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AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template 1.3.0

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AppDL is a Multilingual Tiny App Store for high-speed, secure, and multilingual content. It uses PHP and CodeIgniter frameworks, allowing users to publish apps, create categories, and manage admin dashboard features. Users must have Linux web hosting, PHP versions, and extensions. Regular and Extended licenses are available.

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template is a Multilingual Tiny App Store that focuses on providing a fast, safe, and multilingual file download repository. This tool allows the establishment of an app store similar to Google Play.
The online version enables users to publish games and programs, while administrators may accept or reject user-generated assets. Furthermore, a large quantity of material is available via API, allowing it to be used on a variety of websites and mobile apps (including Android, iOS, and others).

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template was designed and built using the CodeIgniter framework and PHP programming language. The administrative dashboard allows you to create unique languages and distribute blog posts, files, and information that are particular to the language of each nation. You have the power to provide access to any user position, including administrator, employee, ordinary, and VIP user accounts. Apps, Games, and Blogs may have an endless number of categories and subcategories. It is possible to create up to four levels of subcategories.

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template Every effort has been made to optimize the information for search engines (SEO) in the files and blog posts area. You may provide SEO descriptions, keywords, and tags for each file and post. This part also features a commenting and review system that uses the Google Recapcha system as an Ajax component, as well as tight security and screening of comments and reviews to avoid server infiltration. Following the submission of comments/reviews, a list of them may appear on the administrator interface. The management and staff have the power to approve or deny any of the entries.

You may make income for this product by using the internal advertising system included within the admin interface, as well as outside advertising systems such as Google Ads. This capability allows you to include adverts in a variety of sizes and places. You may also monitor the amount of interactions and views for each advertising.

Security precautions include XSS and CSRF protection, form validation, Google reCAPTCHA, and encrypted API access keys.

Android Demo and Live Preview: https://appdl.viacoders.com/dl/app.apk.

Image of the Admin Dashboard: https://appdl.viacoders.com/auth/login.

Email: [email protected]
The password is: 123456789.
The demo version prohibits additions, modifications, and removals.

Admin Section Functions:
Variable user jobs include super admin, employee, normal user, and VIP user.
Allow access to different user responsibilities via the administrative interface.
Observe the user’s behavior.
The online dashboard allows administrators and users to publish games and apps.
A user-submitted application or game may be accepted or declined by an administrator.
Ability to create an infinite number of categories and up to four-level subcategories.
Ability to optimize blog content for search engines.
Users may evaluate, approve, or deny comments posted to individual posts.
Read, accept, or reject user reviews for each application and game.
management and alteration of static pages (including about us, terms of service, and advertising)
Use search engine optimization (SEO) to manage, publish, and alter dynamic pages.
Admin power to limit a certain account.
Internal advertising system with a click-through rate for each ad. Slider with graphics related to blogs, games, and apps
Configure Google AdMob and enable/disable it.
Disable or enable? System reCAPTCHA by Google
Transmission of text notifications
Create a new language and separately include different material into each language.
Capability to adjust the calendar type and time zone based on the provided language
Assign an icon to each social media ID. Enable maintenance mode to prevent data input and alteration at certain periods.
Configuration for email sending and receiving
Ability to specify different logos for pale and dark templates.
The opportunity to customize the admin dashboard design for each account to your preference, including pale and dark choices
Each user must be issued an encrypted API Key before they may access material from other app Template .
The paper educates other programs on how to obtain material using the Rest API.
Complete help with RTL and LTR.
prevent XSS invasions
Secure all forms using CSRF capability.
Reduce the size of a picture while maintaining quality during encoding.
Complete help with UTF-8.
The ability to undertake system cleaning at predetermined intervals in order to free up space for web hosting.
Database removal of Session, Log, Cache, and DebugBar files, as well as user activity data.
Ability to optimize tables in a database.
Present information and specs about the PHP version of the web hosting platform.
Version management

Part User Features:
Password forgetting, registration, and login are all completely safe.
Applications and games may be published via the online interface.
Ability to delete an individual’s account from his dashboard.
Ability to add a fresh remark to each post. Ability to add a fresh review to each application and game.
Search feature for apps and games
Capability of program and game sharing
Complete help with RTL and LTR.
Capability to choose the desired language.
Changing the design of the posts (big and minor)
Changing the text size of the post.

AppDL – Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template. System requirements for hosting Linux websites (cPanel is recommended).
PHP extensions include Curl, GD2, MBString, OpenSSL, PDO, PDO_Mysql, MySQLnd, allow_url_fopen, XML, JSON, Fileinfo, and Intl. 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
MySQL 5.7.x or later; MariaDB 10.x.x.

AppDL Multilingual. Tiny App Store Mobile App Template. Consider Aware.
This assignment required a modest degree of server and web hosting knowledge. If you are unsure about the nature or functioning of this item, you are accompanied by someone who has the appropriate technical knowledge to understand these issues. You are welcome to contact us for installation help, but there will be a cost.
We do not help with installation or learning to modify. When you make a purchase, you agree to depend on the User Manual that is included with the project and to address any difficulties on your own.
It is the users’ obligation to distribute their application on Google Play or other marketplaces. There is no guarantee that the application will be accepted or rejected by the author on Google Play or other platforms.
It is not possible to give a refund for an item after it has been bought since the purchaser has full access to its information. Therefore, use cautious before making a transaction.
We will not be held liable for any errors that occur as a result of your modifications to the code or database.

Use is limited to a single domain only.
Edit or alter the codes as you see appropriate.
Translate whatever language you choose.

Without authorization, you may not resell, distribute, give away, or exchange with any third party or person.
Incorporate this item into products offered on the Envato marketplace, associated websites, or other marketplaces.
Utilize in various areas.

Extended or standard license?
According to the License Type, an Extended License is necessary if:

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template Make your application a paid app.
Your software accepts in-app purchases, which enable users to buy certain features.
Offer your application for sale on auction sites.
Both Regular and Extended licenses may be installed on a single domain. The main difference between these licenses is that the Regular License allows you to share your finished product (which includes the item you bought) for free, while the Extended License only allows you to sell it to paying customers or restricts you from doing so.

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