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6Valley e commerce Delivery Man Mobile App Template 3.7

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The 6Valley eCommerce System is an e-commerce platform with a delivery man flutter app, developed by Google’s Flutter. It allows admins and sellers to assign orders, view delivery location, and make payments, with smooth performance in Android and iOS builds.

The delivery man mobile app template for 6Valley e-commerce If it’s not already, get the 6Valley eCommerce System. Considering that this isn’t a stand-alone Flutter program. You can only use this Flutter app with the 6Valley eCommerce System.

Sixth Valley Delivery Man The most important component of the 6Valley eCommerce system is the flutter app. An order may be assigned to a delivery person by the administrator and seller to deliver. The order details, payment information, and delivery address are all visible to the delivery man. Flutter was used in the development of the mobile app for 6valley, a complete e-commerce platform. Flutter is an open-source software development kit for user interfaces that was created by Google. It is used to develop cross-platform applications using a single codebase for iOS and Android.

The DeliveryMan App

Demo login credentials: Telephone: +8801234567890 12345678 is the password.

IMPORTANT NOTE 6: Delivery Man Mobile App Template for Valley e-commerce Please create your own Delivery Man credentials from the admin panel for a better experience. Furthermore, the sample database will be updated every one to two hours.
Panel for administration

How Operates:

Initially, buy the 6Valley eCommerce System.
On your server, install the administrator panel.
Install the User flutter app, which comes with this bundle already installed. Sixth Valley Electronic Commerce Platform
Now download the delivery man Flutter app and link it to the 6valley online store.
Build the flutter project and submit it to the Play Store after putting everything up.

6Valley e commerce Delivery Man Mobile App Template Strong design concepts were used by 6amTech to construct each project, and the code structure is kept up to date. We use Flutter technology in the construction of all of our mobile applications as we are professionals in the field. Flutter is used in the development of the buyer, seller, and delivery app for 6valley, a well-known CodeCanyon e-commerce platform. Performance with Flutter is very fluid on both iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile App Template

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