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YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder nulled plugin 1.38.0

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What the add-on does
Write more reviews in the future: Remind your consumers via email to leave a review for the products they bought.
What advantages it offers:

Increasing the number of reviews for the products you sell will help you build a stronger online presence and reputation. It will also encourage users to make a purchase because, as 77% of users do research before making a purchase, positive reviews left by satisfied customers will encourage users to make a purchase.
Integrating your customer reviews with YITH Review for Discount will maximize their value.

YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder nulled plugin

Reminder for YITH WooCommerce Review Nulled Plugin To increase sales at your online store, get your consumers to write product reviews.
A market survey indicates that 77% of potential buyers look for user reviews before making a purchase from your online store. Therefore, getting a positive evaluation from a devoted client is essential for boosting revenue and building credibility in the internet marketplace.

Reminder for YITH WooCommerce Review Nulled Plugin Based on industry research, reviews can boost conversions by up to 77%, making them the perfect addition to any e-commerce site. This means that eight out of ten people who visit your website will only make a purchase after reading the product reviews left by prior buyers.

How can you encourage current clients to leave reviews on your website, improving your business’s online reputation and driving more sales?
It is not practical to get in touch with them individually; the task would be too much to bear. This is where our YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder plugin comes in handy. Using the administration panel, you can set it up to automatically send an email requesting that your customers provide reviews for the products they have bought. swiftly, easily, and successfully.

Choose the products for which you would like to get a response.

Decide if you want to ask for reviews of every item you’ve bought or just a few specific product categories (most popular, most sold, etc.).

Reminder for YITH WooCommerce Review Nulled Plugin Arrange for your request to be distributed to your consumers automatically.
for setting up the request’s automated shipment after a predetermined number of days from the product’s sale.

Select which email addresses are not to get the request.

The block list panel allows you to keep an eye on users who have requested to be taken off the review reminder service.

Choose from three polished email templates.

Choose from the three customizable styles available in the administration panel to give your request emails a more organized and polished appearance. To make the email easier to read, you may also include pictures of the items your customer owns.

For email management, use the Mandrill integration.

In just a few seconds, automate the creation of personalized reminders by creating a MailChimp account.

Get a list of the reminders you have scheduled by visiting the “Schedule List” page.

You may view and delete all of your scheduled reminders—both past and present—from this page without opening another tab.

Monitor your email correspondence.

and configure Google Analytics ad hoc campaigns.

Send an email to every purchase that has been registered.

You could even ask customers who made purchases from you before you started using this plugin to leave a review.

Create custom email templates.

because YITH WooCommerce Email Templates (not included) are completely compatible.

Ask your users if it’s okay to send them emails.

In the event that they say no, emails will be stopped and they will be added to the block list.

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