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Academy LMS Nulled Script 6.7

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Academy LMS is a virtual learning environment that integrates an online marketplace for learning. It offers a structured course-based framework that allows instructors and students to share knowledge. Teachers can create infinite amounts of courses, video lessons, and documentation, allowing students to learn at any time and from any location. To use the Academy LMS, educators and course coordinators must review the included documentation and follow the installation and update instructions.

To create courses, educators must create a “Add Course Form” and create a minimum of one segment in each course. They can also manage sections and lessons by clicking the “+Add Section” button. Students can access the website by clicking on the application URL, which takes them to the home page, where they can search for courses, view the ten most recent courses, browse courses by category, and log in if they have already registered.

Students can also add courses to their shopping basket and purchase them by clicking the “Go To Cart” button. After completing the checkout process, students can browse their courses on the My Courses menu and begin playing the courses. The Academy LMS is compatible with PHP scripts and nulled scripts, making it an ideal tool for educators and course coordinators to create and manage online learning environments.

Academy LMS Nulled Script

Academy LMS Nulled Script An online marketplace for learning is integrated into the Academy script.the Academy Lms is a script for a virtual learning environment. In this case, a structured course-based framework helps instructors and students share knowledge. Teachers with specialized knowledge can produce an infinite amount of courses, video lessons, and documentation. By enrolling in these courses, students can learn at any time and from any location.
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A concise manual for educators and course coordinators

Before using the application, thoroughly review all of the included documentation.
To guarantee a cautious application installation, according to the “Installation and Update” instructions.
Please log in as the site administrator to arrange your system.
First, choose the Settings option from the menu on the left sidebar to change your payment and system settings. Additionally, confirm that the Vimeo and

The YouTube API keys that you entered in the System Preferences are legitimate.

Once the Settings have been properly configured, you may add Categories by selecting the Categories option from the menu on the left sidebar.
Subcategories can be created beneath an established category. To create a subcategory, navigate to the Categories page, choose a particular category, and then click the Action dropdown menu and choose Manage Sub-categories. You will then be sent to the Sub-categories page. To create a subcategory, just click the “+Add Sub Category” button and fill out all the fields that need to be filled out.
This is the perfect moment to create some courses. The course will contain all of the video lessons, so you must carefully construct it. From the list on the left, choose the Courses menu item. A “Add Course Form” will appear when you click the “+Add Course” button. Ensure that every field is filled out.
There should be a minimum of one segment in every course. remembering that you will eventually need to compose a lesson for a certain course component. As a result, you have to write at least one part. Navigate to the Courses page, pick a particular course, and then choose Manage Section from the action dropdown menu. You’ll see an empty list of sections after selecting Manage Section. You must click the “+Add Section” button in order to create a section.
You can now construct a lesson because you have already set up a course, a segment, or multiple parts. Let’s go back to the course page, choose a particular course, and then click the Action dropdown option and choose Manage Lesson. The list of lessons you have made will also be shown. Click the “+Add Lesson” button to add a new lesson.

Students’ fast start guide for the course

Considering that the program has already been installed. Students only need to click on the application URL to access the website.
When students click on the URL, they will always be taken to the home page. Students can search for a certain course, view the ten most recent courses, browse courses by category, and look for a specific course directly from the site. If they haven’t enrolled already, students can do so now. A student can log in if they have already registered. Students have the option to add courses to wish lists or shopping carts.
Just clicking on the course image allows students to view course information. Everything you need to know about a course, including the title, description, goals, requirements, lesson plan, instructor bio, rating, and reviews, is available on the course details page. This page offers an overview of the course.
Students must add these courses to their shopping basket in order to purchase them.
After adding a course to their shopping basket, students can select the “Go To Cart” button by hovering over the header cart symbol. The student can see the contents of their cart by clicking this button.

Students are able to take courses out of their purchasing basket at any time.

The total cost of the products in your cart is visible on the right side of the screen. There’s the checkout button underneath it. To complete payment for those courses, all customers need to do is click the Checkout button if they choose to check out.
Students can browse their courses on the My Courses menu following a successful check-out. When a student hovers their cursor over their profile image in the header of the My Courses page, it loads and displays every course they have paid. By selecting the image from the My Courses menu, students can begin playing the courses.



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