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Selling gift cards can boost your store’s earnings, increase conversions during the holiday season, boost your shop’s popularity, and increase average order value. With 98% of e-commerce businesses selling gift cards, they are expected to earn over a trillion dollars by 2030. Reaching more consumers and gaining loyalty are key benefits.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards nulled plugin

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Nulled Plugin Gift cards are the most effective marketing tool for boosting retail sales.
Gift cards, also known as gift certificates, have historically been the best option when selecting a gift for a friend or colleague since they are versatile and easy to use. They just make life easier for both those who buy and those who get them.

According to Allied Market Research, gift card turnover (which has continuously increased over the previous decade) will soon grow by 14%, from 5.7 billion in 2020 to 16 billion in 2028. By 2030, online gift card sales will total 1.1 trillion dollars. That is why 98% of e-commerce stores now sell gift cards: they are an excellent marketing tool for raising sales, especially during the holiday season, and establishing customer loyalty over time.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Nulled Plugin If you manage an online business and want the easiest way to start selling gift cards, YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards will be your best friend and a game changer: our plugin is the best and most complete solution available online. It will enable you to create gift cards in minutes, and your customers will be able to change them, email them, or print them from home.

Create digital gift cards to sell at your company and send to clients via email.

Gift cards are quick, simple, and versatile: you can buy one with a few clicks and send it to the recipient in real time.

It is easy to design a gift card: Create the “gift card” product, choose the amount ($25, $50, $100, etc.), and decide whether or not customers may add their own custom amount, then upload a snappy image, and you’re done! You can begin selling gift cards at your company in less than three minutes.

Offer virtual gift cards for sale.
Offer authentic gift cards for sale.
Create printable gift cards to present to customers.
Do you sell physical printed gift cards in your business and want to replicate the same customer experience online? You may simply sell non-digital gift cards and send them to the customer when the transaction is complete.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Nulled Plugin With a single click, you may produce many gift codes for the same amount.
Do you want to quickly send ten gift card vouchers, each with a $50 credit, without needing your customers to buy them from your business or place new orders? The new bulk option in the plugin panel allows you to make many gift cards for the same value with only two clicks.

Generate gift card codes in bulk!

CSV gift card import and export

Gift cards may be imported and exported as a CSV file.
To answer one of the most often requested features, we added the ability to import and export gift cards to a CSV file right from the plugin.

You may simply switch from Smart Coupons to the YITH nulled plugin Gift Cards.
You may easily erase Smart Coupons and convert Store Credit / Gift Certificate coupons on your website into gift cards using the built-in feature.

Smart coupons may be converted to gift cards.

Interface that is easy to utilize

Design that is current, simplistic, and matches any theme
We update the plugin design on a regular basis to guarantee that it always appears current and is compatible with any WordPress theme.

Buying and customizing a gift card from your company will be simple owing to the new UI, even for non-technical customers. They will just need to choose the gift card denomination, write a customized message, and enter the recipient’s email address.Create themed photo galleries to customize your gift cards.
An unusual feature of our plugin that we included after analyzing Amazon: you may create an infinite number of photo categories to customize your gift cards. For example, you may add themed visuals for Christmas and birthdays, as well as pictures representing friendship and family, and offer your customers a range of ways to set up gift cards. An expressive image or humorous artwork may provide that additional touch that makes a difference for the receiver.

Personalize the photo gallery.

Allow customers to create gift cards using their own images or designs.
A gift card may seem to be an impersonal last-minute option to save the bother of locating the ideal gift. This is why it is vital to enable your customers to customize their gift cards with their own photographs or graphics. According to industry data, 68% of customers are annoyed when they can’t enter a personalized message or upload their own photos when purchasing a gift card. If you can remove this discomfort, you will be able to deliver a positive shopping experience and increase gift card sales in your store.

Set the gift card quantities or let customers enter their own.

You may create fixed-amount gift cards or personalize several pre-set values and allow your customers to choose which one they want. For even more flexibility, present an input form where buyers may enter a custom amount – you can set a minimum amount to enter for the gift card anyhow.

Customized or preset amount.

Date of gift card delivery.
Allow customers to choose when the gift card will be emailed to the recipient.
It’s critical to be able to choose when the gift card is delivered: by utilizing the date and time selector, you may buy the gift card far in advance (up to three months) and guarantee it comes on your friend’s birthday or Christmas Eve. However, if it is a last-minute gift, they may always use same-day delivery.

Allow consumers to give virtual gift cards or download PDF versions.
Do your customers want to print their own gift cards? There is no problem at all. They may get it as a PDF file via email, print it fast from home, and physically deliver it to the addressee.

Gift cards may be produced

Give this product as a gift. Hot.
Allow customers to buy a gift card for a specific product in your company.
Another distinguishing feature of our nulled plugin is the ability to include a call to action on your product pages to encourage users to send a gift card that will be automatically created for the same amount as the price of a certain product and will promote that purchase to the recipient. This is a terrific way to propose a product that you feel your loved one will like. The plugin offers an additional option that allows the sender to include shipping costs for the recommended items.

Place a QR code on the gift card.

Choose whether or not to add a QR code with the gift card. By scanning the code with a smartphone, the recipient is sent to your website’s Shop page, where the gift card code is automatically added to the basket.

Display the QR code on the gift card HOT.

When the gift card arrives and is used in your shop, tell the sender.
Senders often have worries about gift cards: has the recipient received them? Was the shipment delivered successfully? Did the recipient appreciate your thoughtfulness? To provide a positive experience for your customers, you can set up a delivery note (to confirm to the sender that the gift card was correctly sent) and an additional notification to let them know that the gift card was used to make a purchase in your business.

The dashboard allows you to manage and update gift cards.

You may monitor and manage the gift cards available in your store using the customized dashboard, such as deactivating them, checking the orders on which they were used, displaying the used and remaining amount, and so on.
The dedicated table allows you to rapidly monitor and manage any gift card codes collected in your organization. You may review the redeemed credit, the order in which it was spent, and the remaining balance for each gift card. You may also change the gift card’s current balance and expiration date, or disable it completely.

Set up the Cart and Checkout pages in a more complicated way.

Choose where the gift card code form should show on the Cart and Checkout pages, tailor the design, and allow your customers to see and change the delivery information directly from the Cart page. Beginning with version 3.0, users may enter the gift card code into WooCommerce’s standard coupon form, which eliminates a duplicated input field while improving page design and usability.

Cart has a gift card package.

Check the balance on your gift card.
Create a website where your clients may view the remaining balance on their gift cards.
You can use the documentation’s shortcode to include a form on any page of your website that allows customers to check the remaining balance of a gift card simply entering the code in the relevant field – a service they will definitely enjoy.

Create a website where your workers may check the remaining balance of their gift cards.

A great solution for handling gift cards in your physical store: you can create a page where the remaining amount of any gift card may be adjusted by entering the particular shortcode. When a gift card is used in your physical company, you can simply modify its balance by inputting the code and amount to be deducted – there is no need to manually edit the gift card on the backend!

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