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66socialproof is a marketing toolbox that offers social proof and FOMO widgets notifications (SAAS) to engage and keep website visitors engaged. The program includes 14 included notifications, including endless campaigns, customizable notification parameters, stats for notifications and campaigns, conversions from notifications, two-factor authentication, dim mode, SEO compatibility, and a sitemap.

Administrators can use the platform to make money through various payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Coinbase Crypto Payments, Bitcoin website Bitcoin Payments, Razorpay, PAYU Payments, Paystack, MercadoPago payment system, and more. The admin panel allows users to create, view, modify, ban, or remove users from the platform, and the platform’s administrative interface allows users to create, view, update, or remove any custom page.

The platform is ready for multi-language use, with the admin panel making it easy to translate and administer the website in different languages. The statistics page provides a good idea of what goes on on the website, while the admin panel allows users to create, view, modify, ban, or remove users from the platform.

The platform’s administrative interface allows users to create, view, update, or remove any custom page, and the multilingual blog allows users to make new blog posts, update existing ones, or remove whole categories. The settings page allows users to make changes to their website, customize their company profile and payment options, set up ad codes, announce things to users, set up event-specific email alerts for administrators, and easily configure and install a cookie consent manager.

The extended license is required for commercial purposes, including the sale of plans to other users.

The author recommends using Namecheap for affordable shared web hosting, Vultr for professional and intermediate VPS hosting, and Cloudways for Virtuozzo Managed VPS hosting. They also mention the use of third-party APIs for certain features, which may not function if compromised. The author also mentions the optional AI Admin Panel Translation and payment methods for extended licenses, which are free but require an optional commission. The author also mentions that all processed data will be permanently deleted after 30 days of using the demo, except for data exclusive to the demo. The author also mentions that support requests will be ignored without proof of purchase or proper channels.

66socialproof Nulled Script

66socialproof Nulled Script. Social Proof and FOMO Widget Notifications (SAAS) is provided by 66socialproof.

Establish social proof and FOMO A marketing toolbox containing extensions, pop-ups, and other practical features, 66socialproof (formerly SocialProofo) enables you to captivate and maintain the interest of your website’s visitors.

A Regular License grants you permission to utilize the program individually, as an organization, or as a group. For any commercial endeavor, including the sale of plans to other users, the Extended License is mandatory.
The 66th Showcase: Social Proof
The password is admin.
Fourteen Included Notifications as Features The password is admin.

Users are granted the unrestricted ability to create campaigns for any domain that they possess.

BRANDING OF CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS—Notifications generated by users may bear their own branding.

Infinite Notification Generation: Generate an unlimited number of notifications for every campaign.

NOTIFICATION PARAMETERS THAT ARE HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE: Users are granted absolute authority over the notifications they generate and are able to modify any parameter to their preference.

STATS FOR NOTIFICATIONS AND CAMPAIGNS—Each user will be assigned a unique site that provides comprehensive statistics pertaining to their campaigns and notifications.

Conversions Generated by Notifications: Individual notifications generate conversions that are visible and trackable by users.

Users can enhance the speed of their website access by enabling login via social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Discord.

Utilize Two-Factor Authentication to safeguard the accounts of your users.

Dark Mode

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) Valid URLs, dynamic titles, and extensive language control are all compatible.

You will be granted access to an automatically generated sitemap that is entirely functional.

Not even that…

Specifications for administrators STRIPE Payments: Permit your users to make one-time, recurring, or indefinite payments in order to purchase customized plans.

Generate revenue through PayPal by charging customers one-time, recurring, or lifetime fees for customized plans.

Accept payments made online that are not processed by a conventional bank in order to generate income. Consider utilizing a payment processing service such as PayPal or Stripe if you have yet to do so.

Utilize Coinbase as a cryptocurrency payment platform to gather recurring or one-time payments from clients in exchange for customized plans.

The Bitcoin site Bitcoin Payments: For personalized arrangements, use Crypto.com to collect one-time or recurring payments from your customers.

Razorpay payments can be utilized to acquire recurring, one-time, or lifetime payments from users in exchange for customized programs.


Collect one-time payments for personalized plans from your customers using PAYU.

