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Ramom School Nulled Script 6.2

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A complete curriculum management tool is provided by the multi-branch school management system Ramom School. The solution guarantees the security and confidentiality of all data by offering a single point of management for several departments. A single point of management for all branches and staff is made possible by the comprehensive curriculum management tool known as the Ramom School Management ERP System. Features of the system include the ability to save principal and instructor comments on report cards, class position and rank for tests, examination mark register validation check, and an RTL (Right to Left) upgrade installer. Users can access records of all systems in use and move between languages and sessions thanks to the system’s translation systems. PHP 7.2+, MySQL 5.x, mod_rewrite Apache, MySQLi PHP Extension, PDO PHP Extension, cURL PHP Extension, OpenSSL PHP Extension, MBString PHP Extension, GD PHP Extension, and Zip PHP Extension are all compatible with the Ramom School Management ERP System.

Ramom School Nulled Script

The Multi Branch School Management System at Ramom School

Modifications to version 6.2

Installer Upgrade: Added.
  • Updates for your addon can now be made online.
  • RTL is now accessible (Right to Left).
  • Class standing and exam rank added.
  • You can now enable or disable the exam status feature.
  • It is now possible to enable or disable the option to publish exam results.
  • The Validation Check for the Examination Marks Register is currently accessible.
  • Among these is the option to store the remarks made on report cards by instructors and the principal.
  • You may now automate the fine for offline payments.
  • Customizable currency format is a new feature.
  • It is possible to change where the currency symbol appears.
  • The names and addresses of all the schools are now displayed on the login page.
  • There’s now a rapid exam schedule creation feature.
  • There is now an option to make class schedules rapidly.
  • The option to download accounting attachment files for use in the office has been upgraded.
  • The branch loading problem has been resolved.
  • The roll is in use in a different session already.
Problem with Inventory Category Editing: Conclusion.

The inventory module is no longer hidden in the sidebar.
Inventory sales are not displayed by the admin position. This has been resolved.
Problem Solved: The Sales Page Now Shows All Branch Products.
There will be no more parent additions.
adapted the SMS API for Twilio.
I changed the Zoom API to utilize OAuth rather than JWT.
tended to every known problem.

Starting Online Live Courses

Create a Zoom account, then copy and paste the AP keys into the “School Settings” menu’s “Live Class Settings” area.
For every live lesson, schedule a different meeting using your Zoom account.
Upon entering your password and Zoom meeting ID, you can add a live class to your Ramom School app.
When a class is in session, students will receive an SMS notification in addition to being visible on the page for live classrooms.
Staff meetings will start via Ramom School via the Zoom app shortly before the scheduled time.
It only takes a single click on the “Join Class” button to approve a student’s request to attend class.
After enrolling, the learner will have access to live video streaming for the lessons.
Further details are included in the documentation.

One comprehensive tool for managing the curriculum is the Ramom School Management ERP System. A business with multiple branch schools could be able to manage all of them and their staff from a single point of contact thanks to this program. Admin will be in charge of every branch. Information regarding other branches is not accessible to or editable by users of those other branches. All data security and confidentiality shall be upheld. Both polytechnics and universities can benefit from it, and it functions well. Users have the ability to switch between languages and sessions, access records of all active systems, and utilize translation systems. Multi-branch systems are a single solution that can save you money and time.


Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF)
XSS, or cross-site scripting Avoidance
Hashing Passwords to Prevent SQL Injection

System prerequisites

PHP 7.2 and above
5.x MySQL mod_rewrite Apuana
MySQLi PHP Add-on
PDO PHP Extension cURL PHP Add-on
OpenSSL PHP Add-on
GD/PHP MBString Extension Zip file for PHP extensions Enabled the PHP Extension allow_url_fopen

php Nulled Script

php Script

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