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YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page nulled plugin 4.6.0

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The plugin allows users to customize their My Account pages with various content, including promotions, discounts, surveys, and more. It also allows for promotion and display messages directly from the My Account page, creates restricted sections for specific roles, personalizes the layout, edits WooCommerce default sections, and allows users to upload their profile avatar.

YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page nulled plugin

YITH Customize My Account Page for WooCommerce nulled plugin An excellent tool for enhancing user experience and boosting the My Account page.
The My Account page is among the most visited sections of an online store. Users often visit their profile page to track orders, change their payment options and personal details, and more.

YITH Customize My Account Page for WooCommerce nulled plugin Because of this, it is essential to have a section that is easy to use and where users can easily find the information they need. You can also make the most of this section by including content, promotions, and other offers that could encourage customers to become repeat customers and make purchases.

Make YITH WooCommerce unique. You may alter the standard WooCommerce components on the My Account Page and add new sections with any kind of material, including text, images, videos, downloadable files, discount coupons, and more. You may choose to show the contents to all users or only those who have a certain role, and you can advertise exclusive offers and products.

Our plugin has all the features you need to strengthen and enhance the My Account page.

Choose the My Account page layout.

YITH WooCommerce Plugin: Customize My Account Page Nulled Is the menu horizontal or vertical? Is the design minimalist, classic, or modern? Select the layout that works best for your company and decide whether the menu should be horizontal, vertical, right, or left. Tailor the colors, iconography, and spacing to your own design requirements.

Adjust the default endpoints for WooCommerce.

Do you want to alter the WooCommerce endpoints’ names or order? Put a personalized message on the dashboards of your users or place a personalized icon next to the endpoint? The only solution that lets you modify the endpoints without requiring you to edit the code of your website is this plugin.

Create an endless number of unique endpoints.

Would you want to create a new My Account page with how-to videos and assembly instructions? Create a page with links to your policies, frequently asked questions, and customer service contact details. Or maybe you could create a page where you advertise a service or something and invite people to get in touch with you? Using the visual editor, create an endless number of endpoints and add content to them.

Create endpoint groupings.

To make the hierarchy and structure of your information clear and easy to navigate, arrange your content and break it into parts.

Use banners to display dynamic content on the dashboard.

Utilize the new em>banner/em> capability to enhance the user experience: Establish tabular segments for effortless access to orders, account details, payment options, and decide whether to exhibit a badge alert containing the overall quantity of components: the quantity of orders, products in the wishlist (in case you utilize our YITH Wishlist plugin), total points (in case you employ our YITH nulled Points and Rewards plugin), and so forth.

Divide divisions according to different user roles or members.

If you use our Membership nulled plugin, you may choose which of your custom endpoints and their contents are accessible to all users, solely to certain user roles, or only to members of a particular plan.

Give your user a default avatar that they may change to something of their own.
Set your users’ default avatar (make it distinctive or match the style of your shop!) Next, decide whether to let them submit a custom avatar by turning on or off the option.

The endpoints section needs to include more links.

Include a link that will direct them to the products that are currently on sale, the Shop page, or an external URL, such a landing page.

Blocked email domains are ones that cannot be registered.

Is it your intention to prevent certain email addresses from creating accounts on your website? Create your own personal “denylist” and keep authority over the accounts you set up in your shop.

Add reCaptcha to the registration form.

To increase shop security, include a reCaptcha feature onto your registration form.

Ask your customers to confirm their accounts.

To activate their account, send new users an email including a verification code and instructions.

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