For customized programs, Paystack enables you to collect one-time, recurring, or lifetime payments from your customers.

Mollie provides the capability to solicit one-time, recurring, or lifetime payments from users in exchange for customized plans.

YOOKASSA PAYMENTS — Generate revenue for personalized programs on yookassa.com by charging one-time or lifetime fees to users.

By charging your customers one-time or indefinite fees for unique plans on Paddle.com, you can generate revenue with Paddle Payments.

For personalized programs, the MercadoPago payment system permits you to charge one-time or lifetime fees to your consumers.

Users can generate an unlimited quantity of redeemable coupons or discounts directly from the administration interface.

Taxes—Effortlessly generate, modify, and apply taxes to payment arrangements.

Ensure accurate invoicing by establishing and producing invoices that prominently display any relevant taxes and discount codes for users.


Configure or completely deactivate the capabilities of each stated plan.

Construct unique, limitless programs for your clientele.

Payments processed through the platform are accessible to you, the administrator, and your users.


The administration interface simplifies the process of translating and managing a website in multiple languages. (Please be advised that translation is not possible for user-generated content.)

The statistics page will provide a comprehensive understanding of the activities that occur on your website.

The administration panel provides users with the ability to create, view, modify, restrict, or remove users from the platform.

The administrative interface of the platform provides users with the capability to modify, delete, add, or access any custom page.

MULTILINGUAL BLOG: You can create new blog posts, edit existing ones, or remove entire categories via the control interface.

Modifying the primary elements, activating or deactivating features, and so forth, is possible via the SETTINGS page, where one can create customized appearances for their websites.

In your SMTP configuration, disable the default landing page and direct users to a website of your choosing.
Activate or deactivate the registration system.
Permit new subscribers to verify their subscription by means of email.
Include a custom favicon, logo, or open graph image in this field.
Customize the profile and payment options for your business.
Create profiles on social media platforms.
Include custom CSS or JavaScript code.
In order to present advertisements to users, you must configure your ad codes.
Convey information to your consumers with ease.
Select and configure a Captcha (Google, hCaptcha, or the default).
Set up email alerts for administrators that are specific to events.
Install and configure a cookie consent manager with ease.

Elements required

For comprehensive information, please visit 66socialproofdocs and peruse the readme file.
Critical: If you intend to use the product for commercial purposes and receive payment from customers you refer to the platform, either directly through the existing payment channels or indirectly through alternative methods, you are obligated to obtain the extended license.

Hosting and domains

These recommendations are derived from my personal experience and research, in addition to the perspectives of my clients and their respective initiatives.

Namecheap: Shared Web Hosting at an Affordable Price for Novices
Expert and Intermediate-level Hosting for Virtual Private Servers: Vultr Cloudways and Virtuozzo VPS Management Hosting
Domain names provided by Namecheap
Implemented external APIs
The following is an inventory of all the functionalities that necessitate an external API for operation. Remember that the functionality of these tools is dependent on the external API; therefore, should the APIs become compromised, the tools will cease to operate.
OpenAI API Translation for the AI Admin Panel: Paid; Optional
While all payment methods for extended licenses are complimentary, an optional commission is required.

Terms and privacy statement additions

The following are the supplementary terms and privacy policies of the item, in conjunction with those enforced by Envato Market. By purchasing, downloading, or utilizing this product, you agree to the supplementary terms and privacy statement.

After utilizing the product demo for approximately 30 days, all processed data, including any data entered manually during software testing, will be deleted permanently.
Except for any data saved exclusively for the demo (users, links, etc.) and any other conceivable custom-related data that is present solely for demonstration purposes, everything you observe in the product demo will be yours.
During the software installation procedure, you will be prompted to input your key so that the validity of your license can be verified.
In addition, the licensing key, URL, and IP address of the server will be stored on our private server. This ensures that we are providing support for active and legitimate product installations.
Your support request will be declined in the absence of purchase verification or if you fail to contact support through the appropriate channels specified on the Support page.
We employ the necessary cookies to monitor who visits our demo and which pages they navigate to for statistical and security purposes. Systematic erasure of this information occurs on a monthly basis. These terms are accepted in exchange for utilizing our demo.

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