the color and location of the description text.
Enable the word count to specify the maximum amount of words for all product descriptions on archive pages.
In your descriptions, you may use any shortcode.


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