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Autowing Elementor Template Kits is a collection of pre-made layouts for the Elementor Page Builder plugin for WordPress, designed to help businesses create websites quickly and easily. The kit includes blocks, header, and footer templates compatible with Metaform, ElementsKit Lite, and Elementor. It also includes extras like Metaform, Toolkit for Elements, Elementor Header and Footer Builder, and Robo-Fjalla One Font. To install the template kit, activate the “Envato Elements” plugin, import the designs, and import the pages. To construct metaforms, import metform block templates, edit the form, and select “Add Template” from the gray subdirectory. Once the template is loaded, make any desired modifications and click “Update & Close.”

Emergency Towing Service Elementor Template Kit by Autowing:

If you own a business and utilize the nulled Elementor Page Builder plugin for WordPress, the Autowing Elementor Template Kits can assist you in creating a website for it swiftly and easily. This is not a WordPress theme. Template packages are collections of pre-made layouts for the Elementor page creator. While this kit is optimized for the complimentary Hello Elementor theme, it is compatible with every theme that supports Elementor.

Plugin-dependent dependencies:

A Blocks, Header, and Footer Template compatible with Metaform, ElementsKit Lite, and Elementor

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The extras are included in the bundle. Metaform, Toolkit for Elements, Elementor Header and Footer Builder, and Robo-Fjalla One Font were utilized.

Implementing a Template Kit:

An Outline Activate the “Envato Elements” plugin after obtaining it from the nulled Plugins > Add New menu in WordPress. Obtain the kit file while preserving it in ZIP format. Click the Upload Template Kit link located in the Installed Kits section of Elements.

To automate the import process, navigate to Elements > Template Kits after connecting your Elements membership via Connect Account. To install the modules included in the package, navigate to the orange banner located in the upper-right quadrant and select the Install Requirements icon. After importing the designs from the Global Kit, the process commences. Select the Import link associated with each template. You may locate these saved templates in the “Templates” menu of Autowing elementor Template Kits. Once a new page has been created in the Pages section, select Edit with Autowing elementor. In the builder’s bottom-left corner, select Elementor Full Width and conceal the page title from the page settings menu. When you are prepared to access My Templates, select the folder’s gray icon. Import the page that you wish to modify.

Constructing Metaforms:

An Outline Importation of the metform block templates is required. After importing the page template containing the form, right-click it to access the Navigator Locator. Select Edit Form from the Metform widget that appears. Edit the form once the New option has been selected. Over time, the builder will materialize. Locate and select the “Add Template” icon from the gray subdirectory. Select the “My Templates” directory. After selecting the imported form template, click “Insert” (or select “No” to access page options). Once the template has been loaded and any desired modifications have been made, select “Update & Close.” The form is displayed within the template. Choose Update.

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