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YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled plugin 4.3.0

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What the add-on does
You can maintain customer satisfaction with a quick incentive program and an effective points-based loyalty program.
What advantages it offers:

Retention of customers: By employing points, you can increase the amount of customers that stick with you, maintain their loyalty, and encourage repeat business to accrue redeemable points.
Create connections: as points are accumulated, clients are psychologically rewarded, which helps to strengthen the bond between them and the store.
Boost conversions: Point systems incentivize customers to spend more in order to reach a target and accrue points (47% of buyers complete the point collection in order to receive a coupon for a discount or a free product).
A company’s success depends on its ability to make its customers happy. Points, prizes, and discounts do just that.
By giving clients goals to complete in order to proceed to the next level or earn badges, you may use gamification to promote sales.
Give users points for sharing a referral link to activate a referral system. Every new customer who registers through their referral link and every transaction completed through this connection will allow them to accrue points.

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled plugin

WordPress plugin YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled You can maintain your customers’ satisfaction with quick rewards and point-based loyalty programs.
Point accumulation is a very effective way to engage and reward customers, giving them the opportunity to save money or receive a reward upon meeting specific point requirements.

WordPress plugin YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled Collector programs represent a turning point in loyalty initiatives within the field of marketing strategies. You can provide points for every purchase a customer makes, specific expenditure thresholds, their birthday, every review they write about your products, and more with YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards. You can also encourage customers to register for your store in order to receive points. In order to boost sales, you may also develop a robust referral program and use gamification by giving customers objectives to reach new levels, visible badges, and public rankings.

A discount coupon that is immediately added to the user’s basket can be used to redeem points. For swiftly setting up and running a strong customer loyalty program, our plugin is the best choice.

To assign different points to different products or categories, set a global value and apply rules.

If necessary, assign a different number to particular products or categories (e.g., you can assign a higher number of points only on the purchase of product X and no points at all on the purchase of products in category Y). Create a global rule to define the number of points to be assigned based on the product value.

WordPress plugin YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled Assign different points to every product.

The user has the ability to set different points.
Establish guidelines for assigning different points to members, specific users, and users who accomplish a particular “level.”
Giving each user one point for every 10 dollars spent with your company is appropriate. Perhaps, though, you require more. If you’re using our Membership plugin, you might want to give members or certain users extra points for every $10 spent. Another way you may use gamification is to give 5 points for every $10 spent to clients who have reached the “gold” level and amassed 1000 points. To retain and honor your best customers, you can create as many restrictions as you like.

Permit point accumulation for all users or just those in a specific position.
Decide if all consumers who purchase from your store can accrue points, or if only customers who fit certain responsibilities can.

  • User roles are able to receive points.
  • Provide more points
  • Fresh

Give extra points for achieving particular goals or fulfilling prerequisites, like the users.
Give users extra points when they meet certain requirements (like 10 points on their birthday, 5 points for each review posted, 30 points for each new user registered through a referral link, etc.) or reach a goal (like placing 100 orders, spending €1000, earning 500 points, reaching a specific level or ranking #1, etc.).

By creating stages and badges, you may use gamification to rate and reward your customers.

We improved our plugin by including levels and badges to help users become categorized based on how many points they have accrued. To reward clients who reach particular levels, you can create unique prizes and rules (either with more points or with better point conversion rates). Each level can have a unique label, color, and badge applied to it. These will appear in the customer’s rank and in My Account.

The gamification of badges and levels
  • Client assessment
  • Make a website that lists the top clients with the most points in a rated manner.
  • People are naturally competitive; take advantage of this by listing the clients who have earned the most points publicly and awarding bonus points to the top user.

Make custom banners to entice users to earn more points on the My Account page.
Make as many banners as you like and choose from three categories: “Simple” (text), “Get points” (to motivate your users to complete a task and gain more points, like reviewing a product, finishing their profile, sharing a referral link, etc.), or “Target” (total spend, particular level achievements, etc.). Use images, color, and progress indications to make the banners stand out.

Gamification banners
  • Notable attributes
  • Modify the messages displayed on the pages for the products, loop, and cart.
  • To improve the message conveyed to customers about the points they would receive when purchasing the product, add unique wording, an icon or picture, and change the text and background colors.
You have the option to apply a fixed or percentage discount when redeeming points.

Users can trade in their points for a discount that gets added to their cart. Select if the discount is applied as a percentage (20% off the cart value) or as a fixed amount (such as €50).

Conversion rate

Conversion rates among users differ. Fresh
Adjust the conversion rate for specific users, members, jobs, or users who attune to a particular “level”
You may design a general redemption rule that, upon a customer reaching 100 points, generates a $25 voucher code. In this case, though, you’ll also need a tailored solution to provide a $50 offer code just to premium members. With the new redemption rules, you can now use them to reward specific user roles, members, or levels by using them alone to establish a higher (or lower) conversion rate.

Give customers who use their points for a purchase free delivery.
Decide whether to offer free delivery to customers who buy anything and use the points they’ve accrued to receive a discount. Giving customers free delivery could be a fantastic way to thank them and get them to buy!

There is no cost for shipping.

Limitations of redemption

Establish limits on the amount of points that can be redeemed, such as a minimum cart value or a maximum discount.
To enable customers to redeem points in accordance with your specifications, you can apply restrictions. For example, you might set a minimum cart value, a maximum discount on a certain product, or a restriction on the cart when using a coupon.

On the cart page, provide customers the option to select how many points to redeem and how much of a discount to apply.
Give prompt, understandable feedback on the amount of points redeemed in the cart to improve the user experience. Give customers the option to select and enter the number of points they want to redeem, and let them see the corresponding discount in real time.

Point redemption on a cart
Table of customer feedback
a dashboard that makes it easy for customers to keep track of and manually adjust their points.
Keep tabs on users and the points they have accrued. If you see any irregularities, you can personally edit their profiles by adding, removing, or resetting points or banning them.

Handle the points for returned or canceled transactions.
If the transaction is canceled or refunded, you can choose to have earned points removed and/or redistribute points redeemed with a returned order.

Key takeaways

Data import and export to and from a CSV file
It is possible to import or export points to and from a CSV file rapidly.
You may now import your customers’ points from another solution without having to worry about losing their rewards by using the CSV import tool. If you wanted to export the points to a spreadsheet and then import them again after the totals were refreshed, that option would be helpful.

Give users access to a secure area where they may control their progress and accumulated points. Users can easily monitor their orders placed, activities connected to their points, and points gained right from their own profile.

Points for My Account

Users should be reminded to buy something before their points run out.
Encourage clients to come back to your store and make further purchases without losing the points they have already earned. This is a powerful and easy way to keep customers and boost sales.


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