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Architect Nulled Script 3.0.2

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Architect is a user-friendly HTML and website builder by CodeCanyon, designed for various purposes such as a SaaS application, personal builder, and linked into current projects. It offers features such as easy installation, text editing, release and export, templates, flexible elements system, advanced drag and drop, undo manager, customizable landing pages, SaaS mode, high performance, dark mode, custom pages, menu editor, and Google Analytics integration.

Architect is fully responsive and compatible with various devices, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs. Its documentation covers everything from installation to custom components, and it includes an SEO editor for adjusting SEO tags on each page. The admin panel supports normal login, social media login, registration, password recovery, account settings, and more.

Architect’s professional, pixel-perfect design is based on Google Material Design, and it offers several customization possibilities. Users can choose from multiple homepages, including their own HTML website, landing page, and log in page. The context menu allows users to choose between general options and element-specific ones. Upon purchase, users receive the whole, unencrypted source code, making custom adjustments easy.

The product requires PHP >= 7.3 PDO Extension (default enabled) and php_fileinfo (default enabled) and MySQL Information.

Architect Nulled Script

Architect Nulled Script. Popular Designer – HTML and Website Builder – CodeCanyon Product for Sale.
View live screenshots of Architect, a user-friendly HTML and website builder. It may be utilized in a number of ways, such as a SaaS application, personal builder, linked into current projects, and more.

HTML and Site Builder Architect: 1

Administrative Space
You may see a demo of the admin section by logging in using the username [email protected] and password admin. However, bear in mind that disruptive behaviors such as deleting and altering are not permitted on the demo site.

If you want to test the builder, you need establish a new account on the demo site since the default admin account is used by many users.


Easy Installation: With our user-friendly installer and instructions, you can install Architect Nulled Script in minutes without any coding or server knowledge.
Text Editor: Double-clicking on any text allows you to edit its contents and add, remove, or change the style of any highlighted text.
Most element characteristics (padding, margin, border, shadows, backgrounds, text styles, and more) may be edited visually and in real time using live editing. Alternatively, for total project control, utilize integrated code editors to manually alter the CSS and JavaScript.
Release and Export. To see projects, either download the whole project, publish it via FTP to a remote server, or connect custom domains or subdomains.
Templates: Architect comes with over 20 ready-made templates, but you can also submit your own HTML or Bootstrap template from the admin area.
Flexible Elements System: Create your own unique elements or choose from over 40 pre-installed elements (more will be available in free updates) while utilizing architect.
Advanced Drag & Drop: Simply drag and drop parts into the constructor to reposition them anywhere you desire.
Undo Manager: Want to go back to a previous version or correct a mistake you made? Don’t worry, you can undo and redo any action in Architect Nulled Script using the built-in undo manager.
The default landing page can be easily customized using the integrated appearance editor and a live preview, even if you don’t know how to code.

SaaS mode:

Use the integrated premium subscription system to earn revenue. Provide users with a variety of subscription options to select from, as well as flexibility over the features and constraints of each plan.
High Performance: Out of the box, Architect loads pages rapidly and is light.
Dark Mode: Architect is pre-installed with light and dark themes. The look editor allows you to add new themes or entirely alter them.
Custom Pages: The integrated WISIWYG editor may be used to create custom pages such as terms of service, about us, and more.
Menu Editor: With no coding skills, you can easily change and reorganize any menu on the website by dragging and dropping it.
The built-in look editor allows you to easily modify the design of your website, including colors, logos, landing pages, menus, and other features.
Advertisements: When you put your advertising into the admin panel’s integrated ad slots, Architect will immediately display them.
Roles and Permissions: Assign user roles and permissions to provide or prohibit access to certain website functionalities.
Analytics: Because Google Analytics is immediately incorporated into the admin panel, you don’t have to go to a different page to check how your website is doing.


The admin interface makes it easy to convert the site into several languages.
Architect is fully responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs.
Documentation: Architect’s thorough documentation covers everything from installation to the production of custom components.
SEO Editor: Using the admin area’s appearance editor, you may directly adjust the SEO tags on each page.
Authentication: A completely functioning authentication system that supports normal login, social media login (Facebook, Twitter, and Google), registration, password recovery, account settings, and other features.
Disable Registration: In the admin panel, you may totally disable registration, enabling only users you manually create to log in.
This site has a professional, pixel-perfect design based on Google Material Design. The admin panel offers several customization possibilities to meet your specific needs.
Numerous homepages: Choose from a number of homepages, including your own HTML website, the landing page, and the log in page.

Context Menu:

When you right-click on an element, a context menu appears. From there, you may choose between a variety of general options, such as precisely reordering objects as you drag and drop them, and element-specific ones, such as adding rows and columns to a table.
Source Code: Upon purchase, you will get the whole, unencrypted source code, making custom adjustments easy.
PHP >= 7.3 PDO Extension (default enabled)
Extension php_fileinfo (default enabled)
MySQL Information



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