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YITH WordPress Test Environment nulled plugin 1.2.2​

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What the plugin accomplishes
Manage online demonstrations of your WordPress themes or plugins by automatically, safely, and quickly granting admin access to clients or colleagues.
What you can get from it:

You will be able to specify the scheduled reset of online demonstrations so that the test pages are always accurate and ready to use, allowing your customers to test digital items securely without the chance of damaging the demos.

YITH WordPress Test Environment nulled plugin Make your consumers feel like they are the protagonists of a one-of-a-kind experience by quickly making them administrators in your live demo!
Do you create and sell WordPress plugins or themes?

If you answered yes, you must have realized how crucial it is to let your clients check things out online, and that this creates a slew of problems for you to handle.

I realize you believe a video instruction would solve this, but you may not be considering the significant downside of not allowing buyers to try your goods or see all of the possibilities your product provides.

YITH WordPress Test Environment nulled plugin  Do you know what your consumers want before they buy? They want to be able to test the things on their own! They want to test the administration panel, examine the impact of every single choice in the frontend area, and check whether the product functionalities can meet their demands before making a purchase.
That’s exactly what they want!

YITH WordPress Test Environment nulled plugin  We created the finest WordPress plugin for creating sandbox environments and online test environments for WordPress themes and plugins, so you can provide your customers exclusive access to a live demo.

Your clients will be able to test all of your product’s functionalities in an easy and rapid manner, thanks to a dedicated access that grants them unique admin privileges.

This will enable you to eliminate those pesky refund requests caused by early misconceptions about how your product operates.

Our YITH WordPress Test Environment builds a cloned version of your live demo immediately, using your customer’s IP address to quickly request it and provide them access.
This clone will be automatically wiped after a certain period of time, which you will be able to choose, leaving no trace, not even from client files sent to your server.

What if numerous people try to utilize your online demo?

Consider having 25 to 40 individuals attempting to test your online demo at the same time.
They would all try to save their own settings but would always overwrite themselves, resulting in an unsatisfying and irritating client experience.

Obviously, you’d shut down a live demo like that immediately away, right?
From now on, you can provide your consumers the greatest experience possible with your themes and plugins.

Allow your users to experiment with themes and plugins.
By generating a sandbox with all of the original site content and allowing them to try all of the choices from the back-end
Make a sandbox

Each new media file used by the user will be saved in the Clone uploads directory in the sandbox environment.

To prevent overloading your server,
Count of sandboxes
Set the sandbox’s duration.
After its expiry, the user will be disconnected, and the sandbox, along with the associated data, will be erased.
The longevity of sandboxes

Display the countdown on the page
To notify the user of the remaining time to test the plugin and/or theme
The sandbox is about to expire.
Encourage consumers to buy the product they’re trying.
Using the button at the top of the page
Buy Now button

Change the style and colors.
To better match the topbar components to your theme Style choices
Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool Wpml Compatible.

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